Surmawala Kick Starts The Biggest Eid Mela Of The Year

Let the shopping mania begin because we are back with another huge shopping festival.

Surmawala has always worked hard to keep on bringing great offers, discounts and sale events for its customers. From day one we, at Surmawala have been putting great efforts to help local buyers shop top-notch brands at the lowest possible prices. And that is the reason why in such a short period of time has made an unbeatable place in the world of online shopping. Our top-ranked online game show “Khel Croron Ka”– which was designed and introduced on 1st Ramadan, has remarkably made this month of blessings more exciting and blissful. When other brands in the market were busy in making profits during this holy month, Surmawala decided to come up with an idea of  “Khel Croron ka” to bring a smile on the faces of customers by offering them stunning giveaways. The overwhelming responses of participants speak volume and our efforts didn’t end there, we then took a decision to keep the momentum going by providing our customers with another amazing opportunity to save big on their favorite brands on Eid.

On perhaps, everyone around the world knows that eid is a prominent Muslims festival that is celebrated right after the month of Ramadan. It is regarded as a gift from Allah for Muslims who fast during the whole month of Ramadan. Eid, also known as Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Pakistan.  To make this beautiful festive occasion a little more exciting Surmawala is going to offer huge discounts and massive deals on your favorite brands.

The wonderful shopping Festival “Eid Mela 2019” will hit our online store on 1st day of Eid (Subject to moon Sighting) and will be continued for the next five days. So now you know where you have to spend your monthly savings and Eidi.

What All The Buzz Is About?

We know that you must be really excited to find out what this Eid Mela (great shopping festival) is all about. So hold your breath because now is the time to reveal the biggest surprise of the year. In this Eid Mela, you are going to get your hands on home and kitchen appliances by Haier, SG, and Orient. After surveying customers’ most favorite brands by running different campaigns on Facebook for months–we came to know that 85% of the customers wanted to shop Orient, Haier, and SG. And therefore we decided to let these three most demanded brands be the charm of our Eid Mela 2019.

What Kind Of Products Can You Buy In This Eid Mela?

Another Question most of the buyers might have is what products can they buy in this festival? So let us tell you that during this biggest online shopping festival, you are going to get everything you need to make your life easier and hassle-free. Yes! we are talking about kitchen and home kitchen appliances, power supplies and a lot more by most demanded brands (Orient, Haier, and SG). Thus, it is the right time to save wisely and shop smartly. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that its a once in a lifetime shopping event that can help you buy your dream products like automatic voltage stabilizer, refrigerators, washing machines, food factories, microwave ovens, portable air conditioners, water dispensers and LED TVs at best prices in Pakistan.

Deals You Can Grab During The Biggest Eid Mela

Our marketing team worked day and night to prepare the finest deals of the products you love the most. After going through different proposal prepared by our marketing ninjas we picked the best deals for you. Following are the top seven deals you can buy during Eid Mela and save bigger than your wildest expectations.

Deal Number One:

In deal number 1, you can buy Orient Refrigerator Ice 260/5535IP And 12 LT, originally priced at PKR 73500/-

But during Eid Mela, grab the deal number one for just PKR 68000/-

You Save PKR 5500/-

Deal Number Two

In deal number 2, you can buy stunning SG Smart LED TV and Orient Dispenser, originally priced at PKR 39000/-

But during Eid Mela, grab this deal for just PKR 35000/-

You Save PKR 4000/-

Deal Number Three

In deal number 3, you can buy Orient 40” LED TV and SG Food Factory, originally priced at PKR 37000/-

But during Eid Mela, grab this deal for just PKR 35000/-

You Save PKR 2000/-

Deal Number Four

In deal number 4, you can buy SG 32” SMART LED TV And Haier 1.5 ton Air Conditioner 12LT, originally priced at PKR 70000/-

But during Eid Mela, you can grab this deal for just PKR 64,600/-

You Save PKR 5400/-

Deal Number Five

In deal number 5, you can buy Orient Refrigerator Ice 260 And SG dryer, originally priced at PKR 36500/-

But during Eid Mela, grab this deal for just PKR 33500/-

You Save PKR 3000/-

Deal Number Six

In deal number 6, you can buy SG Generator And SG Fan, originally priced at PKR 41500/-

But during Eid Mela, grab this deal for just PKR 34,000/-

You Save PKR 7500/-

Deal Number Seven

In deal number 7, you can buy SG Food Factory, SG Toaster, SG HOB, And SG Blanket, originally priced at PKR 24000/-

But during Eid Mela,  grab this deal for just PKR 14,500/-

You Save PKR 9500/-

Things To Keep In Mind Before Eid Mela Hits Our Online Store:

We have prepared a list of some guidelines for our customers that will help them shop efficiently during this mega shopping festival.

  • Follow our Facebook regularly to have all the latest updates about the Eid Mela.
  • To make sure your favorite deals or items don’t run out of stock, it is wise to quickly head over to as the festival starts.
  • Fill in your cart with all the deals you might be interested in. Then pick a few of them easily at the checkout.
  • Keep your budget game up to make sure you don’t run out of cash while shopping.
  • Prepare in advance a list of products you need for your home or workspace as it will save you time and hassle.

Happy Eid And Happy Shopping From All Of Us At Surmawala.



It’s Time To Celebrate Anniversary Gala With Surmawala

Anniversary-sale Is Going To Turn 2!

In an age of fast growing E-commerce businesses, sales happen constantly! There is hardly a month when we don’t happen to see any sale on our favorite online store while scrolling down Facebook or Instagram feeds. In Pakistan, the fever of online shopping among people has drastically increased. And this leads online stores to come up with frequent sale events to maintain healthy competition in the market.

When it comes to online businesses in Pakistan, Surmawala online shopping store appears as one of the most popular stores. The growing statics of visitors on our website is proof of our success. The Month of March is bringing so many festivities across the country including women’s day, PSL final and other events that give us all the reasons to celebrate a  month full of happenings.

And it is the same month in which Surmawala launched its online shopping store two years ago. On 21st March 2017, our first ever online store was introduced and this year we are celebrating our second anniversary of incredible success.

On this secondary anniversary, we are bringing stunning deals and discounts for our customers. Yes! You heard it right. Anniversary Gala is going to hit our online store on Saturday, 9th March 2019 and will be continued for at least a month

What Kind Of Deals or discounts you Can avail during Anniversary Gala?

In case you are wondering, what all the buzz is about? Then let us tell you that this is not some ordinary sale in March with ordinary discounts, deals or offers. During this whole month of Anniversary sale on Surmawala online store, you can save more than your wildest expectations on all kinds of electronic appliances, beauty and fashion goods, home and kitchen appliances in Pakistan. Not only can you save money on your purchases, but you can also win something that you have always dreamt of.

Let us not keep you curious anymore! Now is the time to reveal the amazing deals we have got for you. During this anniversary Gala, we are giving our online customers an opportunity to buy their favorite Jori (pair of two items) at stunningly discounted prices–And along with the discounts you can also win Umrah ticket through a lucky draw. We know it’s hard to believe but Surmawala never ceases to amaze its customers with stunning sale ideas.

What Are The Top Most Demanded Deals In This Anniversary Sale?

The celebration of the second anniversary is going to cheer you up with huge surprises. During this whole month of crazy discounts, you can find insanely budget-friendly deals. As mentioned above, with every special deal in this Gala, we are offering you a chance to win Umrah ticket via lucky draw. We will keep introducing great deals in days ahead. For now, the most popular deals available on our online store includes the following,

Deal 1:

In deal number 1, you can buy budget-pleasing Jori Of Orient Refrigerator With SG Spin Dryer at amazing MarkDown. This deal will help you save straight PKR 8,500 along with a chance to win Umrah ticket.

Deal 2

In our deal number 2, you can get a made-for-each-other Jori of Haier 1.5 ton and Orient Dispenser for just PKR 55,000/= The second deal will help you save straight PKR 9,500/=Along with an opportunity to win Umrah ticket via lucky draw.

The above two deals are just the snippets of information about how this anniversary sale is going to help you save thousands of Rupees. We will introduce more stunning deals to make this month super exciting for you. So make sure you are all set to experience best online shopping in Pakistan with

Shop Electronics Online And Save Time For PSL 2019


Pakistan’s most awaited cricket season PSL (Pakistan Superleague) is in full swing– And people across the country and even in other countries are enthusiastically supporting their favorite teams. PSL is a Twenty20 cricket series which was founded in Lahore on September 9th, 2015. In this cricket league, different teams are formed like Lahore Qalanders, Peshawar Zalmi, Quetta Gladiators, Karachi kings, and others.

Along with Pakistani Cricketers, some foreign cricketers are also invited to become a part of this big cricket event. The whole league is sponsored by different investors and the main objectives of this sports activity are to boost the economy of the country and give a healthy sports watch time to cricket fanatics around the world. This year the league started with all the glory in Dubai on 14th February.

Even before the start of PSL, the enthusiasm and passion of cricket lovers could be seen clearly–From buying favorite team T-shirts to memorizing the dates of the matches. With great cricket Junoon (frenzy) in the air, it would not be wrong to say that a true cricket lover won’t like to miss a single match because of the sudden and non-planned shopping trip.

Imagine a situation where you are trying to finish all your office work on time so that you can reach home before a match between your favorite team and opponent team starts. And suddenly you get a call from home that stove has just stopped working and there will be no food if you don’t bring a new one with you. What will you do? Surveying different markets for a couple of days to find the best product and ignore your match? Absolutely not an option for a cricket lover. Then what can be the best solution? Don’t bury yourself in deep thoughts. The answer is really simple! Online shopping is the SOLUTION!

When you have the facility to shop every kind of home and kitchen appliances from the comfort of your home– then missing any match of PSL is not gonna happen. Surmawala online store can save you the hassle of unwanted shopping trips. You can shop a wide range of home & kitchen appliances at your fingertips and enjoy PSL 2019 without worrying about running to and fro to buy things you need. It’s one of the largest online shopping platforms in Pakistan that allows you ease of buying any kind of national and international electronics and another consumer good by a simple procedure of placing an order. Wherever you live in Pakistan, get your favorite items delivered to your doorstep with the fastest delivery service and enjoy PSL without any interruption.

What Can You Buy On Surmawala Online Store?

Surmawala is your one-stop shop to buy affordable and high-quality goods in Pakistan. Users can shop from an extensive range of beauty tools, traveling luggage, home appliances, kitchen appliances and much more. We have more than seven national and international brands under one roof. Not only that! Surmawala owns more than 100 outlets across the country and provides the facility of buying goods on easy to pay installment (starting with just PKR 999).

Alongside other products, our installment plans are also available on mobile phones from top brands including Samsung and Oppo, you only need to stay connected with us on social media accounts to find out a lot more about our stunning offers, sale events and the best installments plans of the town. Our aim is to provide our loyal customers with the best customer services and the most user-friendly online shopping platform where they can shop without any hassle and save time for other important days to day tasks.

At, our digital marketing team is highly dedicated and keep striving to come up with the latest methods and ideas to improve the quality of our services. We are planning to soon introduce Surmawala App for our customers. This App will bring revolution in the industry of online shopping with amazing features and great options. With Surmawala App, our customers shall be able to view, select and shop products in a matter of seconds.

So this cricket season, say goodbye to unwanted shopping trips. Visit to shop the best product at the best prices and let us bring it to you. When we are here to take your orders, then you only have to finish your daily tasks and hit the couch with some pizza, drink, chips and support your favorite team.

Enjoy PSL 2019 And Shop Electronics Online With Us.


The Advantages Of Buying An Innovative Roti Maker


With the advancement in technology, the manners of cooking and baking have evolved. During the last two decades technology introduced us with so many useful kitchen appliances and tools. And today it seems impossible to imagine a life without with them. With a simple food processor to a highly advanced refrigerator, kitchens look like a modern workspace where food is prepared by using smart and high tech technology.

Every country has its own style of cooking and baking. They have certain staple foods that define their distinct culture and habits of eating. In South Asian countries particularly in Pakistan and India, Roti (flat wheat bread) is considered as one of the highly consumed staple foods. The growing demand for restaurants and families in these countries urged scientists to come up with an invention known as Roti maker machine.

Roti is also widely used in most of the parts of South Africa and Fiji. People from other countries also prefer buying this innovative machine and this is one of the reasons why this simple yet not-so-ordinary machine gained popularity around the world in such a short span of time. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this incredible device is like a blessing for those who have to cater hundreds of people daily in their eateries.

There are several reasons why people in Pakistan should buy a reliable Roti Maker.

This smart invention has made the process of Roti making incredibly easier and faster. With this simple and unique device, one can make hundreds of Roti (flat wheat bread) in a matter of a few minutes. Not only that, the businesses of catering and restaurants are making remarkable profits by saving the cost of labor, space in kitchen and duration of preparing Roti. One roti maker can easily prepare 500 pieces of bread in just one hour. To operate the machine, you don’t require a big staff, one person can easily work on it without any trouble. Also, this space-efficient machine allows you to keep your kitchen organized and well maintained.

A Roti Maker can definitely make more bread in less time which means the consumers won’t have to wait for hours to be served with hot and tender Roti. Also, the quality of Roti which is made with the help of Roti Maker is richer and better. Such Roti makers provide you with ease to measure the accurate amount of flour and other ingredients to be used to prepare a certain amount of bread with its smart measuring system. On the other side, it is easy-to-use and maintains which means you don’t have to worry about bearing frequent maintenance expenditures.

In places like army schools, hostels, hospital canteens, and cafeterias, people are required to be served at the same time. Making food to cater to such a great amount of people is a huge challenge. Rice and other food items can be cooked quickly in a big container but when it comes to making roti, a few bunches of workers can’t finish this task quickly. To avoid the hassle, roti maker must be kept and used in their kitchens.

Also, if you are planning to start a small business which requires less capital and space then you can opt for a Roti maker. A smart and high tech roti maker like Westpoint Roti Maker is your one-time investment and enables you to earn thousands of rupees daily by making and selling hundreds of wheat bread daily. There are many companies and factories that buy food from caterers for their employees, you can establish your own catering business with this incredible device right and start taking orders.

Buy Affordable Roti Making Machine Online In Pakistan

Surmawala is your one-stop shop to buy affordable and genuine electronic appliances and other consumer goods in Pakistan. Surmawala understands the needs of its buyers and provides them with a highly user-friendly online shopping platform where they can shop more than 10 National and International brands under one roof.

All the items displayed on our user-friendly e-commerce website come with original brand warranties and complete accessories. Buy Westpoint Roti Maker at the market competitive price and get it delivered to your doorstep (anywhere in Pakistan). Our aim is to help people buy original products at low prices with the fastest delivery service all over the country. During special sale events, you can also avail free shipping, gifts, discounted deals and much more.

Celebrating The Launch Of Pakistan’s First Digital Online Store

celebration-sale kicked off the launch event of Pakistan’s first digital online store with a series of showcases on 2nd Feb 2019 in Karachi. The purpose of this event was to introduce several Electronic appliances with a free demo to the attendees of the event. is the first electronic store in Pakistan to come up with such a huge favor to its online customers. Many times the online buyers are worried about the quality of the products before ordering them online. They always look forward to and wish to have a demo or free testing of the product(s). And so far, this has never happened before In Pakistan by any online retailer. Our dedicated and skilled team worked really hard and came up with the idea of Introducing Pakistan’s first digital online store. And by the grace of Lord, on 2nd February 2019, we successfully kicked off the grand opening of our digital store in Karachi.

The event attracted thousands of attendees and turned out to be one of the most successful launch events in the city. We truly enjoyed your presence, the love, and support you all depicted at the time of the launch event.  Therefore we decided to hit a live sale on the website to help our valued customers save big.

During this great sale on our website (which is currently live) you can avail up to 80% off on all SG products. Below we have included some of our top-picked products to help you understand what this sale event is all about. Read on to find out.

SG 4 in 1 juicer Blender

SG uses the latest technology to produce the energy-efficient and high tech 4 in 1 juicer Blender. So that you can enjoy a helping hand in the kitchen without worrying about electricity consumption. SG 4 in 1 juicer Blender comes with all the stunning features and user-friendly options that one looks for in a modern-day juicer Blender. During this live sale event on, online customers can enjoy flat 15% off on our highly demanded SG 4 in 1 juicer Blender.

SG Ceiling Fan

SG Ceiling Fan can cool down your room space smartly while it’s noise-free motor makes sure you relax in a calm and cool environment. SG uses high tech Japanese steel sheet in its ceiling fans for the long-lasting performance. On the other side, the elegant designs and chic colors add absolute elegance to your room space. Our online customers can enjoy flat 43% off on the purchase of SG Ceiling Fan during our amazing launch celebration event.

SG Four Door Refrigerator

When it comes to buying a refrigerator for your home, the first two things that come across the mind are DESIGN and PERFORMANCE. SG understands the needs of its buyers and brings the finest range of affordable and irresistibly stylish refrigerators for sale near you. During our not-so-ordinary sale, you can avail flat 35% off on stylish SG Four Door Refrigerator and can save more than PKR 30,000.

Other products you can buy during this sale

  • SG Range Hood
  • SG Food Factory
  • SG Water Purifier
  • SG Instant Gas Water Heater
  • SG Burner Stove
  • SG Generator
  • SG Geyser
  • SG Spin Dryer
  • SG Iron
  • SG Chopper

We know it’s hard to believe, but this is actually happening on So without wasting a moment, go and check out our different categories of SG electronic appliances to save bigger than your expectations.


Best Sandwich Makers In Pakistan- Detailed Review And Buyer’s Guide


Today’s kitchens are smarter and equipped with various kitchen appliances near you to make life easier and more efficient than before. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that these small devices have quickly made their place into our kitchens and became an irreplaceable part of everyday cooking. Among those appliances, the sandwich maker is truly an important device we can have in our kitchens. An affordable and reliable sandwich maker can make it possible for you to prepare your favorite sandwiches in no time.

In today’s busy life where you have to rush to work every morning, the presence of a sandwich maker in your kitchen won’t let you leave home with an unhappy stomach.  Besides that, there are several other reasons why a modern-day kitchen is incomplete without a sandwich maker. One of the reasons is that It is an incredibly affordable device which beautifully adds glamour to your kitchen space. The other reason is that it provides you a quick and healthy way to make delicious sandwiches at home. Kids love junk food, you can easily replace those unhealthy junk items from their diet by crispy mouth-watering home-made sandwiches.

Since a sandwich maker allows you to prepare sandwiches quickly, you can save time to prepare other dishes for your family and guests. And the list of the reasons to have a good sandwich maker goes on. But buying the right sandwich maker for your kitchen space can be a little tricky task. Especially if you are buying it for the first time, you may get confused about picking the right one for your kitchen. But don’t worry, in this article we have covered all the points you need to carry in your mind while choosing a sandwich maker. So that you don’t end up getting your hands on the wrong one for your kitchen space.

Read on to find out what all you need to know before buying a sandwich maker in Pakistan.

What to look for in a Sandwich Maker?

There are hundreds of sandwich makers available in the market. Every sandwich maker comes with its own unique features and technology. Before you grab any sandwich maker, look for the following common features.

The Non-Stick Coating

This is one of the most important features that shouldn’t be missed or overlooked while buying a sandwich maker. The nonstick coating of a sandwich maker allows you to clean it without any hassle. It also makes sure that your sandwiches come out in a good crispy condition. All good sandwich makers like Westpoint sandwich makers come with non-stick coating and other useful features to help you get delicious sandwiches Every time.

Size Of Sandwich Maker

The Size of a sandwich maker is yet another important factor to consider. don’t go for a sandwich maker that looks inappropriately big for your kitchen space. Always choose the one that fits perfectly in your kitchen and adds a classy look to it. Usually, the sandwich makers come with the option of making two sandwiches at a time. But there are some brands that produce bigger sandwich makers to cater to the needs of big families. So if you have a big family then opt for a big sandwich maker.

Type And Material of Handle

As we all know that a sandwich maker is an electronic appliance that has to be used frequently in the kitchen. Therefore it is important to make sure that it comes with a durable handle.  Normally, handles of sandwich makers are made up of two materials, one is plastic and the other is metal. These two types of handle material carry their own advantages and disadvantages. The plastic handles are weak and likely to break if used daily and carelessly. On the other side, metal handles are more durable and are likely to last longer than plastic handles, as they are stainless and indestructible.

Price of Sandwich Maker

As discussed above, you can find hundreds of brands selling sandwich makers in the market at different prices. You must know your budget before you leave for shopping. The prices of sandwich maker vary as per their unique features and durability. But you need to be really smart while choosing a sandwich maker for your kitchen. Sometimes even a costlier sandwich maker doesn’t perform as good as a cheap one. So it’s all about how smartly you pick the right product within your budget. Also, it is possible that a low price tag attracts you and the product turns out to be useless. It is wise to check different online stores like to have information about prices, brands, and features of sandwich makers. And then you can set your budget accordingly before hitting the market.

Best Sandwich Maker Brands In Pakistan

When it comes to buying an affordable and reliable sandwich maker, it can be difficult for a buyer to pick the right brand. After good market research, we picked the top three sandwich maker brands in Pakistan to help you make a sound decision.

PEL Sandwich Maker

Top on the list we have Pel Sandwich makers. The points that make Pel sandwich makers better than others In the market are high quality and cheap prices. Pel sandwich makers come with all the great features one looks for in an efficient sandwich maker. While their unique designs give you all the reasons to buy for your modern kitchen space.

Westpoint Sandwich Makers

Westpoint is one of the most reliable brands in Pakistan when it comes to buying small appliances. Westpoint understands the needs of today’s buyers and provides them with the finest range of products to make life easier and smarter. Westpoint sandwich makers come with high tech technology, durable material, user-friendly options, energy-efficient system, stylish designs, and ideal size to fit perfectly in your kitchen space. These sandwich makers are easily available in stores and online in Pakistan.

SG Sandwich Maker

SG is one of those very few companies that gained success in such a short span of time. SG sandwich makers are one in their own class. Along with highly affordable prices and great features, these sandwich makers are irresistibly stylish and offer your kitchen space an elegant look. SG sandwich makers are available in chic colors Including Black & silver, White and off-white. These sandwich makers come with non-stick coating plate, power ready indicator, cool-touch handle, easily cleanable material and two years official warranty.

Buy Affordable Sandwich Makers Online In Pakistan

Surmawala online store is your one-stop shop to buy genuine and reliable consumer goods in Pakistan. At, You can find beauty tools, blankets, traveling pieces of luggage, home and kitchen appliances from your most-loved national and international brands. We provide you an easy to browse through more than 1000 products under one roof- View their prices, Brands, Features, and Availability at your fingertips.

We have an extensive range of affordable and stylish sandwich makers from top-leading brands including Pel, Westpoint, and SG. All the items displayed on our website come with official brand warranties and complete accessories. Moreover, our efficient customer support department is always available for your assistance and quickly responds to all your queries regarding the products and delivery process.

We take orders from all over the country and deliver them to your doorstep without any hassle. In case of any mishap during the delivery process, we owe you an immediate replacement of the product(s). Your trust in our products and services is our priority and we can’t, at any cost compromise on it. So look no further than Surmawala online store for the best online shopping in Pakistan.

Top Five Waters Dispensers In Pakistan- Complete Buying Guide


Nowadays it is impossible to find modern living space, office or any other public place like hospitals, schools, and airports without the presence of a water dispenser. In plain terms, we can explain a Water dispenser as a device that cools and heats up the drinking water instantly. The smart features of water dispensers have made them an important part of our lives. And this is the reason why water dispensers gained popularity in such a short span of time. All multinational consumer goods companies are working dedicatedly to produce affordable, high tech and durable water dispensers for the users.

Since so many brands are available in the market that deals in water dispensers, at times it can be difficult for the buyers to pick the right one in the right price. If you are looking for a stylish and durable Water dispenser for your workplace or home then this article is going to be helpful for you. After thorough market research and analysis, we prepared a list of top Most Selling Water dispensers Online in Pakistan.

Read on to find them out.

EchoStar WD 300FS Water Dispenser

Top on the list we have the EcoStar WD 300FS Water Dispenser. This water dispenser by EcoStar has been designed to help you get safe and healthy cold/hot water instantly. Following are the key features of this unique and stylish water dispenser.

  • Refrigerator Cabinet capacity 16 Litres
  • Cooling Power Input 110 W
  • Cooling Water5-12 Degree
  • Heating Power Input 580 W
  • Cold Water Capacity 3.5 Ltrs P/H
  • Hot Water Temperature 85-95 Degree
  • Cold Water 2 L/H

PEL Desire Glass Door Water Dispenser

As the name of this dispenser suggests “Glass Door” so this water dispenser is stunningly beautiful and stylish. Besides that it comes with all the modern-day water dispenser features that one looks for. You can find this water dispenser on different online stores in Pakistan at highly affordable prices. Following are the key features of this product.

  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Protection Coating Against Leakage
  • Strong And Durable Material
  • Low Voltage Start
  • High-Quality Compressor
  • Spacious Refrigerator Cabinet

Orient Water Dispenser Crystal Campaign

This water dispenser comes with stunning features and advances technology to supply safe hot and cold water for drinking and cooking purposes. The affordability of this product gives you all the right reason to buy it. Following are the top features of this high-quality water dispenser.

  • Child Safety Lock System
  • Provides Hot, Normal And Cold Water
  • Cooling Tank Storage 3.5 L
  • Hot tank Storage 1 L
  • Spacious Refrigerator Cabinet

Haier Water Dispenser

Haier never fails to win the trust of its buyers because of highly Durable and affordable goods. Haier water dispenser has been designed to suit the needs of modern living and office spaces. Below, we have listed down the top key features of this stunning water dispenser


  • Eco Safety
  • Fast Compressor Cooling
  • Child Safety Lock System
  • Durable Anti-leakage Material
  • Spacious Fridge Cabinet

SG Doctor

This compact size SG doctor comes with advanced technology to purify drinking water safety. While it’s small size provides you an easy to place it anywhere in the kitchen. This product is the best pick for those who are looking for an affordable and easy solution to get secure drinking instantly. Following are the details of this product.

  • Non-Electric and Chemical-Free Water Purification
  • Superior Ultra-Filtration Technology
  • Storage Capacity: 15 Litre(s)
  • Gravity-Based UF Water Purifier
  • 1 Year Warranty

What Are The Factors To Consider While Buying A Water Dispenser?

Before you leave for shopping, you must know what to look for in a new water dispenser. In this article, we included some common factors to consider while choosing a water dispenser for your home or workplace

Usage Of The Water Dispenser

First of all, you need to consider the purpose and usage of a water dispenser at your workplace or home. If you are buying it for workplace then make sure that it comes with easy-to-use options so that every kind of person at work can easily use it. The process of Refilling of bottles can be frequent at work because of repeated usage so go for a dispenser with durable Anti-leakage Material. On the other side, if you need to buy it for home then you can pick a stylish water dispenser with a child safety lock system and other smart options. Refilling of bottles may not be frequent at home but proper Cleaning of Refrigerator part is important to ensure the long lasting and uninterrupted cooling. Also, the kids at home may accidentally burn their hands by pressing the hot water faucet- So always look for child lock system before buying a water dispenser for home.

Space To Keep The Water Dispenser

Different water dispensers come with various sizes and capacities. The capacity of a water dispenser is usually referred to the water storage unit and refrigeration ability. While the size of dispenser refers to the width and height. Before you buy a new water dispenser consider the space of your home or workplace where you are going to keep the water dispenser. Also, it is highly important to make sure that space, where a water dispenser is kept, is in Shadow and away from direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure may be harmful to the internal cooling system of the water dispenser. It is great to keep it in an open area outside the kitchen or next to the refrigerator for convenient usage. If you need to keep a water dispenser in the hospital room or bedroom then make sure it is kept away from delicate machines and devices as they may leak. The leakage of water may cause damage to other crucial devices in bedrooms or hospital rooms. So make proper spacing for water dispenser before buying it.

Price Of The Water Dispenser

The price of the water dispenser is yet another important factor to consider. Before you decide on buying a new water dispenser, conduct good market research about the prices. The prices of water dispensers vary as per the size brand, aesthetics, application, capacity, model and other unique features. If your budget is good, you can opt for a good and high tech water dispenser that comes with advanced features and striking looks. The prices of a water dispenser in Pakistan is ranged between PKR 8000 to PKR 20,000. You can check out our online store for a detailed description of features and prices of your favorite water dispenser brands.

Some Additional Features

Many dispensers in the market (especially the latest models) come with plenty of additional features. These additional features of Water Dispensers improve their performance and let you enjoy more benefits of using a water dispenser.

But sometimes people don’t know about such features and they never even bother to ask the seller about them. Before you hit the market in search of a durable and high tech water dispenser, make sure you know the following additional features along with the basic ones.

Hot & Cold Feature

Some outdated dispensers come with a basic cold water faucet whilst the modern day water dispensers come with dual faucets and some are even equipped with three faucets. If you have an eagle eye to catch the best product at the best price then go for a water dispenser that comes with hot and cold water faucets. These faucets allow you to enjoy hot and cold drinking water instantly. Water dispensers with Hot water faucet make it easy for you to prepare coffee and tea instantly especially at work. These water dispensers can comparatively be higher in prices but they are totally worth spending money on.

Cup Holder And Drip Tray Feature

An Extensive range of latest models of water dispensers in Pakistan comes with cup holder feature. This feature lets you enjoy the convenience of placing drinking cups during filling the water. While the detachable Drip Tray feature helps you in easy cleaning and avoids the spillage of water. Before you decide on buying a water dispenser, make sure they have the option of a detachable drip tray and sufficient cup holding space. You can find out a wide range of high-end water dispensers that come with sleek designs and additional features in the category of water dispensers on our website.

Buy Water Dispensers Online In Pakistan

At Surmawala online store, we have the best and highly budget-friendly Water Dispensers from top-leading national and international brands in Pakistan.  You can find Haier water dispensers, Orient water dispensers, SG Doctor and others at market competitive prices with original brand warranties.

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Things To Look For While Buying A motorcycle In Pakistan


Whether you have a passion for motorcycling or it is just your basic source to commute, getting a safe and reliable bike is a priority.

But buying a new bike is truly challenging especially when there are various brands available in the market to introduce bikes with different features.

Unless this is going to be your very first bike, you must have an idea of what you need to look for. If you are planning to buy a new bike, shallow knowledge about its features and others doesn’t suffice. It can be possible that you are looking for a bike that you can use at least six times a day but you end up buying a bike that doesn’t allow you to run frequent errands. So it’s wise to attain maximum knowledge about its parts, specs, and speed beforehand.

If you are all set to buy your very first motorcycle, take into account the following important points before making any sort of deal. Because a safe and durable bike is more like your everyday traveling partner and one needs to be really cautious while choosing it.

Points To Consider While Buying A Bike

Point One:

As mentioned above,  it doesn’t matter how much you know about a certain bike, a single common mistake may lead to a drastic loss. If you are a newbie, never go for a bike that you can’t handle. The most important thing is to decide if you can handle the speed and weight of the bike. You should stay away from bikes with an engine heavier than 600cc. On the other hand, a pro needs to make sure that he buys a bike that best suits his experience and manner of riding. Because riding a bike is not merely about how gorgeous it looks or how fast it is- It’s just about how easily you get the hang of it. Also, a newbie should start with an average bike that can easily be used. This not only ensures his safety on trips but also allows him to become a good rider after months of practice.  And once you hone your expertise and gain experience, you can safely switch to a faster bike. We would say, take it as a level-based game where one upgrades step by step.

Point Two:

The second most important thing to keep in mind is the reason behind buying a new bike. A person needs to Identify his needs. Make a list of following questions.

  1. Are you going to ride a bike in heavy traffic?
  2. Are you going to Travel to long distances?
  3. Are you going to use your bike for frequent trips?
  4. Do you need your bike for any business needs?
  5. Are you going to be the only user of that bike?

The purpose of noting down above mentioned questions is to make sure you don’t end up buying a wrong bike. If you are going to need a bike to commute on an everyday basis then go for an average motorcycle nearby you. A CD70 bike is an ideal option for the secure daily ride. You can check out the latest models of Racer Grande Motorcycles. They are Available in various attractive shapes, sharp sporty colors, and different sizes. So before you leave for shopping, Consider your personal needs because everyone’s needs are different from others.

Point Three:

Third important thing is to find out how you will be using your new motorcycle and what impact will it have on your riding experience and skills. As in, if you are looking for a bike that has to be used the only weekend to weekend to have some fun riding experience then you need a sporty bike. Many bike lovers like to ride heavy 600CC sports bikes. They view bikes as sports and for them, we recommend heavy bikes by reliable bikes brands in Pakistan like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and BMW. These brands provide a wide range of exotic heavy bikes to best fit your biker’s persona.

Point Four:

Recognizing your needs allow you to manage your budget accordingly and make it easier for you to choose the right bike for you.

Another important thing is to know your the type of bike you are looking for. There are hundreds of options to pick from when it comes to buying motorcycles. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the growing needs of buyers urged companies to come with the latest methods of manufacturing. Over the last two decades, Motor Bikes have become amazingly specialized and advanced.  the proliferation of various types of bikes provides the rider with a number of options which can be both daunting and empowering. However, the rider will have to develop certain skills to interact with differently specialized modern day bikes. Your preferences always have a major impact on your decision and enable you to pick the right motorcycle.

Point Five:

The last thing to consider while choosing the bike is the size of the Bike. It is needless to say that different bikes come with dramatically various sizes and shapes. You first need to understand your body weight and height then pick the size accordingly.  Make sure that the motorcycle you choose fits your body perfectly. Go for a test ride before buying a particular bike. While you go for a test ride, try to take it for a spin as it will help you find that different bikes offer different ergonomic experience. A sports bike may look cool but can twist your wrists if you fail to take control of it. Contrary to it, an average CD70 bike comes with a low seat and offers an ideal center of gravity. You won’t be able to pick the right bike until you take a test ride.

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Things To Look For While Buying A Digital Weighing Machine In Pakistan


Your health plays the most prominent role in your life and taking care of it is as important as breathing. Not only healthy people are capable of doing their daily tasks perfectly but can also help others around them by using their healthy minds and fit bodies. Eating good and daily work out can help you stay away from stress, depression and several physical health problems.

Your body weight has a great contribution in maintaining your good health. An improper weight gain or weight loss can lead to many health issues, therefore, it’s important to keep a track of your body weight to make sure you are healthy. No matter what your age or gender is, weighing your body after every few days is really important and enables you to adjust your work out duration and eating habits accordingly.

As per health experts and nutritionists, weighing yourself at least once a week allows you to monitor the reduction and increase in your body weight after following a certain diet plan and physical activities. To make sure that you don’t forget to weigh yourself, it is wise to keep a quality weighing scale in your bedroom or gym area.

A reliable and high-tech digital weight machine like WestPoint digital weight machine can give you a perfect track of your body weight. These digital weight machines also come with many smart features to provide you with extra information about your health such as your body fat percentage and BMI, etc. That can be extremely useful for those who are trying to lose excessive and unwanted weight.

But before you pick a weight machine in Pakistan, you need to take into account a few factors to make sure you get the right one. These factors include the capacity of weighing scale, the extent of accuracy, user-friendly display, and high-quality feet paddle, etc.

As discussed earlier a modern-day weighing scale does more than just telling your body weight. They also provide you with useful information about your health and carry various innovative features. It is needless to say that sometimes it can be really tricky for a person to pick the right weight scale to keep a close eye on their growing or reducing weight.

There are two types of weighing scales available in the market- Analog weight machine and digital weight machine.

Analog Weight Machine

The analog weighing scales are conventional body weighing scale and are cheaper in prices than Digital weighing scales. They come with a dial mode to help you read you the body measurement. Analog weighing scales come with various weighing capacities like 100 kg, 120 kg and 150 kg. The accuracy level of these weighing scales is not as efficient as digital weight scales.

Digital Weight Machines

The Digital weighing scales are actually ideal if a person wants a quick reading of their weight. In digital weight scales, you don’t have to tap the scale in order to turn it on. By simply standing on the foot space you will get the reading of your weight in a matter of few seconds. It comes with a backlit LCD display that enables you to view the reading even when the lights in the bathroom are out or dim. These weighing scales are capable able of measuring up to 400 pounds.

Are you planning to buy a new weighing scale but you are confused about picking the right one? Read on to find out the all the essential things you need to look for while purchasing a weight machine in Pakistan.

The Weight Capacity

Different weight scales come with various capacity. A general weighing scales gas the capacity of only 100 to 150 Kgs. So a weighing scale with the capacity under 200 Kgs may not give you an accurate reading. So it is important to check the range of the weighing scale. Always go for the one that has the capacity to measure up to 250 kgs to get an accurate reading of your weight.

The Level Of Accuracy

Most of the analog weighing scales give you an inaccurate reading of your weight because of limitations in features and technology. Also, with the passage of time, their springs become less responsive that also results in inaccurate reading. On the other side, a high tech Digital weighing scale provides 99% accuracy and doesn’t tend to get less responsive over the time. So we suggest you opt for a high-end Digital weighing scale.

The Clear Display

A standard weighing scale requires the user to stand straight on the foot space to get an accurate reading of the weight and it can be difficult for him/her to view the reading. Thus, it is important to pick the one that has a clear and wide display so that you can view the reading by even standing straight on the scale.

 Durable Material

The material of the weighing scale is yet another important factor and must not be overlooked while buying it. Go for a reliable and durable digital weight scale so that it can provide you with consistency in your weight loss journey. Go for the digital weight scales that are made up of long-lasting tempered glass. These weight scales are unbreakable, easy to use and clean.

Automatic On/Off System

Today’s digital weight scales come with various stunning features and Automatic on/off system is one of those features. These weighing scales turn off automatically when they are not used for some time. The feature allows you to save the battery life of the scale. So before you buy a digital weighing scale, make sure it has an Auto on/off the system.

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Best Washing Machine Brands In Pakistan


Nowadays as a person walks into an electronic shop to get any home or kitchen appliances, he gets to see hundreds of brands and thousands of options. Hence, it can be difficult for him at times to pick the best one out of those hundreds of brands. If we talk about buying a new washing machine so the first thing that comes across the mind is choosing the right brand. In Pakistan, people have so many options to choose from. Washing machines are one of the most useable home appliances and one should not take a risk to make a wrong choice while buying it.

In this article, we are going to tell our readers about the top and most-loved washing machine brands in Pakistan. And all the things they need to take into account before they plan to buy a new washing machine for their laundry area.

Keeping in mind that different buyers have different requirements, we have picked up only the most reliable brands to help them choose the right one. A person can have different options to choose from before purchasing a washing machine like a front load washing machine, top load, semi-auto washing machines fully automatic machines, single tub washing machines, and double tub washing machine. If your budget is good and you are looking for an easy and hassle-free washing option then you can opt for front load washing machines. On the other side, if you are planning to buy an affordable washing machine in Pakistan with basic washing features then you can go for top load washing machines. The options like semi-auto and fully automatic also come with different features and that too depends on your budget.

Here we have listed down the best washing machine brands you can buy in the year 2019 in Pakistan. Have a look at them to pick the one that best suits your budget and your laundry area


The brand is established since 1980  and has made an irreplaceable place in the market with high end home and kitchen appliances. As its slogan says “Dawlance is Reliable,” and Reliability is actually the thing that makes Dawlance an unbeatable brand. Dawlance is popularly known for it’s matchless and finest range of washing machines in Pakistan.  Dawlance has a complete range of washing machines with advanced features and high technology to meet all the expectations of the consumers and provide them with the best helping hand in the laundry. With decades of experience, Dawlance understands consumers and thus offer the best and affordable product line. The brand after a thorough market study and research has brought drastic changes in the manufacturing of washing machines. Dawlance front load washing machines and top load washing machines carry stunning features that efficiently cater to the needs of modern-day buyers and make laundry an easier task for them.

We also have included some of the best seller dawlance washing machines of the year and their prices. That’s how our readers can easily decide on the type of washing machine they need.

  1. Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Dawlance DWT-275TB G Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Dawlance DWF-8200 Front Load Washing Machine
  4. Dawlance DW220C2 Semi Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine
  5. Dawlance DW-5200 Semi Automatic Washing Machine

SurperAsia Superasia is amongst the most reliable companies when it comes to buying home appliances. The brand is also regarded as one of the best washing machines selling brands in Pakistan. SuperAsia provides an extensive range of various electronics particularly washing machines. This most trusted brand started its operations in the year 1911 and since then the brand has been constantly involved in advancements, innovations, and customization of their product line. Superasia washing machines are incredibly affordable and carry all the advanced features one looks for. They have recently introduced a wide range of fully automatic washing machines that feature the latest technology and stunning one wash system and other user-friendly options. On the other side, their SMART WASH washing machines come with  Shock & rust proof body, Shower wash technology, Easy wash tray, Loud beep alert when you finish one wash cycle. Some of the Other innovative features to have been introduced in SUPER ASIA Washing machines are heavy gear technology, fully copper Motor, power-efficiency, auto brakes system and quick air dryer technology

Below we have listed some of latest and best seller SuperAsia washing machines available in the market. Have a look at them to find the one that goes perfectly with your basic laundry needs

  1. Super Asia Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Super Asia SA-244 Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Super Asia SA-270 Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  4. Super Asia Super Front Load Washing Machine
  5. Super Asia SA-241 Smart Wash


There is no doubt that Panasonic is a huge player in the sector of the kitchen and home appliances. The company is based in Japan and is regarded as a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high tech electronic goods to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Established since 1918, the company strives to provide its users with the best range of electronic products for domestic and commercial uses. Panasonic aims to bring revolution in the sector of technology and development with its wide range of products ranging from industrial devices to consumer electronic goods.  Panasonic washing machines are known for their powerful performance, matchless features, and sleek looks. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Panasonic is one of the best washing machine brands in Pakistan with it’s finest range of fully automatic, semi-automatic top load and front load washing machines. Panasonic fully automatic front load washing machines come with impressive features. Some of those features include durable and shockproof plastic bodies, power wash system, the buzzer sounds at the end of laundry, fully touch user panels and hexa cube drum. While their top load washing machines are incredibly affordable and come with great capacity and smart wash system along with other stunning features. All of the Panasonic washing machines are energy-efficient and can help you save energy by 40%.

We have included the five best selling Panasonic washing machines available in the market. You can go through the list to choose the one that is ideal for your laundry area.

  1. Panasonic NA-F90- 9Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Panasonic NA-F127- 7Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Panasonic NA-F115A1- 11Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  4. Panasonic NA-F150- 15Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  5. Panasonic NA-127VB6 Fully Automatic Washing Machine


Haier is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buying home appliances. The company is based in Japan and started its operations in the year 1984. The brand is popularly known for it’s affordable and durable electronic products. With decades of experience and through the study of the market, the brand understands the needs of its consumers and always strive to provide them with the best. Haier premium range of home appliances include washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, LED TVs, air coolers and much more. Haier was also rewarded as the best washing machines manufacturing brand in the year 2004. Haier washing machines come with matchless features and striking looks that can’t be found in other brands. Haier washing machines are built using the latest methods and high tech technology. Like other huge brands, Haier comes with the finest range of semi-automatic, fully automatic, top leaders and front load washing machines in Pakistan. Haier top load fully automatic washing machines are loaded with stunning features like pillow drum, storm wash, energy efficiency, touch screen user panels, low noise wash, and NZP technology, etc. If you have a tight budget for a washing machine then you can opt for Haier washing machines as they are amazingly affordable and unbeatable in performance.

To help you pick the right washing machine for your laundry area, we have mentioned below some of the best selling Haier washing machines of the year. Read on to find them out.

  1. Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Haier Semi Automatic Do Tub Washing Machine
  4. Haier 12Kg Top Load Washing Machine
  5. Haier 12Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine


SG is widely known for it’s highly affordable and durable consumer goods in Pakistan. The brand aims to provide the customers with the best home and kitchen appliances within their approach. And this is one of the reasons why SG made its position in the market in such a short period of time.  SG fully automatic top load washing machines come with unbeatable performance and stunning features. Some of the top features Include anti-shock fully plastic rust-free body, rat-free material, auto shut and restart options, touch panel, glass tap, and speedy draining system. SG  is also regarded as the first consumer good brand in Pakistan to introduce lifetime motor and one-year parts warranty.

The company currently deals in Fully automatic and semi-automatic front load washing machines and uses high tech Japanese technology to offer high durability.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that SG is the best choice if you are looking forward to buying an affordable and Durable fully automatic front washing machine in Pakistan.

Following is the list of top selling SH fully and semi-automatic front load washing machines. Run over them to pick the one that goes perfectly with your budget and laundry needs.

  1. SG 8Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  2. SG 9Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  3. SG 11Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  4. SG 12Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  5. SG Spin Dryer

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