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For people who love to read, books are their most prized possessions. Reading offers readers a fresh viewpoint on a variety of events in addition to contributing to their knowledge. Reading is considered a golden habit. An avid reader can never have enough books!

Only someone who understands the value of owning a high-quality book would be able to fully appreciate a hardcopy of premium quality which makes holding it and skimming through it an experience of its own.

A book with good-quality paper and printing can make the text more legible and pleasant to read. Meanwhile, a sturdy cover can protect the book from wear and tear. Moreover, a well-designed cover can also be visually appealing and draw readers in. Investing in good quality paperback books not only enhances the reading experience but also guarantees that the book lasts longer and can be enjoyed for years to come. So, whether you're a regular reader or just starting to explore the world of books, consider investing in good-quality paperback books to enhance your reading experience. Make the most of the benefits that reading has to offer.

If you are wondering where can you get the best possible quality books in Pakistan, then Surmawala is the answer.

With a huge variety of genres to choose from, including non-fiction, science fiction to timeless historical classics, Surmawala offers a wide plethora of books and novels for every book reader in the market.

Paulo Coehlo, Roald Dahl, Elif Shafak, and many other best-rated authors’ works are available for you to choose from on Surmawala. The best part? They are tagged with the best and most reasonable prices in the market.



Books & Novels are an essential part of shortening our learning curves. They give us a way to step into someone else’s shoes and broaden our horizons by shifting our perspectives in a healthy direction. They not only encourage us to improve our conduct and behaviors but also provide us with relevant information with the guarantee of authenticity and genuineness.

Books come in various forms, from fiction to non-fiction, and are written in different genres and styles. Novels, in particular, are a popular form of storytelling that offers readers the opportunity to escape into fictional worlds. They give a vivid experience of new emotions and thoughts while connecting with characters on a deeper level.

Several top-selling novels and books of all categories are now available on the Surmawala website. You can scroll through the endless options to choose from and enjoy your downtime with a new novel in hand!

It’s a no-brainer that a hardcopy should be of the most supreme cover quality so it may last for years to come. Surmawala offers the most premium paper-back cover quality. They aim to ensure the buyers end up with a book they can enjoy reading as many times as they wish.



With the advent of the digital era, the pattern of consumerism and ways to shop have greatly diverted towards online ways as well. Shopping for books has taken the same route and a lot of people now prefer to shop for their favorite books online.

There are several online stores now offering a wide collection of books for readers in Pakistan. Whereas searching for a book in a library or store has its own charm but is undoubtedly way too time-consuming, online book shopping cuts down this search to a matter of a few clicks.

At Surmawala, you can not only shop for your favorite books in a larger number without having to spend hours searching for them, but also can avail their seasonal deals and discounts to save a few bucks. Not only that, their free delivery offer for people of Karachi makes it convenient to get your favorite books delivered to your doorstep without having to spend additional delivery charges.



Novels fall under the category of fiction. They are usually longer and have a well-defined plot and characters around which the whole story is built-on. There are various genres for novels such as romance, thriller, mystery, adventure, supernatural, science fiction, and more.

Novels are a great way to take a healthy break from your mundane, everyday monotonous routine and transform yourself into your favorite fictional character for a couple of hours.

Going to a bookstore to shop for novels not only is a time and fuel-consuming task but also can be a waste of energy if the book you are searching for happens to be short in stock or worse, out of stock!

Shopping for novels online is a way better alternative now, in our opinion.

You can now shop for your favorite novels from the comfort of your home, offices, or just anywhere on the Surmawala website. There are a hundred options for you to browse from and find the one which best fits your taste and preference. 


Buying books online in Pakistan is no longer a hefty task as there are several online bookstores now available. But there are only a few ones that offer the best possible quality.

Amongst the number of options available, Surmawala tops the chart.

Surmawala is the best online place to shop for a variety of novels in Pakistan. They offer a wide range of novels, from classic to contemporary, and from local to international authors. Surmawala offers easy payment options and a user-friendly interface, making the online shopping experience hassle-free. And there are a number of deals & discounts offered which makes the shopping experience even more cost-effective.

Some of the most loved and in-demand novels and books now available on Surmawala include:


1.    Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

2.    11 minutes by Paulo Coelho

3.    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

4.    The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

5.    Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman

6.    Deep Work by Cal Newport

7.    The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks


And many more! To find exactly the one you are looking for, please visit Surmawala website to purchase the most sought novels now.



Books and novels are essential components of a rich and fulfilling life. If you want to discover the magic of books and novels for yourself, visit Surmawala, the best place to shop for books in Pakistan, and start exploring the wonderful world of literature.


It is understandable that many, despite having the online option of shopping, still prefer to shop in stores by examining the quality firsthand. And when it comes to purchasing books, looking for them in a room full of books is an experience of its own.

 Those who prefer to shop for books & novels the traditional way can visit the Surmawala store.

Surmawala not only offers a wide variety online but also in-store. You can shop for your favorite books by scanning through the vast collection available at the Surmawala store.

To know the exact details of the nearby Surmawala stores near you, you can visit the website or contact the customer service team to get the exact location of the stores near you.


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