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About Surmawala Group Of Companies

About us is your one-stop shop to shop bikes, electronic appliances, blankets, beauty tools, traveling luggage and other consumer goods. Our fastest delivery service, efficient customer support, and fairness are all kinds of dealing make us a renowned and outstanding company in the market. With millions of satisfied users nationwide, we make sure to always provide our customers with the best products and services.


 Read on to find out more about Surmawala and it's a remarkable journey.


Our Journey


Established since 1986, Surmawala has been providing electronic goods, home appliances, bikes, and other products from the top-leading brands of Pakistan under one roof. The company started off with a single shop and today successfully owns more than 100 outlets across the country. Surmawala embarked on its journey with a mission to bring revolution in the industry of retail. When other names in the market were busy in money-making, Surmawala brought the concept of easy-to-pay installment plans, enabling(specifically the salaried people) to buy necessary goods without worrying about their monthly budgets or having the need to acquire loans.

The journey of more than 30 years has been wonderful but still, we have a long way to go. We are constantly looking out for more ideas that can help us come up with more customer-friendly packages and offers. Surmawala with it's largest franchise network and user-friendly online shopping platform in Pakistan is setting the bar high for Electronics and Home Appliances Industry in Pakistan. The brand aims to provide its loyal customers with the best customer support services and highly affordable consumer goods. The name of Surmawala itself is a perfect statement of reliability and trust.


Our Vision


With a vision to make Surmawala Pakistan's top leading online store, we rely on the latest technology and modern methods of dealing.

our dedicated teams spend hours of hard work to bring you the finest services and genuine products. Presently we are partnered with more than ten national and international brands and are looking forward to introducing more brands in the future. As mentioned earlier, our top priority is to provide our customers with the best customer services and highest quality products at market competitive prices. We pride ourselves on selling original products at the lowest possible prices unlike other online stores in Pakistan.

After thorough market research, we came to know that many online stores in Pakistan are selling low-quality products at high prices. Because of such practices, not only do they lose the trust of customers but also make it difficult for other growing businesses to prove themselves. In order to keep the buyers away from unnecessary confusions and concerns about online shopping, we had to put great efforts on creating business strategies and with the help of our skilled marketing professionals, we were able to set sale unbeatable records. It was overwhelming to see how people placed their trust on our label and decided to choose us. We still work with the same dedication to help you enjoy hassle-free online shopping from the comfort of your home without worrying about the quality of goods and their prices. And this is what makes us stand apart from others in the market.


Our Mission


With decades of experience in the retail industry, our mission is to become a top leading online shopping store of Pakistan. From day one, we have worked really hard towards providing the best online platform for local customers- where they can shop electronic appliances and other consumer goods with official warranties at the lowest possible prices. With utmost dedication and hard work, we were able to make a prominent place in the market. We have achieved unbelievable success in such a short period of time though we still have a long way to go. There is no doubt that is one of a very few online stores in Pakistan that deal with genuine products and sell them at original prices. From the beginning of our journey, we've followed a very simple rule- keep customer's interests first. This rule helped us win the trust of our customers and became the key to our unconstrained success. Our online store is just 2.5 years old now and we have already set several sale records during various shopping festivals and events in Pakistan. We don't hesitate to confess that it couldn't be possible without the support and trust shown by our loyal customers.  We will continue to provide them with matchless services and highest-quality products they look for.

We have a lot of good things in the pipeline. We, at Surmawala, aim to bring international standards of online shopping in Pakistan. Also, we intend to extend our product line and the number of brands so that our customers can buy a wide range of electronics and other consumer goods under one roof.

People working in our company are highly skilled in their relevant fields and want to see a better future of this fast-growing industry in the country. They are constantly striving and pushing the boundaries of innovation to help you enjoy

brushed up online shopping in Pakistan.

Today's world is more digitalized than before. From grocery shopping to paying utility bills- everything is happening on fingertips. Keeping in view the growing usage of internet and smartphones, our experts came up with an idea to introduce Surmawala shopping app. We are soon going to launch our very first shopping app. With the help of this app, our customers shall be able to buy goods in the shortest possible time.

We have the teams of digital ninjas in our office who understand the needs and expectations of today's buyers. They rely on the latest technology and modern methods of online business.

Not only that, Surmawala is the only online store in Pakistan that allows you to purchase goods on easy installment plans. Be it a mobile phone or a refrigerator-- almost all products on our website can easily be bought on installments. The purpose of selling goods on installments is to let the customers buy small to big home appliances and other goods without worrying about their budgets. Keeping in view the fluctuating economy of the country, it's not easy for a mediocre salaried person to buy big home appliances urgently. But with Surmawala, they don't have to worry about their tight budgets. Wherever you live in Pakistan, you can always head over to Surmawala to buy goods on easy-to-pay installments.


Brands Available On Surmawala


A lot of people might have this question in their minds, "Why should we choose Surmawala when we can directly buy from that particular brand?"

The answer is really simple, we at Surmawala provides a platform where one can run over different categories of products by different brands under one roof. With all the features and prices mentioned, one can easily decide on the brand and product they can afford and be interested in. The brands you can find on Surmawala includes HITACHI, AUDIONIC, TOYO, HiTECH, NOBEL, WESTPOINT, SAMSUNG, HAIER, SG, OPPO, ORIENT, AND WAVES.

On the other, with the quickest and reliable delivery service, we make sure that you receive your goods at your doorstep without any damage and delay. It's no wonder that selling small to big home appliances is a crucial task and we take our job very seriously. Moving goods from the warehouse to the customer requires good supervision and our workers perform it very well.


Sale Events And Contests


To make shopping more interesting and budget-friendly-- Surmawala introduces different sale programs and contests through which you can avail huge discounts, free shipping, free installation of goods, win giveaways and much more. We have a special department dedicated specifically to select the winners and send their giveaways to their addresses.

These promotional activities and contests on our official Facebook page can help you save thousands of Rupees each time you participate. We have no restrictions of age, gender or city--anyone from any city of the country can participate and win our giveaways.

On the other side, during special sale events, you can save up to 70% on your shopping. We can proudly say that is the best online shopping platform if you want to save money on your favorite brands.

Efficient Customer Support

With a competitive workforce and adoption of the latest technology, any company can achieve great heights. Surmawala, with its highly capable teams and efficient working system, is driven to bring revolution in the world of online business.

For us, nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our customers. We firmly believe that meeting the needs and expectations of customers /clients is the key element of success. To ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers, we have a highly qualified team of customer support representatives who are always available to help the buyers with their queries regarding the products and services.


We love to help you with your concerns and queries.

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