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SuperAsia 65 Liters Air Cooler ECM-6500 Plus

ECM-6500 Plus
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Key Features:

  • - 1-Year Official Warranty
  • Shock & rust-proof plastic body
  • Powerful & energy efficient motor
  • Low maintenance & long-lasting life
  • 6 Re-Freezable ice packs for extra cooling
  • Large water tank capacity for more extended cooling
  • For Re-Freezable ice packs are included for ultimate cooling
  • Maintain continuous water supply system with float valve
  • Strong Wheels with four-way movement for convenient & easy mobility
  • Powerful air throw with an auto swing for uniform cooling in the room
  • Powerful air throw with an auto swing for constant cooling in the room
  • Two-speed fan control to adjust airflow according to the requirement
  • Designed for performance with powerful airflow & cooling efficiency
  • High efficiency anti-bacterial three sides honeycomb evaporative pad for optimum cooling

 SuperAsia 65 Liters Air Cooler ECM-6500 Plus



Unbeatable Cooling Performance:

Experience unbeatable cooling performance with the SuperAsia 65 Litres Air Cooler ECM-6500 Plus. it is specially designed to beat scorching Pakistani summers, this air cooler makes sure you stay chill inside out this entire summer.


Powerful and Efficient Motor:

Equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient motor, this air cooler delivers impressive cooling performance while consuming minimal energy. Say goodbye to high electricity bills without compromising on comfort.


Low Maintenance, Long-lasting Life:

With its shock and rust-proof plastic body, the SuperAsia ECM-6500 Plus air cooler is built to last. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable investment for years to come. Say goodbye to frequent repairs and replacements.


Enhanced Cooling with Re-Freezable Ice Packs:

To provide you with an extra cooling boost, this air cooler comes with six re-freezable ice packs. Simply freeze them and place them in the dedicated compartment for a refreshing breeze that beats the heat. Experience icy coolness whenever you need it most.


Large Water Tank Capacity:

The SuperAsia ECM-6500 Plus features a large water tank capacity, allowing for extended cooling periods without the need for frequent refills. Stay cool for hours on end with minimal effort.


Continuous Water Supply System:

Experience uninterrupted cooling with the float valve-enabled continuous water supply system. No need to worry about manually refilling the tank. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the coolness as the air cooler takes care of everything.


Convenient Mobility:

Move your air cooler effortlessly with the strong wheels that offer four-way movement. Whether you want to cool your bedroom, living room, or even your outdoor space, this air cooler can easily accompany you wherever you go.


Auto Swing and Two-Speed Fan Control:

Enjoy uniform cooling in your room with the powerful air throw and auto swing feature. The two-speed fan control allows you to adjust the airflow according to your preference, ensuring maximum comfort.


Optimum Cooling Efficiency:

The SuperAsia ECM-6500 Plus incorporates a high-efficiency anti-bacterial three-sided honeycomb evaporative pad. This cutting-edge technology enhances the cooling efficiency, providing you with refreshing and clean air.



Don't let the heat get to you this summer. Invest in the SuperAsia 65 Litres Air Cooler ECM-6500 Plus and stay cool effortlessly. Order yours now and experience the ultimate cooling solution for a comfortable summer.

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