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Air Conditioners Price in Pakistan 

Air Conditioners in Pakistan varying from brand to brand its minimum price range PRs 51,000. These AC prices have changing and it’s dropped by 1% online in the last 30 days. The demanding Air conditioner include Orient Beta Split Air Conditioner 1.0 Ton (Beta-12G), Kenwood eSmart Plus 1.5 Ton DC Inverter KES-1838S, Haier HPU-24E/DC 2 Ton Inverter Floor Standing AC, and TCL 1.5 Ton Inverter Tac-18heb Elite Series. Each brand has specific feature that make the product extra efficient like HPU-24E/DC works on a 24000 BTU and has Long Vertical Airflow, GS-18LM5 has efficient and quiet design. Inverter saves up to 65% energy.


Haier AC Price in Pakistan 

Haier Air Conditioner price range start from PRs. 59,500 in Pakistan. Haier prices have dropped by 1% online in the previous 30 days. Available air conditioner in Pakistan including Haier Pearl Inverter Heat & Cool HSU-18HFPAA With Wi-Fi, Haier HSU-12HFM Marvel 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner, Haier HPU-24E/DC 2 Ton Inverter Floor Standing AC – all are offering Powerful Cooling & Heating Easy Operation of Controller, 3D Air Flow, and Efficient & Quiet Design.


Gree AC Price in Pakistan 

Gree offers air conditioner prices start from PRs 69,190 in Pakistan. Gree prices have come down by 1% online in the previous 30 days. Most demanding products in Pakistan including Gree 18PITH Wi-Fi 1.5 Ton Inverter AC, Gree 2 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter Split Air Conditioner GS-24FITH-1W/2/3 (WIFI), Gree 24 CD FLOOR STAND Air Conditioner. It work on Low Voltage Start up, Floor Standing has Powerful & Tropical, and Inverter AC are Energy Efficiency Class A+ (Upto 60% Energy Saving).


PEL AC Price in Pakistan 

PEL Air Conditioner prices starting from PRs 58,970. PEL price range have dropped by 1% online in last 30 days. The air conditioner of PEL that have separate demand in the market are; PEL Apex PINV-18K Inverter 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Split AC, Pel Prinvo 18K Fit Chrome Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton DC Inverter, Pel PSAC 12 Majestic ES2/4D Air Conditioner 1 Ton. Majestic AC have High Quality Compressor, Fit chrome 1.5 ton has Latest Powerful A+++ Inverter Technology – Heat and Cool AC works on 18000 BTU.


Daikin AC Price in Pakistan

Daikin Air conditioner system price ranging from PRs 152,000. Daikin prices have come down by 1% online in the previous 30 days. It introduces the Conditioning system including Daikin Air Conditioner 1.8 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter AC FTX60AXV1, Daikin Air Conditioner 1.6 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter FTX50AXV1, and Air Conditioner 1.6 Ton Non-Inverter Cool Only FT20JXV1P. All these have Stylish Flat-Panel - Malaysian compressor - Uniform Air Distribution.


Hisense Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan

Hisense Air Conditioning price in Pakistan starts from 70,747. Hisense prices have dropped by 1% online in the previous 30 days. It has demanded system includes Hisense 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Heat & Cool HBD-1860HC, 2 Ton Floor Standing AC Heat & Cool HE-2400HC, Hisense 1 Ton Inverter AC Heat & Cool HBD-1275HC. It have specific feature – Floor conditioner gives 4 Direction Auto Swing, HBD-1275HC saves Up to 75% energy.


Kenwood Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan 

Kenwood Air Condition unit price range are starting from 55,930. Kenwood Prices have dropped by 1% online from the previous days. It offers the unit system including Kenwood E-Titan plus 1 Ton Split AC KET-1242s Non-Inverter, SE-Inverter Sleek Tropical Inverter Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton KES-1830S, and Kenwood eGrande Plus 1.5 Ton 1840. It saves 30% energy - KES-1830S provide 4D air flow - C KET-1242s Non-Inverter has Eco- Friendly R410Gas.