SG UPS Inverter Hexa Series SG-1025

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Key Features:

- The automatic line to battery switchover.
- Built-in enhanced charger.
- Auto restart while AC recovery.
- 900 Watts

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Suitable For:

5 Tube Lights, 6 Fans And 14 Energy Savers.

Front Panel:

1. Power ON/OFF
2. LCD+LED Display
3. Configurable input voltage ranges via LCD setting.
(input voltage range is defined in specification chapter, and the output voltage is the same as input voltage in mains mode)
A. Select "NOR" setting for a general electrical appliance.
B. Select "UID" setting only when using some special load, such as daylight lamp, fan, etc.

Back Panel:

1. DC input connecting(Battery wires).
2. Input protector.
3. Input/Output receptacle(s).

Other Features:

1. Rack design & wall-mounted design for flexible installation.
2. Intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and preventing overcharge.
3. High efficient DC to AC conversion minimizing energy loss.
4. Configurable input voltage ranges via LCD setting.
5. user-friendly LCD+LED indications.
6. Multiple protection: low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, over charger protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection.

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