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Hitachi EP-A6000 Air Purifier

  • Hitachi
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Key Features:

- 1 Year Parts Warranty
- Room Size : 46m²
- Inverter
- HEPA 13 Filter


Breathe easier with the Hitachi EP-A6000 Air Purifier that filters pollen, deodorises and humidifies. Ideal for up to 46m² of floor space this purification system boasts eco-technology and low noise operation allowing you to enjoy the benefits in peace.

  • Powerful Deodoriser Filter – captures a wide range of odours including pet smells, cigarettes, cooking smells, grilled meats, body odour, rotten fish and more leaving you with clean air.
  • Allergen Free HEPA Filter – efficiently collects 99.97% of dust and suppresses airborne mold and other microbes. Floating pollen is also effectively captured by the Hitachi EP-A6000 Air Purifier giving you peace of mind.
  • Stainless Clean – stainless steel used in the Hitachi Air Purifier keeps the unit clean for longer, which means you enjoy fresh, clean air longer and makes filter maintenance easier.
  • Enjoy a number of other modes including air purification, humidification, skin moisturising and off timer (4 hours). Eco Operation mode cuts energy consumption up to 23% by working the fan every hour until the air is clean or level of humidity is suitable for you and your family.

Other Features:

- Dust Sensor
- Humidity Sensor
- Timer (4 Hours)
- Skin Moisturise Mode
- Heavy-Duty Deodorising Filter

More Information


Brand Hitachi
Model EP-A6000
Voltage 220V-240V~
Frequency 50/60Hz
Applicable Floor Space (m2)*1 46
Humidifying Capacity (mL/h)*2 Approx. 670
Tank Capacity (L) Approx. 2.5
Mode & Course Air Purify, Humidify, Skin Moist, Pollen, Odor, Rapid, Absence, Eco
Eco Mode (Efficiency vs Silent mode (%) 23
Removable Odors Pet, Tobacco, Cooking, Rotten vegetables, Rotten fish, Grilled meat, Toilet, Sewage outlet, VOCs
Suppressible Substances Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Cedar pollen, Dead house dust mite
Air Flor Rate Max, High, Medium, Silent
Air Flow Clean Air Mode (m3/min) : Max : 6.5, High : 4.5, Medium : 3.5, Silent : 1.0
  Clean Air & Humidifying (m3/min) : Max : 6.0, High : 3.5, Medium : 2.9, Silent : 0.8
Power Consumption  Clean Air Mode (W) : Max : 60, High : 22, Medium : 14, Silent : 4
   Clean Air & Humidifying (W) : Max : 60, High : 16, Medium : 11, Silent : 4
Sound  Clean Air Mode (dB) : Max : 52, High : 42, Medium : 38, Silent : 15
   Clean Air & Humidifying (dB) : Max : 50, High : 40, Medium : 36, Silent : 13
 Off Timer 4 hours
 Power cord (m)  1.8
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