Top 5 Air Conditioner Brands In Pakistan

In a country like Pakistan where most of the regions are hot and humid for more than 8 months a year, the usage of Air Conditioners is becoming very frequent. Also, the heat waves that have lately started to hit the cities located in the province of Sindh and west Punjab have contributed to the increase in the demand for air conditioners. And that’s one of the reasons why all the top leading consumer goods manufacturing brands in Pakistan put great emphasis on the production of affordable and high tech Air Conditioners. If you live in a hot region of Pakistan then you can say without a doubt that a modern living or a public place is incomplete without the presence of Air Conditioner(s).

With thousands of brands available in the market, at times it can be difficult for a buyer to pick the one suitable for his/her home or workplace. If you are planning to buy a new Air Conditioner but you are confused about choosing the right brand- Then this article will help you make the best decision. After thorough market research and analysis, We’ve listed down the top five air conditioner brands in Pakistan. Read on to find them out.

Haier Air Conditioners

The top on the list of five best air conditioner brands in Pakistan, we have Haier air conditioners. What makes Haier air conditioners better than others in the market? The answer is their durability and affordability. Haier uses the latest methods and improved technology to manufacture the most reliable Air Conditioners in the country. Haier  Air conditioners are one in their own class and come with great features and user-friendly options to meet the needs of modern living space. The brand offers a wide range of air conditioners including, DC inverter AC, split AC, Ductless AC and Portable air conditioners in Pakistan.

These air conditioners are designed to help the buyers enjoy ultra-fast cooling system without worrying about the electricity bill. Haier air conditioners are capable to cool down any space in a matter of few minutes and their energy-efficient cooling system consume less electricity than other air conditioners. Moreover, these air conditioners are available in cool designs and sleek looks to go flawlessly with the interior of your living space. Thus, Haier air conditioners are the best choice for those who are looking for affordable yet sleek and high-tech air conditioners in Pakistan.

Electrolux Air Conditioners

Second, on the list, we have got Electrolux air conditioners. Electrolux is known for it’s durable and high tech goods. Electrolux is actually a  multinational Swedish Electronics manufacturer with millions of customers across the world. The brand is also ranked as the second largest home appliance manufacturer in the world after Whirlpool. With decades of experience in the industry, the brand understands the needs of buyers and produce the best range of air conditioners. Electrolux air conditioners are not only unbeatable in performance but are also matchless when it comes to the designs and looks.

These air conditioners are capable to chill every corner of the room and are the best air conditioners one can have for open and big spaces.   The sleek designs and durability of their products contribute towards making them one of the best seller brands in the market.  Go for Electrolux if you are looking for the air conditioner that can cool down a big area or a hall room. Electrolux air conditioners are available in different sizes and categories, you may pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Dawlance Air conditioners

Third, on the list, we have dawlance air conditioners. The brand started off its operations in the year 1980 and has successfully made an irreplaceable position in the market.  With years of experience in the industry of consumer goods, the brand always strives to bring the finest range of home appliances for its customers. Dawlance aims to provide the customers living in Pakistan with the world’s best range of home appliances. The brand also keeps the prices low so that a person belonging to a mediocre family can easily afford their high-tech product line. Dawlance understands the needs of every home and workplace and offers the most stunning range of air conditioners in the country. Dawlance Air conditioners are equipped with the latest technology and user-friendly option.  These Air Conditioners promise unbeatable performance at affordable prices.

They are designed to work uninterruptedly in extremely hot regions, besides that they don’t require frequent maintenance, allowing you to stay away from unwanted expenses. Like other brands, dawlance air conditioners are available in different categories. If you have a huge hall or open space then opt for Dawlance 4 ton portable air conditioners as they are capable enough to cool down any wider and spacious area in a few minutes. On the other side, if you are looking for AC to be used in a bedroom you can go for 1-1.5 ton dawlance split air conditioners. Dawlance Split air conditioners are amazingly affordable and consume less electricity than other brands in the market.

Orient Air conditioners

Choosing the right Air conditioner for your home can definitely be a challenging task especially when you have a tight budget. But with Orient, you don’t have to worry about your low budget. Orient is a reliable Pakistan based brand that started its business in the year 1975. With millions of buyers, the brand has made a prominent spot in the market. With a huge range of highly affordable home and kitchen appliances, Orient never ceases to amaze its customers. Orient air conditioners are Innovatively designed to meet the needs of people living in Pakistan. Not only are they affordable but also energy-efficient and come with easy-to-use functions.

Orient air conditioners are capable to work uninterruptedly even in the roughest weather conditions of Pakistan. So if you are based in a tropical and hot region of Pakistan where the summers are extremely rough then without a second thought, go for Orient Air conditioners. Like other brands, these air conditioners are available in different categories and sizes. Categories include DC Inverter AC, Ductless AC, portable AC, and Split AC.

PEL Air Conditioners

If you are looking for an air conditioner that is budget-friendly yet carries all modern features then you need to opt for PEL Air Conditioners. Pel is a top leading consumer goods manufacturer in Pakistan that offers an extensive range of high tech standing AC’s, invert-o-cool, invert Eco split air conditioners. Established since 1956, the brand understands the expectations its’ users and always strive to provide them with the finest range of electronic goods in Pakistan. Pel air conditioners are available for different prices depending on their sizes and features.  Pel air conditioners are available in various categories and diversified styles and features- From standing air conditioners to split air conditioners, from 1 ton 4.5 tons- You can choose the one that best suits your budget and space needs.

The brand uses the latest technology methods to manufacture air conditioners that are unbeatable in performance and matchless in style. Pel is the only company in Pakistan that offers 10 years compressor warranty on all it’s inverter air conditioners. Moreover, Pel is the first consumer good brand in Pakistan to introduce reverse crystalline technology and attractive patterns in it’s split air conditioners.

Pel has recently introduced 18k-sense 1.5 ton Air conditioners that are highly energy-efficient, these air conditioners are designed to work on lowest amperes to help you save maximum energy. So in case you are worried about electricity bills then you should go for Pel 18k sense split air conditioners. Besides that, all of the pel split air conditioners come with high user-friendly options and great features including wifi connectivity and auto turn-off systems. These air conditioners are designed to meet the needs and expectations of a modern day buyer.

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