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Jumma Bazaar Sale


Jumma Bazar Sale | Avail upto 50% off every week!

Jumma Bazar is an approach by Surmawala to facilitate as many people as possible.
Sale every week on your favorite brand! Seems like a dream? It's a reality at Surmawala. From the beginning, our aim has been to promote the “availability & affordability” of products to every person in the country. Through discounted prices, and installment plans we have made it possible. Jumma Bazaar is just another scheme to make things “cheap” for the people.
You, the reader must be familiar with the concept of Jumma Bazaar. The great bazaars set on Friday are everyone’s favorite! And there is a reason behind it. What is that? That’s variety. Jumma Bazaars are known to have the widest variety of products & so is Surmawala. At Surmawala we have an innumerable variety of products. We have products from the fashion industry, electronics, kitchen appliances, furniture, vehicles, motorbikes & a lot more!!
We have made all the products as cheap as possible. Now you can buy a television at almost half the price, and purchase generators at an insanely low price! Surmawala is constantly working on lowering the price as much as possible.
Buy gifts for your loved ones or upgrade your house, elevate your lifestyle & much more on these exclusive weekly sales. We always have special discounts for people who keep coming back.
Through weekly sales, we assure that products are feasible for every sector of people.

Good News for all the Ladies:

Surmawala clothing has joined the weekly Jumma Bazaar. Quality clothes with beautiful prints & season-trending fabrics are now available at Jumma Bazaar sale! This Jumma Bazaar we invite all the ladies to order as many clothes as they want & get more than 50% discount. Amazing is it?
<span >We also have some exciting news for the gamers in town. Gaming products are now available at a price that was never before. Buy headsets, keyboards, beast CPUs & great displays at discount. We recently upgraded our inventory & now we have all the trendy latest sets available. Browse the website & pick your favorite before it runs out!
How can we forget to set a sale for our men? For men, we have a great deal. You can now buy watches, tools, generators & motorbikes at more than 50% off!
We bet you cannot find a sale like this anywhere other than Surmawala. Do you know why is that? Because we care for our customers & this is the reason why we have been in the business for so long. Our happy customers are our assets & that’s why we show up every day. We are rotating our sales, finding the best discounts & deliver the best products at the cheapest price for YOU!

Jumma Bazaar sale will be set up every Friday for 24 hours, whoever avails of this sale will also get a chance to become part of special coupons, discounts & gift carts!
Surmawala kyun k ye sab ka hai!