Pel Prinvo GD 22250 Inverteron Curved Glass Door Refrigerator

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Key Features:

- 10 Years Compressor 1 Year Parts Warranty
- High Speed Fan Feature
- Refrigerator: 440Ltr
- CFT: 16
- Power Consumption: 130 Watt
- High speed fan feature keeps your food cool all day long 20% Higher Speed
- A unique LUMI Fresh technology that uses light to keep your vegetables always fresh
- This unique feature keeps your refrigerator fresh and free from unpleasant smells
- Designed with material that keeps your food safe and protected
- 99.9% Purest Copper Inside Condenser improves refrigeration process and its life
- An advanced feature that makes ice instantly in just 25 minutes

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Pel Prinvo Inverter Refrigeator 22250

Pel Prinvo Inverteron 22250 is an exclusive design to match the Pakistani environment. The refrigerator design can tolerate intense heat and bear the humidity. The Pel 22250 can work in low electric supply, as low as 100 W.

The model works efficiently

on UPS, solar panels, and generators. Pel Prinvo 22250 has food-friendly cabinets. The cabinets manufacture using ABS plastic, food-friendly/eco-friendly plastic. The refrigerator has a vast storage capacity. It has net storage of 440 liters, 150 in the freezer and 290 liters in the jumbo refrigeratorThe Pel Prinvo Inverter The Pel Prinvo Inverteron 22250 has glass doors with a premium glaze design. Add an attraction to your kitchen with Pel Prinvo

Defrosting in Pel Prinvo is manual. Lower the temperature to 1, wait for five minutes, then return to the required temperature. And that’s how you manually defrost your Pel Prinvo Inverteron 22250.

It has high-quality condensers, super powerful evaporators, and a high-quality refrigerant. The bottom line, Pel Prinvo 22250 is your next refrigerator if you need jumbo size, a lot of storage capacity, lavish design, etc.

Pel Prinvo works

Pel Prinvo works on 130 W electricity. In a power shortage, it can work on only 100 W. It has a storage of 440 liters. The refrigerator can store 290 liters of food, and the freezer stores 150 liters. It has a high-quality compressor that initiates ice formation in 25 minutes only
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