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Haier 1 Ton DC Inverter Split AC Intelligent Airflow Auto Clean HSU-12HN

  • Haier
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Key Features:

- 3 Years Compressor & 1 Year Parts Warranty
- UPS DV Inverter, ( 67% Energy Saving )
- One Touch Cleaning
- Display Visual LED


A-PAM DC Inverter technology:

A-PAM inverter technology Fix the communication frequency between indoor and outdoor at 180Hz that allow the compressor to work smoothly and vibration free in case of Voltage fluctuation.

67% Power saving:

By A-PAM DC inverter technology, it can give 67% power saving approx.

46°C Full BTU:

Haier Innovative Design and Technology provides what you paid for. Full BTU even at 46°c hot outdoor ambient ensures the full cooling capacity of the BTU rating mentioned on the product without any loss of cooling efficiency.

One Touch Cleaning:

Haier Innovative "One Touch Cleaning" system that self-cleans your Air Conditioner proficiently. Its Cold Compression Technology Effectively Clean the Evaporator by Simply pressing a "Self Clean" button starts the self-cleaning process and takes away all your regular cleaning and maintenance worries. It also features a Healthy Air Flow option that allows the airflow to be adjusted so as not to blow directly on your body.

Voltage Stabilizer:

Haier DC Inverters can work in the wide Voltage Rang of (120V-260V) no need of Voltage stabilizers in case of rapid Voltage Fluctuations, it saves Money and also gives durability to Product.

Other Features:

- A-PAM DC Inverter technology
- Low Voltage Startup up to 120V
- Solar panel compatibility
- Work up to 52 ℃ (T3 condition)
- Environment-Friendly Refrigerant - R410a
- Complete DC Inverter powered by A-PAM Technology

More Information

General Information

Brand Haier
Model 12HNM/S,H,C,Z,R
Ton 1.0
Items Modes
Cooling Capacity 12000 BTU
Condition Indoor D.B/W.B.27 / 19°
Condition Outdoor D.B/W.B.35 / 24°
Power Input KW
Current A
Heating Capacity 13000 BTU
Condition Indoor D.B/W.B. 20 / 15°C
Condition Outdoor D.B/W.B. 7 / 6°C
Power Input W
Current A
Color White
Display Hidden LED
Main Parts
Refrigerant R410a
Power Supply 1PH, 220V-50Hz
Air Volume 725m³/h
Anti-electric Shock Class 1
Refrigerant (R410a)  0.95 Kg
Net Weight
 11.5/30.4 Kg
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