Wedding Packages


  1. Blissful Package

    Changhong Ruba L32G3EM 32" Inch LED TV
    Haier HSU-12LRX 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner
    Haier Glass Door Refrigerator HRF-368EPB/EPR/EPC
    Westpoint Heavy Weight Dry Iron WF-80B
    Haier Microwave Oven HGN-36100EGB
    Westpoint WF-2803 Jumbo Food Factory with Extra Grinder 9 in 1.
    Now Rs. 150,637 Was Rs. 158,959
  2. Classy Package

    Haier HRF-216 EBS/EBD Refrigerator without Handle
    Haier W/M HWM-8035
    Haier 40" inch LED TV LE40B9200M
    Dawlance 25 Liters Full Baking Microwave Oven DW 115
    Now Rs. 88,595 Was Rs. 91,698
  3. Valuable Package

    Haier HSU-12LRX 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner
    Haier Semi-Automatic W/M HWM-75AS
    TCL 40" Smart Android LED TV 40S6500
    Westpoint Deluxe Food Processor WF-4806
    Now Rs. 118,479 Was Rs. 125,315
  4. Gracious Package

    Pel PRL 2350 Refrigerator
    Dawlance 25 Liters Full Baking Microwave Oven DW 115
    TCL 32" Full HD Smart Android LED TV 32S6500
    Haier Semi-Automatic W/M HWM-80AS
    Now Rs. 102,168 Was Rs. 109,758
  5. Dream Package

    Haier Glass Door HRF-306 IPB / IPR Digital Panel Inverter Refrigerator
    Westpoint Juice Bar, Juicer & Blender & Dry Mill WF-8823
    Haier Top Loading Fully Automatic HWS-75918
    AKIRA 32" Inches 32MG2023 LED TV
    Westpoint Heavy Weight Dry Iron WF-80B
    Now Rs. 103,853 Was Rs. 108,485
  6. ZEST Package

    Haier AC 1 ton 12LRX inverter
    Haier Ref HRF 336 ipb
    Haier semi Auto 75AS
    Dawlance dispenser WD 1060
    Dawlance microwave DW MD 15
    Now Rs. 143,648 Was Rs. 147,225
  7. Blessed Package

    Food Factory WF-4806
    Sewing machine Parker Sewing Machine
    1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-12LRX
    Refrigerator HRF-306 EPC/EPB/EPR Without Handle
    Haier 40" inch LED TV LE40B9200M
    Now Rs. 139,175 Was Rs. 143,300
  8. Premium Package

    TCL 32'' inch HD LED TV 32D310 Slim Design
    Haier Semi-Automatic W/M HWM-80AS
    IRON WF-283A
     Food Processor WF-4806
    Now Rs. 163,710 Was Rs. 169,583


Wedding and it’s preparation is one of the most significant parts of someone’s life, but at the same time shopping for a wedding can be hectic and time-consuming at times; therefore designs most practical yet affordable wedding packages for its costumers across Pakistan.
How we came up with this concept? While designing new themes and concepts we consider our customers suggestions and queries similarly on various occasions our customers asked for discounted deals and packages for their own or family and friends’ wedding, with keeping their demands under consideration we designed various wedding packages, in addition to that we also gave the freedom of customization to our customers.

These packages consist of reliable products from a wide range of brands. While preparing these deals and packages we consider and keep in mind, the needs of consumers, therefore our wedding packages composed of products that are widely used, essential, and trusted all over Pakistan; including washing machine, LEDs, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, fashion & grooming utilities, and many other products that are essential for a household and can be of a great use as wedding gifts for your loved ones. Moreover, came up with another convenient option to facilitate its customers by letting them design packages of their own choice. Yes, now you can simply call or message us to let us know which are the products that you are looking for in your wedding packages and our team will customize a package exclusively for you, within your desired budget.

Intending to provide our customers different reasons to make their celebrations, even more, bigger and memorable, we take the responsibility of preparing valuable packages of electronic products and offering them the best of technology in lowest prices possible, so that everyone can have access to the necessities of the modern world without worrying about losing a lot their hard-earned money.With the aim of providing a wide range of products from reliable brands; we put together products that are a must to have in a household, and can bring ease to the lives of our customers. While moving into a new house or furnishing a new space certain products are required to be placed to make it like an ideal home, and we provide those products through our highly practical wedding packages.