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Surmawala Furniture showroom is the only local furniture provider which has a wide range of traditional luxurious furniture along with modern and conventional furniture pieces for home and offices. Surmawala shop has every piece of furniture you need for living in a unique but traditional touch, our craftsmen are highly skilled who make the latest designs and the final piece becomes elegant with the marvelous look.

Surmawala online furniture has beautiful beds, full bedroom sets, dressing, side tables, wardrobe, closet, bunk beds, Wooden swings Jhoola, center tables, dining tables with chairs, study table, Sofa sets, Sofa combed, with decoration pieces. Our furniture shops also have the facility of customized furniture, at our showroom you can come with your preferred designs all over the world, and we will make it for you in order and then you can get on installment as well, isn’t it amazing?

Our furniture store is the only online furniture store that is profoundly queried on social media nationwide and most visited stores because of excellent deals and flexible payments. Our designs are novel but traditional with premium wood quality and mature colors which are loved by most Pakistanis. Surmawala has always maintained itself as a brand of the masses, so we always stand apart from others because of our cheap pricing with easy payments along with premium looks and quality.


Surmawala furniture showroom is Top furniture shops in Karachi, since its inception, people are visiting it excitingly because of its affordable and beautiful furniture. We have got a range of modern and traditional home furnishings for all styles, budgets, and rooms. Shop Online for your renewing your living room furniture with the sofas, sofa sets, sofa combed, jhoolas, and L Shaped sofas for your lounges. Browse our cuddle chairs and corner sofas for enhancing your living room to cozy feel, we also have all your snacks within easy reach on our range of coffee tables and nests of tables. Don’t forget the gossips with family, friends, and relatives on late nights at the sofa with a perfect chilling environment, and of course, watch Netflix with popcorns at your cozy sofas.


Surmawala furniture showroom is the only shop which offers jaw-dropping Flat off with cashback vouchers in its first remarkable sale, there was flat 71% off, which was followed by 51% along with deal of the day, flash sales and interestingly there has always been exciting sale offer which keeps our furniture showroom always the best and top go-to furniture stores.


Surmawala online furniture store is known for the best quality, mixture of traditional and modern designs which can bring life to any dull place, our beautifully crafted furniture pieces keep your favorite spots lively. Surmawala furniture store has built trust in a very short period because of its already remarkable business history. It’s affordable only because Surmawala aims to provide an update to your decade’s old furniture to new and gorgeous, that is why we promote home-care which will lead to self-care.



Our online furniture store has everything which combines to become a beautiful and charmful living room with a variety of sofa sets, Sofa Cumbed, L-shaped sofa with finely crafted center table. Living room furniture must be designed aesthetically as it gives an impression of uniqueness and vibe to the whole home. The wall hangings and decoration pieces must also carry the vibe with a beautiful flower vase or an art piece. Currently, very light colors with a few dull color themes are trending with a contemporary touch. A vibrant cozy sofa with a light background creatively crafted pieces will go with the modern look.

Buying a Sofa is a big investment for lifetime memories, so make sure you’re making the right decisions and choosing a sofa that fits your lifestyle and budget at its best. A good sofa can last you years so it’s always doing your research before jumping into the shops, our online store is the perfect place for trending ideas. Just make sure to utilize the whole room in a spacious way, and give it a complete look, considering to give sufficient attention to every furniture piece which will absorb in the theme of your decors.

Other than that look at the way you can improve the dullest zone of your living room like pressing, kitchen closet or the TV trolley, it is up to you to give importance and design accordingly. If your living room is still feeling a little empty, cube units offer cheap, versatile storage space and will help to add a homely touch. A small library, art pieces, or matching with some cube-shaped boxed tables are a great addition to your living room.


Be very specific with your bedroom as it’s the place where you spend most of the time of your day as decent sleep is highly significant for the overall health and well being. Our bed sets design is creative with a local touch and interesting with sophisticated design. Surmawala online furniture store has Beds generally come in three sizes – single, double, and king-size – with a variety of styles available. Wood beds are large wooden beds added a warmer and more rustic tone. Surmawala furniture showroom allows you to design your home completely utilizing your skills, which says that you can customize your bedroom without having to re-purchase the entire bed to suit the new look with trendy options.





At our online furniture stores, we provide mattresses of the most popular brand in Pakistan Molty Foam Company for the comfort and quality for a longer period. Now you can purchase a mattress on installment just visit us. We considered your need as sleep is extremely important for both our mental and physical wellbeing. As most of the time is spent on it, this is a big investment for your health. Make sure you pick the right one which suits your comfort.


Bedroom side tables come next on the list. Beside the bed gives a complete look to the room, adding a pleasing symmetry when placed on either side of your bed. They can be used for your bedside lamps as well as for your favorite books. If your budget can’t stretch that much, look for creative alternatives that give a look, search for lamps or decorative pieces.

central table


For the main storage, wardrobes and closets are essential. At Surmawala you can get single, double, or triple door closets as per your need and style. These tend to be enough storage space for all your clothes, accessories, and even bedcovers, blankets, and towels. If you have high ceilings, we offer customized inbuilt storages that can save your valuable floor space. If you have space and prefer the aesthetic of a set of drawers, then buying the dressing table will give a complete look to your room.


The kitchen is the most overlooked area of your home in regards to furniture, which really needs furniture for an aesthetic look. Kitchen cabinets are crucial for utensils placement and ease of use. Adding dining tables and chairs is great for mealtimes, it is also used as a discussion table at home and memorable time spending with entertaining guests. Now get an affordable and range of dining tables, with 4 chairs, 6 chairs, and 8 chairs, according to your family size. Wooden chairs add a traditional feel to a dining room and add a contemporary touch to the overall vibe.


At Surmawala furniture store get office furniture in budget and give life to your old and dull office. Our designs for computer desks come in traditional wood, contemporary glass, or a stylish combination of the two and we offer various sizes. Our desk chairs range in budget from the executive level to the CEO to the internees chairs make accessing drawers simple to use.

Our office storage range includes filing cabinets, shelves, bookcases, and drawers while if you don’t have the room for a complete home office, then why not take home a laptop tray for comfortable work on your sofa. Design your office furniture and home study tables with storage today, as work from home has become a new trend because of COVID-19.

Design your study tables as your productive and creative place, a place for self-care and sophisticatedly designed as the future is always unpredictable and zoom meetings and online classes, webinar sessions have become a key activity so why don’t make it your favorite zone where you never get bored or fed up, just make it that interesting with us, our designers can suggest such interior that it’ll make your home a workplace too.

If you are planning for a startup or a becoming an Entrepreneur then interior decoration and furniture are really important, be sure to choose furniture and design it wisely, for offices differentiate every department with its theme and need. As it’s important to motivate volunteers and internees so design it as a fun place where creative ideas are thought and initiated. See what you can do at reception and waiting areas interesting to make the first impression formal but aesthetical.  Surmawala allows you to make your office a productive place where ideas become reality. Your team will be motivated to work on its full capacity to achieve targets and take initiatives and execute them.


Don’t let money come in your way to fulfill your dream of an ideal room set, get your desired furniture pieces for your home and offices, just shop at Surmawala and pay in easy installments. At Surmawala furniture showroom and online store, we offer the most convenient payment methods, which are cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, and easy monthly EMI installments with a 0% profit rate. Enjoy your furniture buying journey hassle-free and stress-free with the most modern in vogue and looks to stay competent in the market. Once your payments are complete, your furniture will be delivered to your doorstep.


clearance sale

clearance sale


Clearance sale is known as miscellaneous collection which will be sold by auction Surmawala bring you at this sale 80% off of household home appliance and the lot to be taken away at the buyers expense immediately after the conclusion of the sale

Clearance sale meaning
by definition renal clearance is the volume of plasma completely cleared of a substance y the kidneys per unit time. The highest real clearances may be completely removed on a single pass of blood through the kidneys: substances with lowest renal clearances are not remoted at all

Clearance sale in Pakistan

Now a days ending of year all the ecommerce website provide massive discount on their website but Surmawala offer you best deals on different brand up to 80 % off so customer and engaged in many product sale will be start on 29 December of and end till 4 December hurry up don’t miss the chance Surmawala vision to provide customer at door step and we delivered product save and sound product included air conditioners, refrigerators, TV, smart gadgets and much more, all on sale. If you have been waiting to equip your houses or offices with electronic products and appliances






An installment loan is a  these loans are provided with any security as these secure with however it is advisable to settle for settle for a shorter possible period of prepayment  . Surmawala give you easily monthly installment on at every home appliance auto motorcycle mobile phones, car so you can easily pay at your budget


Installment online

Surmawala bring you easy process that you can submit online at your figure tips step are as follows

  1. Fill up the form
  2. Choose your Product
  3. Submit your form
  4. Wait for the call
  5. Confirm you order
  6. Get it delivered


Punjab City and shortly after began extending credit to its customers for purchases of furniture items with payment by means of installments honesty Surmawala bring you the best policy bight straight forwards regarding your current financial situation and  furniture in other American cities also. More documented installment plans employed by Singer Company for financing the acquisition of their sewing machines were extended beginning


 What about online loans bad credit?

Another Major advantages is that bad credit loans are an ideal way to improve the damaged credit rating of an individual. One you can improve this credit rating of an individual. One can improve his credit avoiding dues. By improving their credit rating a borrower can get loans at a lower interest rate the next time. Surmawala helps you to know the interest rates, repayment terms and monthly amount you need to pay for loan. Generally secured bad credit loans are available at lower interest rate and low monthly installment









Mobie Phone at Best Price in Pakistan

Which mobile is best in low price in Pakistan?


Mobile phone use including other technological behavioral addictions user using social networking and gaming and conceptualized in multiple ways nokia recently said Rwanda has multiplied tweedy

Different mobile Approach Brands

Mobile phone Company adopting strategic approach to brand naming is important as the long term the brand name becomes linked with numerous associations that may constrain the brand line Samsung Mobile IPhone mobile read me mobile, hot9 mobile are developed there market


Samsung mobile phone:

Samsung A01 Price in Pakistan

Best android Mobile series with best functionality with Crustal clear result price you can affordable 15375 PKR. Samsung mobile phone mobile all entertainment to user either power battery backup no need to worried about that


Samsung A51 8GB NEW Price in Pakistan

Lowest Price offer of Samsung A51 in Pakistan with best battery backup 4000 MAh and with Four Camera perfect design for the Camera Selfie and also access of all social platform that customer entertain with all resources Price you can easily bear it 52611 PKR


infinix note 7 lite price in Pakistan

infinix note 7 lite comes with 4 gb Ram and the device equipped with 5000 mAh it run with Android 10 os operating  system  with 2.0 ghz  ocata  core processer dynamic resolution of camera best entertainment mobile series now availed at best price


Infinix Hot 8 price in Pakistan

Infinix hot 8 comes with latest android technology with powerful processor keep user experience in good way the is availed at best of 17,084.00 PKR and the latest Proximity sensor finger print keep your mobile secure 8 Mega pixel front camera with flashlight



realme c11 price in pakistan

technology of Mediatek Helio G35 Processor provide you and best speed of mobile phone 1 year of Year Local Warranty 16.51 cm (6.5 inch) HD+ Display 5000 mAh Battery provide you best user experience you can imagine realme c11


infinix mobile





















fort load washing machine

Front load washing machine price in Pakistan


Henry Stingier designs the first washing machine in England now technology move simple cloth method to automatic method now a days we its make life so easier just like click of touch there are various  factors that have  led to surge in the washing machine sales are improving living standards urbanization double income families and rising working woman population. Such rise in the penetration of washing machine augurs well for the detergent sector in Pakistan given that washing machine growth goes hand growth of the automatic washing machine sector

There are few major brand Pakistan that has capture the market couple of years and falcate there customer to buy new technology

Haier Washing Machine

Dawlance Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine

Kenwood Washing Machine


Haier Washing Machine

The Earliest form of automatic washing machine was on sailing ships. Dirty clothes would be tied to rope and Hung overboard so that they dragged through the open spa Haier successfully washing machine cleaning the garments. Haier washing machine have the Motors power without using more electricity steam. Which was become more cheapest washing machine for the customer need and Front load washing machine which more efficient and awarded for the best caring cloth and the best model of hair washing machine haier fully Automatic washing Machine HWM 85-1708


Dawlance Washing Machine

Now Days Dawlance washing machine in today high stress life a washing machine has become a Household  necessity washing machine  are gradually emerging as a omnipresent dhobi in Pakistani Homes  Dawlance washing machine fortunately the choice are many not only in color, design and features  but  also in prices of course the market is flooded with washing machines and Dawlance washing machine  offering  a tange of operations semi-automatic to fully automatic from  top load  tumble wash but the Dawlance launches best model like Dawlance 7 kg  automatic washing machine Whit DW 7500 washing machine


Samsung washing machine

Samsung washing machine using modern fully automated and technological advancements have brought about metamorphic changes in washing machine from manual washing machine manual washing machines requiring hot water soak before dirty clothes got churned in machine to semi-automatic with spin dry facilities to fully automatics and now recent introduced fuzzy logic Samsung 7KG 70j3283 washer with digital panel that gave fully access and control for cloth caring system



Kenwood Washing Machine

At various stages of the washing machine cycle drum Kenwood using modern technology to statistics  customer need Kenwood washing machine although an open loop system is theoretically possible using
possible using a synchronous motor  the costed loop with Kenwood  washing machine loop using motor to drive the drum and some form  of sensor to measure its speed . Model is successfully launched with Kenwood 8 kg single tube washing machine KWM-899W with safety cut out switch and water level gauge level and power switches for motor control lamps indicators


washing machine







Year sale of 12 12

The Festival Started on Malaysia with 12 12 small one day concert held on Malaysia sale expectation of the online shopping and land of online crowd four years after the area economy crash the internet with with number of online sales for goods and services increasing every day online shopping in Pakistan with 12 12 sale growth rates outpacing traditional retailing purchases has become one the fastest growing festival of 12.12
Realizing that we live in global marketplace with international trade companies facing stronger computation of at 12 12 festivals completing each other with competitors
In 2002 the Malaysia had 13. Million inter user a percentage f 23% of the total population and reserved the first place in the

Objectives of 12 12 sale

Considering the above mentioned 12 12 sale statistics, it is the clear why the comprehension of consumers online purchase behavior has increased is getting more and more engaged obviously the sale is launched which attract more online costumer to full fill needs
Online Buyer for 12 12 sale
Online buying behavior is complex construct and not easy to understand or to predict because so much deals and discount the branding product user research of online explains this development by stating online shopping more people up over the internet and more sale success sale could be end
What we do and for this festival at 12 12 It is more than understandable that Surmawala develop safe and secure payment for the online customer

Delivery on 12 .12 sale

Surmawala delivery Strategies have to meet customer expectations its depend upon Cod you can check the product than you can pay the cash otherwise we update online payment method as bank transfer
All through Surmawala both types of categories exist to specialize in for your on 12 12 sale celebration on because the Flash Sales offered online to offer you the most out of the highest products that are exclusively online.


12 Thing you should know when shopping online

12 Things You Should Know 12.12 ‘Shopping

shopping frenzy in China broke headlines by becoming the most important shopping day within the world by sales volume. Singles Day, persisted 11.11, was followed exactly one month and at some point later by another shopping extravaganza, 12.12.
, Alipay, but it didn’t quite garner the headlines that its predecessor did. So to offer you the lowdown, here are 12 things that you simply should realize 12.12

It’s artificial. Be under no illusions — 12.12, like 11.11, may be a very new event. Both of them were created by different branches of the Alibaba Group within the recent past and this was only the second year that 12.12 has been formally ‘held’.
It has a special target. Whereas the Alibaba retail platform is that the main drive behind the 11.11 event and focuses on enabling larger brands, Alipay (China’s leading mobile payment solution) is that the drive behind 12.12 and focuses far more on smaller e-tailers and offline shops who get little enjoy the November event. it’s also about increasing their own visibility during a time once they are being eclipsed in some circles by WeChat Wallet from rival corporation Tencent.
It’s growing really fast. Some 300,000 offline merchants participated during this year’s event. That’s up from just 20,000 last year — a 15 times increase.
It’s an excellent deal for merchants. Many offline merchants were offered not only half their discount returned to them by Alipay, but a deal offering no transaction fees in 2016, reciprocally for participating within the sale.
It’s not only for smaller retailers though.
It’s not just in China. Stores in Australia, Thailand, Korea and Japan were included during this year’s 12.12 sale, additionally to the Chinese shopping hotspots of Hong Kong and Macau. Alipay ramped up international cooperation this year so as to position itself because the payment solution of choice for traveling Chinese.
It’s even in Taiwan. during a showing of closer economic ties, stores in Taiwan this year also participated within the event — additionally to large departments stores in Taipei, the famed eateries along the Ningxia Night Market also accepted Alipay and gave 50% off.
It made money for patrons . Taobao, owned by an equivalent parent company, offered cash rewards to its customers as a part of the event — users of mobile Taobao who created personal shopping lists
It sparked a replacement trending word. This year saw a determined effort on the a part of Chinese consumers to plan out a whole day of eating, drinking, shopping, and entertainment, moving from discount to discount — resulting in a replacement phrase coined to explain them: ‘Double 12 Strategists(双十二攻略)
Its scale of participation is large . While we’ve few accurate estimates of sales volume, we have already got good estimates of participation — 28,000,000 people participated in buying vouchers and discount coupons online, and an additional 30,000,000 people used Alipay’s 12.12 deal in physical stores.
It was great for memberships. movie tickets were sold on 12.12, with 1.5 million of them sold on Taobao alone


12.12 sale

what is lazada birthday sale

lazada birthday sale



after this experience time when convenience and safety our customers can buy their daily needs while shopping from the comfort of their home and the need.

“It is additionally a time once we are ready to support our e-commerce community by providing online solutions for our sellers and makes

Offering free shipping with rock bottom price guaranteed and Flash Sale deals for all loyal and new customers, the Lazada Birthday Sale will commence this Thursday via a live television program on TV3 and therefore the Lazada app.

The culmination of the show also will ring within the official start of the web sale, in the dark on March 27, with products from 56 different exclusive brands to settle on from, like L’Oreal, OPPO, Realme, SenQ, VTech Toys and Wardah.

Lazada also acknowledged that with more people performing from home during the two-week shutdown, there has been an increased demand for IT products, which is why it’s also launched other attractive deals to suit these purchasing habits.

During the birthday campaign period, customers also will get to enjoy more Flash Sale deals that promise a wider selection and lower prices.

After the stroke of midnight, customers are going to be ready to purchase household staples and essential products through the “Chup Dulu” deal, where they will pre-order until March 26 by paying a non-refundable deposit to order products like Ensure Gold nutrition powder, Huggies diapers and Milo.

Health products like milk formulas or herbal drinks and home-living products also are available via the “Mesti Beli” and Flash Sale deals


12.12 sale


12.12 sale in Pakistan


The fourth quarter is always the busiest season for retailers and brands across the world, Southeast Asia is no exception. The wave of mega sales typically observed offline during Black Friday in December have moved online thanks to prolific marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba and Lazada. these can run consecutively on 9.9, 11.11, and 12.12 (September 9th, November 11th, and December 12th) and cause headaches for brands new to ecommerce.
Businesses must plan ahead well in advance with multiple partners to hit their annual online revenue targets as up to 70%
To help brands make the best of the shopping season, these are 10 strategies based on experience working with e-marketplaces, talking to ecommerce enablers, and data from some of the biggest brands across Southeast Asia.
While this guide is most applicable to enhancing performance during the upcoming “mega online sales campaigns” held by players like Lazada and Shopee in Southeast Asia, brands can increase chances to maximize sales and minimize costly mistakes with the findings.
Let’s dive right in.

Over the few years customers have great interest online Shopping in on double 12 event these are few remarkable country Singapore state of techinasia launched the 12 12 sale .

12 12 sale December accurse Christmas week will be in desperate need of anything that reflects festivity but Surmawala bring you best discount and deals in all the event so you can get happy shopping

No need to panic 12.12 Sale is continues interrupts all the stops to offer you the simplest and largest assortment of things, all at the simplest prices online! The 12.12 sale kicks off with the Brand Mega Offers, coming from all the famous and top brands from Haier, Kenwood, Samsung mobile, IPhone small appliance and large appliance .Home appliance Essentials as low as, you’ll truly get an exquisite and fun experience to the finest categories of best-selling items that Home Appliances can get Get in-tuned with the most important and promising deals

12 12 sale celebration on because the Flash Sales offered online to offer you the most out of the highest products that are exclusively online.

12.12 sale


12.12 sale

12.12 sale


12.12 Online Sale is the most-anticipated and most-awaited Sale of the year for all the good reasons. With a variety of mind-blowing exclusive exciting deals, Surprise flash sales & Flat off discounted vouchers, it’s your destination for the Mega Year-end Sale only at – All Exclusive Online!


12.12 Online Sale is about celebrating and enjoying holidays with our shopping season to the fullest. We are glad to be a part of this wave of happiness to your home.


The Mega Sale season was initiated by Singaporean state of tech in Asia as it’s the diversified and astounding country of Asia which has lead people to calm down and Shop open heartedly!


Enjoy endless rewards and effortless shopping only at!

December reflects festivity so Surmawala brings you best standing out exclusive deals, Surprise flash sales & discounted offers, throughout the sale to make your shopping journey simple, convenient with huge saving. So you can celebrate Winter Holidays, Thanksgiving and Quaid’s Birthday by shopping all of your favorite brands at jaw-dropping prices.


Your wait is over, Rush today at 12.12 Sale will be active on 12 December, just visit our website and avail Special Offers, Deals, Discounts up to 70% Off on wide range of outstanding categories such as Electronics, Mobiles, Laptops, Bikes, Kitchen Appliances, Videogames, Furniture and many more.


The 12.12 sale kick-off with the Brands Mega Offers, dropping directly from all popular & worldwide trusted brands like iPhone, Samsung, Haier, Kenwood, Dawlance, LG, Sony, West Point, Black & Decker etc to all the essential items needed for Home. Their prices are as low as you’ll feel an exquisite with joyous experience at


We are stocked up with finest range of categories of best-selling items on promising prices.

We’re continuing the season of savings and dropping electrifying deals every day for the 12th of December, so you can continue to shop ahead and save big on the season’s most sizzling gifts. We have made Winter Holidays bustling. Don’t miss the chance, Sale will end soon!


No worries, if you have any concerns, We have all mode of fully secured payments, our exchange policy and customer service is 24/7 active to facilitate you only to make your shopping journey carefree and delightful.12.12 sale

It’s a Close Out sale, don’t delay!