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Toyo Refrigerator TR-340-G Glass Door

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- 10 Years Compressor Warranty
- Climate Class: T
- 220-240V
- 50Hz
- 1.15A
- Max Voltage on LED Lamp: 8W
- Noise Level: 38dB

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Toyo Refrigerator TR-340-G  

10 Years of Warranty

With a ten-year compressor warranty, the Toyo TR-340-G glass shelf refrigerator is highly durable. It can be used for many years, and if a problem arises, simply contact the producers, who will resolve it. You must keep the warranty card safe since you may only claim the fixture if you have it. The warranty card must include the date it was issued as well as the date it will expire. Pay great attention to these minor details while selecting Toyo Refrigerators.

T class climate

This Toyo refrigerator is perfect for tropical environments. Temperatures ranging from +16 to +43 degrees Celsius can be tolerated by this refrigerator. As it is during the majority of Pakistan's winters, this makes it ideal for Pakistani households. Even in extremely hot temperatures, the refrigerator can operate at full capacity. This skill distinguishes it as the best.


To perform properly, the refrigerator requires an ideal voltage of 220-240. Any voltage less than or greater than these levels will cause the refrigerator to malfunction or be damaged. It should be noted that enterprises do not remedy short circuit problems. Businesses, unfortunately, cannot afford it.

 LED Lamp

An LED is mounted inside the refrigerator. This LED allows the user to quickly locate objects, study them clearly, and place them in the refrigerator. This LED helps the user identify and manually defrost icing on the system's rear. LED lighting also makes the best use of available interior space.

Sound level

This is the most peaceful of them all. The noise level is noticeably lower than that of the vast majority of refrigerators now on the market. This feature sets Toyo refrigerators apart. This is the one for you if you don't like noises. It's impossible to determine if it's switched on or off.

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