Blessed Friday Sale 2019

Things You Need To Know About Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale 2019

Origin: A lot of people would already be familiar with the terminology “Blessed Friday” but for those who don’t know yet, let us give them a little idea of what is it about. The actual term is Black Friday which was introduced some years ago in the western world. This marketing terminology refers to a one-day sale where all the big stores of the world offer great discounts on thier products. Previously, it was limited to the western world only, but gradually people aross the world started adopting this global sale event and it now holds a very special place in  international marketing world.

Like other countires of the world, big retailers based in Pakistan also thought to take an advantage of this global sale event. Since Pakistan is a Muslim country so masses believed that calling Friday (which is considered as a sacred day in the light of Islam) as BLACK wasn’t a good idea. Thus Pakistani marketers preferred to use different names for this sale event like Big Friday sale, Best Friday sale, white Friday, etc and at Surmawala, we call it Blessed Friday— Thats how it originated and became one popular event worldwide which falls every year during the last Friday of November.

Blessed Friday Sale 2019


This Blessed Friday, Get Up To 75% Off Everything On Surmawala!

Blessed Friday is just a few weeks away and your favorite online store is offering up to 75% off everything this year. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say Surmawala Blessed Friday sale 2019 is going to break all the previous records with matchless discounts on over 15 top electronics brands including Haier, PEL, Samsung, Dawlance, Orient and others. This one-day crazy sale is the right time to replace your old home and kitchen appliances without hurting your pockets.

When Is The Blessed Friday Sale 2019 Expected To Hit?

This year, Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale is falling on 26 November and will be continued till 1stDecember. The sale will go live at 12:00 AM so make sure to pre-plan your budget and shopping lists to avoid the last-minute hassle. With certainty, all of our customers across the country are just as excited as you are… therefore it is wise to hit our store at break-neck speed just as the sale begins and shop your favorites before they run out of stock. You can also look at the categories of products available on our website right away to wishlist the items before the sale, however, you can’t request a product on discount before Friday, November 26.

We’ve covered all the basic information you needed to keep your budget game this year. If you have any further questions so let us know, we are here to assist you! Leave a message for us in the chatbox.

Blessed Friday Sale 2019

Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale 2019— Get Up To 75% Off On All Electronics


This year Surmawala is bringing you the biggest blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan. With up to 75% off on over 1000 products from more than 15 top-leading international brands, you are sure to save HUGE! As most of you already knwo that this year we partnered up with many big players of the market including TCL, Pel, Samsung, Panasonic, Dawlance, ECOStar, and others. Bringing all these brands to you under one roof was not at all easy, specially with thousands of other things to handle. Making all these happen before blessed Friday was a big challenge for us but we managed to do it with utmost dedication and hard work. And today we are here with the best Blessed Friday Sale of the year  to help you get never-seen-before discounts on the most-demanded multinational brands.

What Products Can You Buy During Blessed Friday Sale?

To your surprise, during one-week Blessed Friday sale you can get crazy discounts on all the products displayed on our website. Yes! This time, we are not offering discounts on selective items or few brands. We want you to save BIG on everything and shop to your heart’s content without worrying about the budget. So it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that our Blessed Friday Sale is an “Everything on sale” Week for Pakistani buyers.

Blessed Friday Sale 2019
Things To Keep In Mind Before Shopping

As you know, this is going to be one thrilling sale event with heavy footfall on our website. Things may quickly run out of stock so it is wise to hit our online store right as the sale goes LIVE. We don’t want you to get puzzled and confused so make sure to prepare a list of items you are interested in. In order to avoid the chaos, you can also visit our store before the sale starts to find out all the brands and the products you can shop in.

Why Choose Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale?

The above details give you all the good reasons to choose our Blessed Friday sale. If you still have any confusions so let us give you some more reasons:

  • You can place order from anywhere in Pakistan and get it delivered in less than a week
  • We offer free shipping in Karachi on all appliances and it only takes us 1-2 working days to bring your order to your doorstep.
  • We don’t have any hidden charges or extra fee
  • We have easy return and exchange policies


  • We provide the most efficient customer support services in Pakistan


  • Our customers can chat with us anytime through Facebook, Instagram or live chat option on the website
  • We Timely respond to all the queries received through social media, emails, and calls.

So Bargain-hunters, now you know where to shop online this blessed Friday. The sale is expected to hit our online store on 26 November at 12:00 AM and will be continued till 1st December 11:59 PM. Don’t miss out on this one-week sale if you wish to keep your budget game up!!!






Which Is The Best Washing Machine To Buy In Pakistan

Which Is The Best Washing Machine To Buy In Pakistan? Find It Here!

Are you planning to upgrade your laundry area with a new and high-tech washing machine? Are you unclear about which one to pick? So! You are at the right place. We have got the basic information you are looking for.  

Over the last few years, the washing machines have gotten smarter, more user-friendly and a little pricier. Considering all the recent advancements in technology, buying the right one for your laundry area has become a big challenge. But don’t worry! We are here to help you with our years of experience in the retail industry under our belts. At, we understand the needs and concerns of today’s buyers primarily because of the time we have given to this industry and secondly because of our highly dedicated employees.

After spending hours on internet—looking for the features, prices, and performances of bestselling washing machines of the year, we finally crafted this informative blog post for you. In case you don’t know which is the best washing machine to buy then keep reading to get all the details you need before leaving for shopping.

Types of Washing Machines

Before heading to the list of bestselling washing machines, you should know how many types of washing machines are there and what type of washer you might be interested in. So basically there are four chief types of washing machines including the following:

What are the bestselling single-tub, twin-tub, top-load, and front-load washing machines?

Since we have already mentioned the four different types of washing machines above, now is the time to talk about the bestselling washing machines of 2019. Read on to find out the best ones among all four types of washing machines available in the market with their prices and key features.

Haier Single Tub HWM-12035FF Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Haier Single Tub HWM-12035FF washer is one of the bestselling single-tub washing machines out there. It can be used to wash almost all types of fabric including wool, cotton, and cash mere, synthetic and silk. The current price of this washer in Pakistan is just PKR 20,000/-

 Key Features:

  • Capacity: 12Kg
  • Mode: Time control mode
  • Voltage: 50Hz
  • Washing power: 228L
  • Weight: 17Kg
  • Color: White (Milk Grey)
  • Spin speed: 500rpm

Toyo 8kg Twin Tub TWD-5000 Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

TOYO is undoubtedly a top-leading home appliances manufacturing multi-national brand of the world. Toyo 8kg twin tub TWD -500 washer is highly affordable, durable, and sleek in design and comes with one year warranty. In Pakistan, you can buy this washing machine for just PKR 14.500/-

Key features

  • Type: Semi-automatic
  • Capacity: 8Kg
  • washing programs: 2
  • Low Noise
  • Powerful motor
  • Energy-efficient
  • Spin power: 150W
  • Weight: 80Kg

Kenwood10kg Top Load KWM-10100 Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Kenwood Frontload is an ultimate solution to meet all your laundry needs and that too in your budget. Enjoy hassle-free washing experience with no damage to the fabric. The current price of this washer is just PKR: 45,000/-

Key Features

  • Type: Fully-automatic
  • Capacity: 10Kg
  • Full Glass lid
  • Efficient LED display
  • Big detergent box
  • Child lock system
  • 3D waterfall
  • Two layers balancing ring
  • 2 water inlets

Dawlance 8 kg Front Load DW-85400S Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Get smarter with Dawlance 8 kg Front Load DW-85400S Fully-Automatic Washing Machine and finish your laundry in just a few minutes. This incredibly sleek and stylish washer makes laundry fun and easy for its users of all ages. The price of this washing machine in Pakistan is PKR 107,500/-

Key Features

  • Capacity: 8Kg
  • Energy Consumption: A (-10)
  • Embroidery Care
  • Special Apparel care
  • Fully-Hygiene Dryer
  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • Efficient Stain Removal Programme
  • Weight: 60Kg

Buy Best Washing Machines Online In Pakistan

We hope this blogpost helped you pick a washing machine that best suits your laundry needs and budget. At Surmawala online store, we have got the finest range of washing machines at market competitive prices. Simply (click here) to view prices, features, and brands. Shop with us anytime, anywhere in Pakistan and get your favorite washing machine delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. For more information, feel free to contact our support department 021-111-117-8762.

LED TV Reviews In Pakistan

LED TV Reviews In Pakistan— Complete Buying Guide

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this year has introduced us with incredible advancements in the technology of electronic appliances, especially in LED TVs. With the number of choices available in the market, at times, it becomes difficult to pick that one TV which best suits your needs and budget. But don’t worry! In this blog post, we are going to review three best LED TVs in Pakistan for you.


read on to find out which LED TV has got the features you are looking for within your budget.

Sony Bravia KD UHD Smart TV


If you have a good budget to buy a smart UHD TV then look no further than Sony as this brand has got the finest range of UHD smart TVs in Pakistan. Clear sound, enhanced colors and detailed images of sony bravia UHD Smart TV offer real-time entertainment to the viewers, music lovers, and gamers. Now you must be wondering why did we mention that this smart TV is ideal for gamers. The most prominent features that make Sony Bravia KD UHD Smart TV a perfect choice for gamers is it’s matchless sound effects and highly detailed images that can take gaming to the next level. Now coming to the weight and design, this TV is impressively lightweight and has an attractive design to add aesthetics to your living space. However, the price is a bit higher as compared to other smart TVs available in the market with the same features.


Haier LE40B9200M 40″ FHD (H-Cast) LED TV


After spending hours on the internet we decided to review Haier LE40B9200M 40″ FHD (H-Cast) LED TV for our readers. Considering the the picture quality, sound quality and overall performance of this TV in this budget, its a steal of the year…. We have to say that Haier 40″ FHD (H-Cast) LED TV is an ideal TV for gamers and music freaks out there, however, we are a bit unsatisfied with the design of this TV. We believe that the design could be improved and become a little sleeker. Neverthless, if you are tight on budget then lay your hands on it and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on clearer and wider screen with several out-of-ordinary options like noise-reduction, sleep timer, hotel mode, and smart share.

haier led tv

Orient 50″ Trumpet 50S FHD LED TV


On perhaps, most of us already know that Orient is a Pakistan based consumer goods manufacturing brand that has been producing reliable and affordable appliance for years. Orient TVs are highly pocket-friendly, allowing people belonging to different backgrounds enjoy watch-time on sleek and wider screens. However, they still have a home to work on quality and technology to compete with other multi-national brands. Here we are going to review most-hyped Orient 50″ Trumpet 50S FHD LED TV for you. So this huge sized 50” smart LED TV comes with all the basic smart LED TV features that one look for while buying any other smart TV. Most highlighted features include screen share, unique soundbar, DTV system, video zooming 1 and zooming 2 with effective refresh rate 50, Opera OS and Wifi connectivity. So we believe this TV is not a bad option at all if you are a little conscious about your budget but want to experience real-life entertainment on a huge screen.

Buy Your Favorite LED TVs Online In Pakistan is a one-stop shop to buy top-of-the-class and affordable LED TVs online in Pakistan. Visit our category of TVs and Speakers by tapping on the menu bar given on the homepage or simply (click here) to view LED TVs brands, prices and other details. We take orders from all over the country and deliver them to your doorstep with our fastest courier service. Furthermore, our efficient customer support department is always there to help you with your queries and concerns. Feel free to call our support department or write to us on our official facebook page.


Best Microwave Ovens 2019

Best Microwave Ovens 2019— Complete Buying Guide

Over the last few decades, The technology has progressed multi-folds and so our ways of cooking and baking. A modern-day kitchen is comprised of various electronic appliances and tools including refrigerators, food factory, microwave ovens, blenders and chopper, etc. Among these appliances the contribution of a microwave oven in making cooking fun and interesting is just remarkable. And so it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this little machine has made an irreplaceable place in our kitchens. Just a few taps on the display to set timer and heat level and holla!!! Your food is heated, cooked, baked or grilled to the perfection.

In this blog post we have listed down the best microwave ovens 2019 you can easily find in Pakistan.

Read on to decide which microwave suits your kitchen space and budget before you hit the market or any online store.

Haier HGN- 36100EGB 36L Grill Type Microwave Oven 

If you don’t have a big family and you are fond of grilled food in dinner or lunch then this 36L microwave oven by Haier is a perfect pick for you. It comes with several stunning features that are hard to find in other grill type microwave ovens of other brands in this budget. Following are a few features of this amazingly user-friendly microwave oven.

  • Energy efficient
  • Child Lock System
  • Even Heating
  • LED Display
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Painted Cavity
  • 6 Heat Levels

This microwave oven is priced at PKR 20,400/-  and comes with one-year official warranty

Dawlance 3936SS Free Standing 23L Microwave Oven

Dawlance never fails to amaze its customers with a wide range of kitchen appliances. This budget-friendly multi-stage 32L Free Standing microwave oven comes with several stunning features. the worth-mentioning thing about this microwave oven is that it allows you to cook 9 Pakistani recipes with its built-in cooking options— following are some of the key features:

  • Grill Power—1000W
  • LCD Display
  • Pull/Push Door
  • Different Speed Levels
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Digital Clock
  • Child Lock System
  • Combination Cooking Option
  • Rust Proof Steel Body

This solo type microwave oven by your favorite brand Dawlance is priced at just PKR 15,000/-

LG MH-8265D1S 42L Grill Microwave Oven

LG is one of the pioneer multi-national brands that manufactures reliable consumer goods and has made an irreplaceable position in the international market. This 42 liters Grill Microwave oven by LG is second to none when it comes to performance and durability. While the features in this budget will blow your mind— check them out below:

  • Quick Cooking
  • Various Cooking Options
  • Auto Defrosting
  • LED Lamp
  • LED Display
  • Perfect Grilling
  • Easy Time Settings
  • Child Lock System
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Easy-to-clean Body
  • Side-Swing Door
  • Free Standing

This not-so-ordinary microwave oven is currently priced at PKR 30,000/-

Buy Microwave Ovens Online In Pakistan

With Surmawala Online Store, It is easy to buy microwave ovens by top-leading multi-national brands in Pakistan. We at provide you an easy to view the prices, check features, place order and get your dream electronic items delivered to your doorstep. On the other hand, our efficient and dedicated customer support department is always there to help you with your queries and concerns. So without wasting a moment, check our categories of products, add your favorites to the cart, hit “place order” option and let us bring them to you without any hassle.

Best Microwave Ovens 2019


Buy Top Five Washing Machines In Pakistan

Buy Top Five Washing Machines In Pakistan


Whether you live with family or reclusively away from your hometown, getting every day’s laundry done from expensive dry cleaners can be a major problem in managing a month’s budget. Since laundry is not an easy job so you always look out for options to skip it…. sigh! You just can’t. But let us tell you that one-time investment on a durable and nifty washing machine can save you the hassle. There are various types of washing machines available in the market including front load, top load, single tub, and double tub washers. You can opt for the one that best suits your needs. However, knowing the types of washing machines is not enough so we decided to list down the top five washing machines in Pakistan with their brands, features, and prices.


Note: In this blog, we have only included washing machines that are priced under 50,000/-

Read on to find out more.


Haier HWM 85-1708 Automatic Washing Machine

Haier fully automatic HWM 85-1708 washing machine comes with following stunning features within your budget.


  • Capacity: 8.5kg 
  • One Touch Solution
  • Digital display panel
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Quick and Hassle-free Wash
  • Child lock System
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • High Spin speed 
  • 10years motor warranty


You can shop this washing machine for just PKR 35,300/-


Kenwood KWM-10100 FAT Automatic Washing Machine


We have got Kenwood KWM-10100 FAT washing machine second on our list. This machine is popularly known for its high durability and cheap price. Find out the features below.


  • Fully Automatic
  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • 3D waterfall technology
  • Child lock system
  • Digital display
  • Built-in pump and double water inlets
  • Quick wash
  • Easy-to-clean


You can buy this washing machine for just PKR 45,000/-


 SuperAsia SA-708 APG Automatic Washing Machine

Super Asia is Pakistan’s most demanded brand when it comes to buying durable and high-tech washing machines at low prices. Following are the key features of this washing machine.


  • Capacity 8.5 kg 
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Smart shower-wash technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight


The current price of this washing machine is PKR 31,500/-


Dawlance DWT-235 TB W ES Automatic Washing Machine

Dawlance is regarded as one of the most reliable consumer goods brands in Pakistan. Dawlance DWT-223 TB Fully Automatic washing is not only budget-friendly but also carries several stunning features which are listed below


  • Capacity 8 kg
  • i-Novate technology 
  • Customized washing options 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Double waterfall 
  • Child lock system
  • 10 years motor warranty


This is not-so-ordinary washing machine is priced at PKR 37,000/-


 Haier HWM 90-1789 Automatic Washing Machine

This washing machine is undoubtedly one of the best picks of the year with a lot of remarkable features. Go on to find out what makes it special.


  • Capacity 9 kg
  • Digital display panel
  • Easy wash
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Child lock system
  • Anti Bacterial 
  • 10 years motor warranty


This unique washing machine is super budget-friendly— priced at just PKR 36,500/-


Buy washing machines online in Pakistan

Surmawala online store is the most reliable platform in Pakistan to buy all kinds of electronic items. At surmawala, we have got an extensive range of home appliance including various types of washing machines. Hit the search bar given on homepage and search for your desired product(s) or simply (click here) to view washing machines prices, features, brands, and other details. We take orders from all over the country and deliver them to your doorstep without any hassle. In case of any questions regarding our products and services, feel free to contact our support department.


washing machine



Orient Macaw Series 32” LED TV has positively impacted

Things You Need To Know About Orient Macaw Series 32” LED TV

With time, technology has progressed drastically and has positively impacted our lifestyles. From paying utility bills to online grocery shopping, from online bookings to sending instant messages— everything happens on fingertips. We still remember how mobile phones used to look like a decade ago and today the features of android phones and apple phones are out of ordinary. Well, we are not here to discuss smartphones or the internet but the stunning innovation in Television.

The growing technology has brought so many changes in our most-loved source of entertainment (television). The journey of giant box-shaped TV to smart, ultra-thin LED TVs is just remarkable. When talking about innovation, one is always worried about being able to afford it as buying high-tech appliances has never been budget-friendly. But what if we tell you that there is a brand in Pakistan that can help you enjoy great watch time within your budget. Oh yes! We are talking about the most reliable and budget-friendly brand of Pakistan “Orient.”

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the most stunning features of Orient Macaw Series 32’ LED TV.

Features Of Orient Macaw Series 32” LED TV


Full HD 32” Screen

Enjoy clear images, non-blurred motions on full HD 32” display. The rate of 50 Hz, 720p High definition resolution makes Orient Macaw Series absolutely worth the price.Orient Macaw Series 32” LED TV

Auto Volume Leveler

Orient Macaw Series 32” LED TV comes with an auto volume leveler option that saves you the hassle of picking the remote every time you need to adjust the volume.

2 HDMI Ports

This stunning LED TV holds two HDMI Ports making it easy for you to connect your TV with two different devices at the same time.

Powerful Sound System

Orient macaw series 32” LED TV is a perfect choice for music lovers as it comes with a powerful sound system (12W Speaker), 720p.

2 USB Ports

The TV also comes with double USB ports to transfer data with ease. You also have an option to transfer data from one USB to another USB.


Buy Orient Macaw Series Online In Pakistan

With Surmawala online shopping store, It is easy and safe to shop your favorite Orient Macaw Series 32” LED TV online in Pakistan. Visit our category of Orient LED TVs or (click here) to check prices, features and other details about the product. You can order with us any hour of the day and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. Besides that, our support department is always there to help you with your queries and requests, feel free to contact us through call or leave a message on Facebook.




Haier DC INVERTER 1.5 Ton One Touch Clean Price In Pakistan

Haier DC INVERTER 1.5 Ton One Touch Clean Price In Pakistan

Haier group of companies is a Chinese brand that sells household and consumer goods across the globe and holds a big share in the international market. The company started off its operation in the year 1984, and is headquarter in Qingdao (a city in China). Zhang Ruimin is the founder and CEO of the company. Haier is considered as one of the best home and kitchen appliances manufacturers of the world and have scooped several excellence awards. When it comes to Haier home appliances, the first thing that comes across the mind is thier finest range of air conditioners. They recently introduced top-of-the-class Haier DC INVERTER 1.5 TON HSU-18SNF ONE TOUCH CLEAN AC. The features of this remarkable product will leave you stunned.

Read on to get into the details of Haier innovative DC inverter 1.5 ton air conditioner:

Features That Make Haier DC Inverter 1.5 Ton One Touch AC A Perfect Choice!

It’s difficult to take a start as every feature of this product is out of the ordinary and deserves to be discussed with high importance. So let’s start with its amazing one touch cleaning technology as the heading itself must have excited you enough.

One Touch Cleaning System

The one touch cleaning system of Haier DC inverter 1.5 ton AC self-cleans itself. You only have to press the self-clean button and the cold compressor of this air conditioner will efficiently clean the evaporator and kill 99.9% germs.

UPS Enabled Technology’s

Living in Pakistan means you may have to face frequent unscheduled load shedding hours and that gives rise to the need of UPS. And we all know that not all appliances can work on UPS, specifically the air conditioners. But to your surprise, Haier DC INVERTER 1.5 TON ONE TOUCH CLEAN can work proficiently on UPS.

46’ Centegrate Full BTU

Haier understands the needs of the people living in hot regions and thus enables you to enjoy full cooling even at 46’ C. This air conditioner comes with full BTU, allowing you to enjoy effiecient cooling even when the temperature outside hits 46’C.

Buy Haier Air Conditioners Online In Pakistan

Surmawala is Pakistan’s most reliable online shopping platform to buy home and kitchen appliances. At surmawala, we have got an extensive range of Haier air conditioners at market-competetive prices. You can find 1 ton to 4 ton Haier Air conditioners at your fingertips. To view Haier DC inverter price in Pakistan (click here) or search by category or simply type desired product in the search bar given on the top of the homepage. If you have any queries regarding our services, feel free to contact our support department or write to us on our Facebook page.

Haier DC INVERTER 1.5 Ton One Touch Clean Price In Pakistan


Top Five Air Conditioners You Can Buy

Top Five Air Conditioners You Can Buy In Pakistan

Like other tropical countries, some regions of Pakistan experience scorching summers from the beginning of March to the end of August. For people living in these hot regions, it becomes difficult to tolerate heat and carry out their day-to-day tasks normally. But Thanks to technology that we have found solutions to almost everything. The usage of air conditioners to beat the heat in humid and hot areas is now getting more common than ever, let alone global warming be responsible for it.


Anyways! There are various types and sizes of air conditioners including dc inverter ac in pakistan, split air conditioners, portable air conditioners, central air conditioners, and window AC. However, choosing the size of the AC depends on the area you are buying it for.


In Pakistan, the top air conditioner brands presently available on the market include Haier, Orient, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, PEL, Electrolux, Hitachi, Samsung and Gree. No matter how techy you are, sometimes picking the right brand and the right product can be a tedious task especially when you are in a hurry. In this article, we have listed the top five air conditioners of the year to help you make a wise decision.


Read on to pick the one that best suits your home or office space needs.


Gree Lomo Series GS-12LITH11M Inverter 1-Ton Split AC




  • Elegant Design
  • Powerful And Latest G-10 Inverter
  • Energy Efficient
  • Wifi Control
  • Smart And High Rate DSP Chip
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Fast Heating And Cooling
  • Eco-friendly Refrigerant
  • Efficient Noise Control
  • Built-in CSC (Computer Simulation Control)
  • Shock Proof Electric Box
  • Auto Diagnosis
  • 3 Sleep Curves, 4 Way Air Flow
  • Two Layer Condenser

Haier DC Inverter HSU-18HFAA/012US- 1.5 Ton Split AC



  • Elegant design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy installation
  • Power-efficient
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Turbo speed cooling and heating
  • Auto noise control
  • UPS mode for low frequency


Electrolux Inverter SEA-1360RE 1 Ton Royale Split AC


  • Highly Affordable
  • Elegant look
  • Colors (black, champaign gold and silver)
  • Power-efficient
  • Low voltage start
  • Smart energy-saving technology
  • High-speed heating and cooling
  • Easy to install
  • High-tech inverter technology
  • Copper Condenser


PEL PINV-12K Inverter Apex-1 Ton Heat & Cool Split AC


  • Elegant design
  • High-tech Inverter technology
  • Low voltage start
  • Up to 60% energy savings
  • full wattage compressor with Full capacity units with
  • High rate cooling
  • Auto clean,
  • Anti-rust,
  • Exclusive air purification system
  • Easy to install


Panasonic Heat & Cool CS-YE24TKF 9- 2 Ton Inverter Split AC




  • Smart Four-Way Airflow
  • Tough and rust-resistant body
  • Elegant design
  • Shockproof system
  • Auto noise cancelation
  • Superdyma Sheet
  • Fast Heating and cooling
  • Blue Fin Condenser
  • High tech Refrigerant
  • Bacteria Filter (Kills up to 90% bacteria in the air)


Buy Affordable Air Conditioner Online In Pakistan

Surmawala online store gives you an easy-to-use platform to shop your favorite brands from the comfort of your home. You can browse through hundreds of products on your fingertips in a matter of a few minutes. We have the best air conditioner brands at the best prices. Check our category (click here) to find out dc inverter air conditioner price in Pakistan and other information about your most-loved air conditioner. We take orders from all over the country and deliver them to your doorstep without any delay and mishap.



Haier Air Conditioner

Why Should You Choose Haier Air Conditioner


About Haier Air Conditioner

Haier is a Chinese multinational consumer goods brand that started it’s business on December 26, 1984, and is headquartered in Qingdao, China. Since the establishment, the brand has always focused on providing high-tech and reliable goods to the buyers across the Globe. Today Haier stands as one of the top-leading home appliance manufacturers in the world because of the adoption of cutting edge technology and cheaper prices. the brand already has established 30  overseas manufacturing bases and units, 15 industrial complexes, 8 design institutes and more than 58,000 sales agents around the world. In Pakistan, Haier holds a good share in the market of electronics and no other can’t replace it easily.

These Air Conditioners Can Cool Down Any Space In Few Minutes

Haier air conditioners come with several unique features and great designs that cant is found in other consumer goods brands. These air conditioners are capable to perform flawlessly in the most humid areas and during rough weather conditions. While high-tech cooling system cools down any area in a matter of a few minutes and the cooling can last for a quite good time even after you turn it off. There are various types and sizes of Haier air conditioners, you can pick from 1-ton air conditioner to 4toin air conditioner as per the need of your home and workplace. However, each AC comes with its special features and looks. Some of the most common features include smart manual options, ultra-fast cooling, wifi connectivity, and auto turn on/off systems. People across the country prefer to buy Haier air conditions, chiefly because of their lower prices, matchless performance, and power-efficiency. Since electricity rates are shooting the sky in Pakistan, it has become imperative to go for power-efficient home appliances like Haier goods.

haier air conditioner price


It Is Easy To Shop Your Favorite Home Appliances At Surmawala

At, you can find a wide range of Haier air conditioners at market-competitive prices. is a user-friendly online shopping platform in Pakistan that allows you to view prices of Haier AC in Pakistan, run over their features, pick and place your order in a snap of fingers. we take orders from all over the country and deliver them to your doorstep without any hassle. Each Haier Split Air Conditioner displayed on our website comes with its original brand warranty, manual guide, and complete accessories/kit. Moreover, If you order Haier Air Conditioner(s) during any special sale event or campaign so you can enjoy discounts, gifts, free shipping and much more.


West Point Meat Grinder Price In Pakistan

Why Should You Choose West Point Meat Mincer This Bakra Eid

Eid-ul-Adha, also known as Bakra Eid is just around the corner and the preparations are in full swing—from buying sacrificial animals to making new dresses, from replacing old deep freezers to buying new kitchen tools and appliances, everything is happening really actively. We all know what excites us the most about Eid-ul-Adha after buying the animals… and its tempting, sizzling and aromatic barbecue, Dum qeema, Kooftay and other meat cuisines that we just can’t resist feasting on… no matter what! The preparation of barbecue and other meaty meals requires more than just good recipes and ingredients. Let’s assume that you are going to throw a huge barbecue for your friends and family, you have got the meat and all the spices you need to add flavor to the BBQ Party. the first thing that comes across your mind as you stand up to finally start the preparation is FINELY MINCED MEAT.

A lot of people prefer to get the meat minced through butchers who have big mincing machinery installed in their shops. But the idea is not quite good for your health as one can’t find out if they washed the machine before using it and the place where they keep the meat is sanitized. Thus, it is wise to buy WestPoint Meat Mincer to save you the hassle and get finely minced meat anytime you want. Also, the usage of meat mincer in the kitchen keeps the meat away from harmful bacterias.

The West Point meat mincer comes with stunning features, elegant design, striking colors, and user-friendly options. Following are some top-listed features of WestPoint meat mincer that make it stand apart form other grinders and mincers in the market.

– 2 Years Official Brand Warranty

– Matte Red Color

– Silver Polished Canals

– Easy-to-clean Body

– Easy-to-use Options

– Power Efficient

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West Point Meat Grinder Price In Pakistan