MAXBQSCH Electric Stove, Infrared Induction Cooker 3500W, Heat up in 2's, Water Proof, Energy Saving, Big Crystal Hot Plate.

MAXBQSCH Electric Stove
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  • Water Proof
  • Can use Untensilis: Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Pottery, Marmite & Glass Pots.
  • Multifunctional: Steam, Cook, Fry, Soup, Grill, Getting Warm Function & Much More.
  • Safe & Energy Saving
  • Precise Temperature
  • Adjustable Temperature 500W to 3500W
  • Smart Cooking
  • A-Grade Crystal Big Hot Plate
  • Easy to Clean
  • Helps as a Room Heater in Winter
  • German Technology

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  • Fire control is obvious, can meet all kinds of cooking, fried, boiled, steamed, barbecue, heat preservation, etc.
  • The use of the product does not produce harmful substances pollution, long-term use of health care function, infrared Line wave has the function of promoting blood circulation and so on


  1. In order to put any cooking utensils in the heating plate heating, should be clean, in order to prevent the heating Next stain. Remember to avoid heating panels by hard heavy objects and the impact of the impact, so as not to damage the heating plate. Should be used as far as possible Place cooking utensils in the central heating plate, do not use than the hot ring of cooking utensils; use smaller vessels Note that, due to overheating and hot handle. Do not put plastic containers and aluminum paper and sealed bottle directly on the heating plate On heating, so as to avoid accidents.
  2. Should try to avoid the use of the bottom and the bottom edge of a sharp hard sharp utensils, so as not to damage the heating plate. choose When the appliance is used, the appliance is applied to make it contact with the heating plate.
  3. When the heating plate is damaged, please turn off the power, stop using.
  4. Clean the heating plate before, must first cut off the power supply to the hot plate completely cooling after cleaning. Do not put this Immersed in water or washing machine, can clean with wet cloth to wipe.
  5. The use of glass utensils cooking do not put the cold pot directly on the heating plate, or the already hot glass Glassware is placed on the heating plate cold, so the temperature difference is too large to burst, and do not dry glassware.
  6. If the food oil overheating can easily catch fire, the high oil content in food cooking, should pay more attention to business. The operation of the heating plate, avoid long time on board.
  7. Do not be universal socket with other appliances at the same time using this machine, if the power line is damaged, must use the cords Replacement.
  8. After the machine is used, the fume is in a high temperature state, please do not use hand or other items to touch the heating plate Surface, in case of bums or damage to the goods.
  9. Every time after use, please do not immediately unplug the plug, the hot air blower to be automatically closed (about fifteen minutes left Right after that, to cut off the power supply. Because of the built-in ventilation system to help quickly cool the machine


  • Read And Follow All The Instructions In This "Use And Care" Even If You Feel You Are Familiar With The Product, And Find A Place To Keep It Handy For Future Reference
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