Crown B4-FGE23E3TIX Built-In Oven 73 Liters Digital Gas & Electric – Black & Silver

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  • Crown B4-FGE23E3TIX Built-In Oven 73 Litre Digital Gas & Electric – Black & Silver

    1 Year Official Brand Warranty

    Front Size: 24”L x 24”H x 24”H
    Cutting Size: 23.25”L x 23.25”W x 23.25”H
    Operating System: Gas + Electric Digital
    Capacity: Specially Designed Big 73 Litres Size
    Handle Type: Aluminium Handle Bar
    Door Type: Triple Glazed Glass Door
    Special Features: 6D Baking Experience,
    Front Heat Out System, Inside Fully Insolated

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Built-in Ovens. In a nutshell: An integrated cooker that seamlessly blends into your kitchen for a modern and stylish look. If you want the flexibility of a range cooker but don’t have space for one – or worry it’ll be out of sync with your gorgeous new kitchen units – a built-in oven is a way to go.

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