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Hitachi Air Purifier And Humidifier EP-L110E

  • Hitachi
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Key Features:

- 1 Year Parts Warranty
- Auto Self Clean
Glass Panel
- Easy Maintenance
- Stainless Clean System
- Eliminate Bacteria


The pre-filter is automatically cleaned before dust accumulates for easier maintenance. Ready to remove a variety of dirt and odors from the air, including fine dust and allergens. Speedy air purifying with a massive volume of 11m3 per minute. Applicable to a 79m2 floor space. The flat front glass panel is easy to clean – simply wipe off the dirt. Reinforced glass is also scratch-resistant. Color does not fade and matches home interiors. The sleek, slim design of this large capacity unit occupies less space and is an ideal match for modern interiors. Speedy air purifying with a massive air volume of 9m3 per min. Applicable to a 68m2 floor space. Filter can be washed with water to restore deodorizing power. This helps to reduce four major types of odor bases: nitrogen, aldehyde, acid and sulphur components.

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General Information

Brand Hitachi
Model EP-L110E
Voltage 220V-240V~
Frequency 50/60Hz
Applicable Floor Space (m2)*1 79
Humidifying Capacity (mL/h)*2 Approx. 800
Tank Capacity (L) Approx. 2.5
Mode & Course Air Purify, Humidify, Skin Moist, Pollen, Odor, Rapid, Absence, Eco
Eco Mode (Efficiency vs Silent mode (%) 13
Removable Odors Pet, Tobacco, Cooking, Rotten vegetables, Rotten fish, Grilled meat, Toilet, Sewage outlet, VOCs
Suppressible Substances Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Cedar pollen, Dead house dust mite
Air Flor Rate Max, High, Medium, Silent
Air Flow Clean Air Mode (m3/min) : Max : 11.0, High : 4.0, Medium : 3.1, Silent : 1.1
  Clean Air & Humidifying (m3/min) : Max : 6.7, High : 4.0, Medium : 3.1, Silent : 2
Power Consumption
Clean Air Mode (W) : Max : 95, High : 13, Medium : 11, Silent : 8
Clean Air & Humidifying (W) : Max : 28, High : 13, Medium : 11, Silent : 8
Sound Clean Air Mode (dB) : Max : 55, High : 32, Medium : 25, Silent : 14
  Clean Air & Humidifying (dB) : Max : 44, High : 32, Medium : 25, Silent : 16
 Off Timer 4 hours or 2 hours
 Power cord (m)  1.8
 Filter Type (Approx. filter life) Washable Prefilter*3 : (Stainless)
Allergen-free HEPA Filter*3 : H13 (10 years)
Washable Deodorizing Filter*3 : (10 years)
Humidifying Filter*4 : (120 months)
Dimensions (H x W x D ) (mm)  673 x 360 x 291
Weight (kg)  13.7
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