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PEL Appliances Warranty Guidelines

PEL Refrigerator

PEL refrigerators are made to excellence and are free from all workmanship and material defects.

Three Years Compressor Warranty:

This warranty covers free replacement of a faulty COMPRESSOR with a new or functionally operative compressor only once within the expiry date mentioned on warranty card

One Year Cablenet & Parts Warranty:

Other parts of PEL refgaeralor, which if found defective in material or workmanship within the expiry date mentioned on warranty card, will be replaced or repaired free of cos however, this does not cover bulbs, grid shelves and plastic accessories.

Terms and conditions:
  • Refrigerator warranty will expire as per the dates mentioned on warranty card for the parts and compressor respectively.
  • Transportation and visit charges shall be borne by customer.
  • Gas charges and cost of spare parts will be payable by the buyer, after one year of date of purchase.
  • Unit requiring sen/ice should be sent to PEL service centre or its authorized workshops along with the warranty certificate & original invoice/receipt. No accessories shouli be sent with the unit: otherwise PEL will not be responsible for any loss or damage to such accessories.
  • No claim will be entertained unless the warranty certificate has been registered at ourfollowing office within fifteen days of purchase.
  • This non-transferable warranty applies to the original buyer only and the unit must have been purchased from PEL or one of its authorized dealers to avail the warrant coverage.
  • It is the obligation of the buyer to supply proper voltage and check the domestic electrical wiring before installation and to install the functional circuit breaker & voltagi stabilizer.
  • The warranty is valid provided the refrigerator hos been used with original 3 pin plug connected to a properly earthed socket.
  • Defective parts, which have been replaced under warranty, shall become company property. There will be no replacement of complete product.
  • Completely filled warranty card with authorized dealer stamp will be entertained. Incomplete, cutting or rewritten warranty card will not be accepted.
  • Following are not covered under warranty:
    • Any defect caused through fire, accident, or any other natural disaster, abnormal power supply, improper wiring, high/low voltage, short-circuiting or use of substandard voltage stabilizer.
    • The warranty does not cover any part of the refrigerator, which may have been subjected to misuse, neglect, breakage or accident.
    • If the unit is given to any un-authorized dealer/workshop or tampered with or alteration in its serial numbers.
    • Cleaning & servicing of interior and exterior parts of Refrigerators.
  • The company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred to the property ansing out of the use/operation of this producL
  • Warranty and the use of this product will be governed by Pakistani Law. Any proceeding arising out or in connection with this warranty or the use of the^product may only bt brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in Lahore.
  • All claims should be made at the head office of the Company. Company's decision will be final in case of any claim.