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Get the Best Online Shopping Experience at Surmawala | Sab ka hai

We are living in a world of online experiences, with the online mode gaining popularity everything has gone digital. A number of businesses work virtually, and the need for offices has been reduced. A new mode of working has also emerged as a consequence of COVID-19 & rapid digitalization. People now work & shop through their mobile phones/laptops.

The era of the internet has taken over the globe & we cannot leave Pakistan behind. Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing countries in E-commerce. Surmawala aims to make Pakistan even prouder with a variety of products, hundreds of brands onboard & customer service in Pakistan.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

Just like any other country in the world, people in Pakistan also do more of their shopping online. Online shopping in Pakistan has grown to the extent that people buy everything from groceries to clothes online. At Surmawala, we have from furniture to
groceries, from home appliances to the latest gadgets, and fashion clothing to beauty tools... You can find almost everything under one link. That’s not all, we have everything that you can think of at Surmawala.

We offer “deal of the week” & other deals every now and then for the ease of our consumers

We even plan easy18 month(or more) installments for our buyers. It's safe to say that Surmawala is all about YOU. Here is a list of all the amazing stuff that you can purchase at Surmawala | The cheapest store in Pakistan

Buy Kitchen Appliances Online In Pakistan

Kitchen appliances are investments for years. A single machine can last for 2-3 years easily. Therefore, you should purchase the best quality products from a trusted vendor like us! We have big brands like Braun, Anex, etc on board to provide the newest electronics at the cheapest prices.

Food processors, blenders, hand blenders, mixers & everything you could think of! Buy now at super reasonable prices & simplify your domestic life!

Buy Online Furniture in Pakistan

We have furniture too! We have the best designers that prepare designs that look enchanting! We have bed sets with a wooden finish to be the focal point of your room, we have soft couches, jhoolas & bean bags to add coziness to your dining room.

We have modern bed set designs including the tufted back with a pop of color, scroll the website to see all the goodies we have.

Washing Machine, Laundry

Washing machines are a helping hand for all housewives in Pakistan. We have all sorts of washing machines available, we have top-loading, front-loading, manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic washing machines in all sizes to fit your needs.The washing machines are of the best quality, we have all the well-known companies in collaboration like Haier, Samsung, Toyo & a lot more! Washing machines are available in multiple sizes, we have baby washers as well as the biggest washing machine size available. Gaba baby washers are the best-selling!

Air Conditioner, Inverter Ac

The temperature is rising every year! The only way to escape the intense heat is through air conditioners. We have 1 ton, 2 ton, chillers & for every air conditioning time that you seek. We have a well-known brand here as well, we have Haier, Gree, Kenwood, etc to provide the best quality inverters & air conditioners to our clients.


This load shedding has made life so difficult. Lucky for you, you have Surmawala which offers the most powerful generators. Fuel generators, and gas generators both are available. We have compiled the best generators in Pakistan to facilitate our customers with the best products. As always, the products are of the best quality, durable & high-performing.Beat the heat & intense load shedding with generators!

Water Dispensers

Keeping water chilled in your refrigerator is a difficult task. The refrigerator is meant to be opened every now & then. This affects the temperature of the water. To keep water chilled at all times you need a water dispenser. It can be placed in minimal space & is the perfect solution to keep water chilled & the food fresh (in the refrigerator).We have variants of dispensers, two outlets, three outlets, top loading, bottom loading, etc. Pick the one that suits your needs the most & purchase it today!

LED TVs In Pakistan

Who doesn’t like to be entertained? A TV room to get all your family members together & watch something fun! TV during lunch is a habit in most households. You can elevate your television experience with Smart LED TVs in Pakistan.We have the best LEDs available just for you. We have Samsung, Ecostar, TCL & more! Explore the website you might find the best deal & purchase a couple of things at once!

Computing & Gaming

Gaming has emerged as a working field for many. Many YouTubers & people are earning through gaming. This calls for better gaming equipment. A powerful robust CPU, exceptional monitors, a mouse (easy on hands) & a super cool keyboard to keep up with your passion. We have neon lights & RGB strips that help you give an even more intense look to your gaming room.Buy separate components or an entire set at once, you get discounts on both. Remember Surmawala is all about YOU.

Health & Beauty

One must always take care of his/her health & beauty. The products available at Surmawala are all skin-friendly & leave a freshening impact on your skin. Facewash, scrubber, masks, etc are available on the website.Search your desired product & the variety of options in front of you. select the one that seems the most suitable & freshen up!

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are a necessity to have, it helps you connect, engage & interact with humans all over the world. Mobile phones with a fast processor & great camera is what everyone wants! Surmawala sells the best-selling mobile phones at discounted prices. The mobile phones are delivered to your house in less than a week. You save money & the hustle as well! Why Surmawala Is Better than Others?

You must be thinking why I should choose Surmawala when there are a ton of options available. But after reading this you won’t be able to resist the temptation to always buy from Surmawala. Below are the two major reasons:


Cash on Delivery

We do not trouble you with credit/debit card entries. Instead, we take cash on delivery. Recently e have updated our policy even more. Now you can check the parcel before accepting the parcel & paying for it. We did this to build an even more trusted relationship with all of you. Order from Surmawala, check your parcel when received & return it if it's not what you seek.

It cannot be easier we believe! Installment

With the inflation rates rising, we know how difficult it is to live. That’s why we offer amazing installment plans. Now you can buy what you want & pay less! Installment plans can be custom made & adjusted according to your needs. These are enough reasons for you to trust Surmawala, we think for the betterment of YOU.

That’s why we say: Surmawala | sab ka hai!