10 in 1 Manual Vibration Massager King For Body

Massager King For Body
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Key Features:

1 - Masazhna nozzle - for massage of women with sensitive skin, as
well as a region for massage;

2 - Nozzle of the gotchas - for stimulation of acupuncture points of the body, especially on
the palms and soles of the feet;

3 - Nozzle soft brush -  for massage shiї і shoulders;

4 - Nozzle gotchas drіbna - vikoristovuєtsya for anti-cellulite massage on
the sides, abdomen, and quilts;

5 - Nozzle for massage of the wrists, ankles, and lungs (in delicate

6 - Nozzle for rozіrіvu m'yazіv i pol_pshennya limfotoka

7. Nozzle 4 fingers - for massage of mazy of the body;

8 - Shiatsu attachment for important acupuncture points

9 - Flat nozzle for wide backs and region

10 - Nozzle for stimulation of acupuncture points (also for prostate massage).