What is the best refrigerator for home use

What is the best refrigerator for home use


Considering how many times you open the door of your refrigerator, which is the most utilized appliance in any home the standard  of your refrigerator matters the most. So when you think of buying a new fridge, one considers a fridge that suits their budget and utility. Surmawala Electronics brings to you a comprehensive guide of all the brands, models offering refrigerators from the likes of Haier, Dawlance, PEL, Kenwood, Homeage, Gree and Changhong Ruba to name a few in various sizes from 2.5 CFT to 26 CFT and with door styles such  glass door, non-glass door and side by side.

Let us begin with Haier’s refrigerators that are acclaimed for their reliability and authenticity in the market as well as being reasonably priced for the masses in Pakistan. Haier provides refrigerators in three segments which includes it’s famous Glassdoor refrigerators along with it’s E-Series refrigerators and Turbo Cooling fridge which has a modern Digital touch panel, along with being an inverter fridge it also provides an impressive 100 hours freezing capacity. These refrigerators can be bought on easy monthly installment plans offered by Surmawala.pk. Moreover, inverter refrigerators allow customers to operate their fridges for a longer time and to not to worry about heavy electricity bills.

Next on the list ranks Dawlance refrigerators which are available in GD Invertor technology and Mirror glass Invertor. Dawlance claims that their refrigerators run on voltages as low as 135 volts and will save upto 55% on electricity bills.

PEL refrigerators are no less and are equally as efficient. Their model line boasts a single door fridge which is very feasible to carry around and portable for outgoing trips. Their models also include an impressive Glassdoor refrigerator collection which are food friendly and provide a high level freezing performance.

Kenwood refrigerators are considered to be at the top of the game when it comes to providing the best quality and reduced energy consumption. Their refrigerators are equipped with SECOP which stands for German technology super quiet compressor. Their fridges have the ability to operate at voltage as low as 170V without tripping and Kenwood has guaranteed a 35% energy saving claim.

One of the most we’ll received brand Homage offers a rather innovative feature. Their refrigerators have no need of stabilizers to operate and are equipped with energy saver technology which saves upto 40% energy. The IR technology in their refrigerators is also an innovative feature for health and hygiene.

Gree believes that it’s refrigerators have the #1 SECOP compressor in the world, which makes it the quietest refrigerator at 38db. It also claims that it’s refrigerators can operate at an impressive low voltage which is as low as 125v.

The thicker insulation around their fridges which is around 80mm provides  25% more cooling retention and can deep cool upto -25°C.

Finally the Chinese brand ‘Changhong Ruba’ has recently taken the refrigerator industry by storm.

They provide a 3 sided Condenser along with a fast cooling feature which can freeze upto -32°C along with a long lasting LED light feature




online Installments



We have seen a lot of people are interested in buying different appliances and products for their homes or offices but most of the time they cannot manage to buy their desired products because of their budget or they cannot pay a large sum of money at once. So after considering customers’ needs and requirements we have designed easy installments plans for all our products at Surmawala. We believe our customers deserve to have access to best products and appliances, thus we are coming forward with specially designed easy installment plans for everyone who wants to buy the finest quality and durable electronic appliances, furniture, mobile phones, laptops, filming and gaming gadgets and much more, but if you can’t afford to buy your desirable products on cash then there is simply nothing to worry about we are offering all these products and much more on most convenient and easiest installment plans. Now you can simply visit your nearest Surmawala outlet and avail our installment offers, in this way you can have access to all those appliances that you have always wanted to buy for your home or office without worrying about paying a large sum of money at once.


Our installment plans make sure that customers do not just have access to best and reliable products but at the same time, we care about their convenience and building trust. Moreover, we let customers choose from a wide range of products, whichever product meets their requirements best will be provided to them with specially designed easy and convenient installment plans. Products that we offer on installment include Home appliances and electronics of all major brands including Haier, Dawlance, SG, Orient, Kenwood, Homage, Westpoint, PEL, and many more. Whereas we let our customers choose any furniture that they like from a showroom of their choice and we will provide the same furniture on installments to the customer. In modern-day mobile phones are a necessity for every one of us and we make it easy to avail that necessity by providing mobile phones of Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Apple, Techno, Realme, Infinix, and a wide range of other choices. Gaming and filming gadgets can be expensive to buy but we make it easy for everyone by offering best and original gadgets of Sony, Nikon, Canon, and all the other products of reliable and well-known brands of filming and gaming gadgets on easy installments if you are a gaming enthusiast or a filmmaker and photographer we will provide you with topnotch products according to your needs and requirements. Furthermore, we also give an amazing facility of availing automobiles including cars, bikes, rickshaws on easy installments, and lease, isn’t that amazing?


So don’t wait anymore and visit your nearest Surmawala outlet to avail your desired products; electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, cars, bikes, filming and gaming gadgets, and much more on easy installments without worrying about paying at once. We guarantee you that our installments plans and other services will make it so convenient for you to buy different products that you will not worry about it anymore.

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online shopping in pakistan



In recent times people are preferring to shop online rather than buying things by visiting shops physically, and this trend of online shopping has experienced a sudden rise due to the current COVID19 pandemic that has changed our entire lifestyles. Similarly In Pakistan now people are preferring to buy electronic products online as well. So if you are going to buy some of the highly essential electronic appliances in Pakistan then we have compiled a list and descriptions of some of the most reliable electronic products in Pakistan that you can buy through online shopping from Surmawala.pk without worrying about the hassle of shopping in the markets and crowds.



As we staying indoor most of the time during the summer. So air conditioners become an essential product for our houses and offices. There are some of the best air conditioners that you can shop online in Pakistan. Haier 12HR is a 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner with a long-distance strong airflow and advanced inverter technology. Few other useful features such as; it is a UPS enabled Air conditioner, turbo cooling, its exquisite dust filter keeps it safe from dust and its self-cleaning feature adds up another reason to choose this air conditioner. Haier HSU-24HNF/HNI which is a 2 ton DC Inverter equipped with A-PAM DC Inverter technology with an instant turbo cooling & heating feature to remain highly useful for any weather throughout the year. Moreover, it can save up to 66% of energy. Moreover, you can enjoy instant Cooling and heating by enabling the Turbo cooling function, it can provide 1-minute Heating and 3 Minutes Cooling.

Gree 1.5 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioner with heat and cool feature. A really interesting and highly useful feature of this air conditioner is its wifi enabled a feature that is a very beneficial connectivity feature. It has the latest powerful Generation-10 inverter. Furthermore, its 3D airflow makes sure that the entire surrounding gets an equal amount of airflow. This air conditioner has a power factor correction technology which is Up to 99%. Kenwood Eco Plus heat & cool inverter is a 1.5 Ton air conditioner with various useful and reliable features such as energy-saving efficiency of up to 75%, it has low voltage operational feature that means it can work even between 145V to 260V. DC inverter compressor and 100% copper pipe makes it highly durable. This air conditioner is the ideal choice for your space without compromising on quality. Haier 18HR is a 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner with 3 Years Compressor & 1 Year Parts Warranty. Equipped with a turbo cooling and heating feature. Its concealed LED display not just facilitates viewing its functions but also provides a pleasant look to it. Just like 12hr it is also UPS enabled and has a self-cleaning feature.




Who doesn’t need fresh fruits and vegetables all the time at their home? Having access to an inverter refrigerator makes it possible to keep your food fresh for a longer time. Now you can buy a refrigerator online based on your needs and requirements. Online shopping in Pakistan made it easy for consumers to place their orders online and receive them at their doorsteps. Here are some of the most durable refrigerators that you can buy online. Haier HRF-438 IDBT/IDRT is a turbo cooling inverter refrigerator with 100 hours of freezing feature and a digital touch panel to make it easy to access. Other features include frost-free cooling, a larger capacity, easy maintenance, and much more at a highly affordable price. If you are looking for an inverter refrigerator with a glass door then Haier HRF-306 IPB / IPR is the right option for you it also comes with a digital panel and glass shelves to give it a better look and easy to use and clean. Furthermore, it comes with an XXL vegetable box to let you store the maximum and amount of fruits and vegetables and consume it fresh whenever you need it. Haier also has side by side inverter refrigerators with unique features, amazing exterior and extra-large capacity to store the maximum amount of food. Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-622IBS is 26 CFT in size which offers luxury space and a highly efficient energy-saving feature.





Having excess to quick and convenient options to do your day to day laundry tasks is another essential of our daily life, and to perform these tasks we all need a reliable and efficient washing machine at our house. So if you want to upgrade your to a newer washing machine or if you want to buy a washing machine for the first time, now you can do it by simply ordering a washing machine online from surmawala.pk. From the wide range of washing machines that you can shop online, we are going to describe the features of some of them. Haier’s fully automatic washing machine HWM-80P201 comes with 10 years motor and 1-year parts warranty. Its antibacterial wash feature is highly efficient and can be of great use in keeping your clothes extra clean from bacteria. With a capacity of up to 8 KG makes it easier to wash larger amount of clothes in a single go. Then there is Haier’s semi-automatic washing machine HWM-80000 it has a capacity of 8 KG and 2 years motor & 1-year parts warranty. Equipped with a digital display makes it convenient to control different options and settings. Its cabinet is rust free which makes this product last for a very long time.


Hence we have various options to cater the needs of our consumers who want to buy electronic products online. We make sure that online shopping in Pakistan becomes an entrusted source of shopping overall Pakistan so that people can shop online simply by few clicks without going out unnecessarily and risking their lives during this pandemic and otherwise.

haier Inverter

                        HAIER INVERTERS


If we talk about electronics and electronic brands then definitely Haier is the first one that comes to our mind. Haier offers a wide range of products with the most advanced technology and useful features. Similarly, due to the current situation in the entire world and Pakistan where everything is closed due to COVID 19 and lockdown, Haier made it easy for its customers to buy their required electronic products and they will deliver it to their doorsteps. Haier has various products that offer the most advanced inverter technology, we are discussing a few of them on basis of their other useful features and specifications that can make it easy for you to choose the best option if you are looking to by inverter refrigerator or inverter air conditioner.


Haier Air Conditioners


During this summer if you want to stay cool while you stay indoor then you must be looking for a reliable and highly efficient inverter AC. Haier offers some of the best inverter AC options including, Haier HSU-24HNF/HNI which is a 2 DC Inverter ton with an instant turbo cooling & heating feature to remain highly useful for any weather throughout the year. Moreover, it can save up to 66% of energy. Haier 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner s have a diverse range as well with air containers possessing different useful and advanced features such as HSU-18SGF is also a UPS enabled inverter AC with Haier innovative one-touch cleaning feature Haier 12HR is a 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner with few other useful features such as; it is a UPS enabled Air conditioner and self-cleaning feature adds up another reason to choose this air conditioner.

haier inverter ac

Haier Refrigerators


Who doesn’t need fresh fruits and vegetables all the time at their home? Having access to an inverter refrigerator makes it possible to keep your food fresh for a longer time. Haier HRF-398 idr/IDbt is a turbo cooling inverter refrigerator with 100 hours of freezing feature and a digital touch panel to make it easy to access. Other features include frost-free cooling, a larger capacity, easy maintenance, and much more at a highly affordable price. If you are looking for an inverter refrigerator with a glass door then Haier Turbo Cooling Refrigerator HRF-398 IDRT/IDBT Digital Panel Inverter shelves to give it a better look and easy to use and clean. Furthermore, it comes with an XXL vegetable box to let you store the maximum and amount of fruits and vegetables and consume it fresh whenever you need it. Haier also has side by side inverter refrigerators with unique features, amazing exterior and extra-large capacity to store the maximum amount of food. Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-622IBS is 26 CFT in size which offers luxury space and a highly efficient energy-saving feature.


Haier products with durable and reliable features equipped with the latest inverter technologies can be the next big and useful thing that you buy. So either if you are planning to buy an inverter air conditioner or an inverter refrigerator these and many other Haier inverter products will be the products that you will never regret buying.

haier inverter refrigerator


anniversary sale

                     3rd ANNIVERSARY SALE

  anniversary sale



Surmawala.pk is celebrating its 3rd successful year on 21st March 2020. Our valuable customers made this journey more interesting as we evolved into providing better services by bringing our customer’s suggestions under consideration. So we have planned something extraordinary for our customers on the occasion of our 3rd anniversary. We have planned to celebrate this anniversary with a Salebration as we are bringing discounts of up to 80% off, on all our products which included; air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, mobile phones, laptops, kitchen appliances, LEDs, speakers, sound systems, and much more. In short, you can avail biggest discounts on a wide range of products so this is the right opportunity to upgrade your home and office appliances if you have been waiting to buy all at less price.


What to expect?anniversary sale

We have always fulfilled our customers’ expectations. Similarly, this time we are aware of the fact that our customers are looking for something bigger and better than ever before. Thus we will be offering up to 80% off on an entire range of products that we have on our website, yes you read it right, up to 80% off. That is how we would like to celebrate this occasion and make it memorable for us and our customers.


Deals And Discounts:


As we have noticed and got to know through our customers’ feedbacks that they love to see discounts on single products and deals as well, hence we are not just offering best-discounted rates on single products but we have also put together some of the most practical and useful deals to let you shop more products and avail more discounts.


During this sale, we will be offering a diverse range of products from different brands including Haier, Kenwood, Dawlance, Westpoint, National, Huawei, Apple, Oppo, HP, SG, Pakfan, PEL, Waves, Audionic, Dany, Sony, Samsung, Elite, Nikon, Canon, Vivo, Philips, and many other local and international brands that are reliable and entrusted by consumers all over Pakistan. We make sure all the products of different brands are available for our customers so they have a variety of products and brands to choose from according to their needs and requirements. On the other hand, it is also our mission to offer the best rates and discounts on electronic products and home appliances.

Starting from 21st March 2020 you can place your order online on our website, and it will be delivered to you within a short span of time. As always we will deliver your order without and delivery charges all over Karachi, and standard delivery charges apply for the orders outside Karachi. Moreover, our express delivery service for residents of Karachi is another plus point, by availing this service your order will be delivered to you within 3 hours.

 So start preparing your shopping list because this is the right time to shop for everything in one go and under one roof without having to worry about shopping from crowded markets because on surmawala.pk you can place your order just by one click and we will deliver it to your doorstep.



home appliances 3.3 sale in pakistan

Home Appliances 3.3 Sale In Pakistan

This March we are bringing another reason to celebrate 2020 with 3.3 Sale, where we will be offering you up to 60% discount on all our products. Which makes it our most significant sale fest with astonishing discount of up to 60% off. So if you missed our previous sales and discounts, you got another bigger and better chance.


During 3.3 sales you can avail of electronic, home appliances and much more, for up to 60% off. If you have been waiting to get rid of your home’s offices’ old electronic appliance or buy some new electronic products and exciting gadgets, but you couldn’t because of your budget restrictions; this sale fest is for you, so take full advantage of 3.3 Sale and buy all those appliances and products you ever wished for without worrying about losing your hard-earned money.


The sale is starting from 3rd March 2020 on Surmawala.pk, and if you don’t want to miss out on grabbing your desired products then start preparing your list now, because the sale will be live for a limited period, with limited stock. We want you to shop all that you need once the sale goes live. There will be a wide range of products for up to 60% off, including refrigeratorswashing machineskitchen appliances, LEDssound systemspowersuppliesmobile phonesaccessories, and much more. So in other words, 3.3 sale is the right opportunity for you to upgrade your entire house or office.


During this sale we will be allowing you to buy original products of all top-notch and highly reliable brands including; HaierKenwoodSGPELWestpointDawlanceHuaweiAppleTCLAudionic,RealmeOppoSamsungNational, and many other leading brands of electronic and home appliances goods. Just in case if you have ever thought you can not afford products of certain brands because they were expensive and out of your reach, now is the time that you too can have all those reliable yet affordable products without worrying about expensive prices. Our team at Surmawala prepared these deals and discounts with bringing our customer’s demands and requirements under consideration on a priority basis. Different discounted products that are being offered during this sale fest are all put together after going through valuable suggestions of our clients and customers.


Moreover, your orders will be processed and delivered faster than ever before. Another good news for residents of Karachi is our free delivery feature, your orders will be delivered without any delivery charges anywhere in Karachi. For other cities in Pakistan, we have a swift and quick delivery service with standard delivery charges. If you want to buy products directly from our stores then you can visit Surmawala.pk’s digital experience outlets to avail of 3.3 offers and discounts. Digital experience stores are located in Clifton and Hyderi, Karachi.


We want you to shop all that you need once the sale goes live. Set your alarms for 3rd March 2020. As the sale goes live, stock can run out at any moment, and we will not be pleased to see your desired products running out of stock, so prepare your shopping list and start shopping on 03.03.2020 only at Surmawala.pk.




It has become essential to have a refrigerator in our home or office. Now refrigerators are not just limited to providing cold water, rather they serve as one solution for various problems. Such as; having access to fresh fruits and veggies anytime. Furthermore to avoid wasting food you can always keep the leftovers in the refrigerator and use them later. As the summer is approaching, a larger number of edibles are required to be preserved in refrigerators. Thence we have put together detailed information regarding some of the best refrigerators in Pakistan, which can be of great use during summer and other seasons as well.


Haier E-Star Refrigerator HRF-336 EBS/EBD

Haier is known for its diverse range of refrigerators, including Haier E-Star Refrigerator HRF-336 EBS/EBD. With cooling retention of 100 hours makes it an ideal choice for consumers in Pakistan, food can remain fresh even during electricity load shedding. It requires voltage as low as 220V with a bigger and spacious capacity, and 14 CFT in size. You can fit in your home or office easily, even if you have less space.


Haier Side By Side Refrigerator HRF-618GG & HRF-622IBS

If you are looking for a refrigerator with a more spacious capacity and pleasant look then go for Haier Side By Side Refrigerator HRF-618GG and HRF-622IBS. These 26 CFT refrigerator is equipped with a powerful compressor and energy-saving feature. The digital control panel of this refrigerator makes it convenient to achieve your desired settings efficiently and quickly. Furthermore, its no frost feature, and appealing look can easily make it a part of your home or office furniture.






Orient Glass Door Refrigerator Diamond 

Refrigerators with glass door features are one of the top priority of consumers, and Orient offers some of the best glass door refrigerators at low prices to its customers. Orient Diamond can be perfectly operational on low voltage. It has a capacity of 350 Litres in 13 CFT size refrigerator.

Homage HRF-47442-GDN 

Another topnotch brand for glass door refrigerators is Homage. Homage Glass Door Refrigerator HRF-47442-GDN is the right choice for you if you are looking for an affordable and reliable refrigerator with pleasant looking exterior and interior body. It can save up to 35% energy with another environmentally friendly isolation feature. SECOP compressor can guarantee a long-lasting functional life.

PEL 1100GD Aspire

Single Door Refrigerator PEL 1100GD Aspire can easily become you, room companion. This 4 CFT refrigerator has a capacity of 110 liters, which is more than enough for a room refrigerator. The door material is a glass plus mirror. You can find it in two colors; red and silver.

Kenwood Classic Series KRF-480-VCM-BR

Kenwood is known for producing energy-saving electronic appliances. Similarly, Kenwood refrigerators including Kenwood Classic Series KRF-480-VCM-BR can save up to 35% of energy, with highly powerful compressor technology SECOP. It can run on a voltage of 170V. A vegetable tray that can fit in vegies up to 10kg lets you keep a larger amount of vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period, and that can save you from worrying about getting fresh veggies every day. Equipped with a washable compressor tray, to make sure the hygiene factor is not ignored while using the refrigerator.





Which Is The Best Washing Machine To Buy In Pakistan

Which Is The Best Washing Machine To Buy In Pakistan

If you are in search of a new washing machine, that can solve all your laundry problems. To find out the right washing machine that fulfills your laundry needs and requirements, you need to gather some information regarding available types of washing machines in the market, their brands, and which washing machines are most reliable. Our article will help you out in understanding all these essential features of washing machines, and which features should be your top priority to look for before buying a washing machine.


Types Of Washing Machines

Currently, there are various kinds and types of washing machines in the market. These washing machines are designed for people from different walks of life; depending on their budgets, requirements, and usage of washing machines. The following are the widely recognized and used types of washing machines in Pakistan and the entire world.

  • Single-tub washing machine
  • Twin-tub washing machine
  • Top-load washing machine
  • Front-load washing machine


Best Selling Washing Machines 

Certain washing machines fall into the category of best-selling washing machines in Pakistan. We have compiled a list of such washing machines, considering the reasons that make them the best selling and most entrusted brands and washing machines for their consumers.


Haier Semi-Automatic W/M HWM-75AS

Haier W/M HWM-75AS, with semi-automatic features, Comes. It has a washing capacity of 7.5 kg, and available in grey milk and white color. It is equipped with a bubble wash feature. The transparent top cabinet does not just give it a good look but at the same time, it lets you keep an eye on your laundry without opening the lid, while the machine is on go.


Haier Single Tub Washing Machine HWM-12035FF

This single tub washing machine is the right choice; if you are looking for a less space-consuming and affordable washing machine to help you out in the day to day laundry tasks. 12kg washing capacity lets you wash a larger quantity of clothes in a single go, so time-saving is another benefit, this washing can offer you. It is equipped with a powerful yet low noise producing motor.


Samsung Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 8KG WW80J5413

Front-load washing machines are the most reliable type of washing machines with their advanced and efficient features, they let you finish your laundry a lot quicker and convenient. Similarly, Samsung Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine WW80J5413 helps you remove intense stains. Moreover, it has 8kg washing capacity and guaranteed durability makes it a top choice for someone looking for a washing machine for long term usage. Another smart feature that this washing machine offers you is the LED display that makes it a lot easier to keep an eye on the status of your laundry.


Haier Top Loading Fully Automatic HWS-75918

This washing machine is one of the best selling top loading fully automatic washing machine. It has a distinct feature washing your clothes with an antibacterial washing feature that can save you from a lot of bacterias and germs, which is not possible to achieve from a normal wash. It is entrusted for its powerful motor resulting in a quick wash facility. Available in white color with a washing capacity of 7.5 kg.

washing machines





PEl PAWM 1100 Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Pel is a brand that is known for providing a diverse range of electronic products at affordable prices. Similarly, Pel PAWM 900 Fully Automatic Washing Machine is durable and equipped with the most advanced features of a fully automatic washing machine. Its touch and go feature takes the responsibility of your entire laundry, starting from washing your clothes till they are spin-dried. 9 kg capacity and of this washing machine, offers you not just a less time-consuming laundry procedure but its rust-free body increases the life of the entire product.


Best Washing Machines In Pakistan

This blog post aims to let you decide the best and most reliable washing machines that meet your requirements as well. We hope our research helps you in finding out the best solution for all your laundry problems. Moreover, the information regarding various brands, models, and types of washing machines will let you choose a washing according to your budget. For more information, regarding the online purchase of washing machines, feel free to contact us at our 0321-8757042

washing machine

Which are the best AC Inverters to buy in Pakistan

Which are the best AC Inverter to buy in Pakistan

As summer is approaching, people are looking for ways to stay cool even under high temperatures. One of the most significant products that can be of great use is AC or Inverter AC during the summer season. Technology is developing and introducing new distinguished features in air conditioners just like other technological productions. As more and more air conditioner brands and features are being launched, it is becoming difficult to decide which air conditioner to buy and which air conditioner is suitable according to your requirements and needs. Thence we put together this informative article to help you out in finding the most suitable and reliable AC and Inverter AC for you.


Haier offers a diverse range of air conditioners and inverters including Haier HSU-12HN DC inverter split, which is equipped with a 67% power-saving feature, it has solar panel compatibility and its voltage stabilizing feature is a plus point for its consumers in Pakistan. Haier HSU-12LTC is a long throw split air conditioner with the usage of voltage as low as 150V. Haier has highly effective floor standing air conditioners as well; one of them is Haier 2 Ton Floor Standing A/C HPU-24CO3, it has powerful cooling and heating feature with 15m long-distance airflow.


Among various brands, Gree is one of the most reliable and entrusted brands for its air conditioners and inverters. Gree brought new levels of energy-saving feature in its inverter air conditioners. Gree 1 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioner Heat & Cool GS-12CITH12G, auto voltage adaptation of this air conditioner sets it class apart. Moreover, it is equipped with BTU Capacity of 12000 BTU and it offers a 60% energy saving option. Gree LOMO Series 1.5 Ton Split AC GS-18LM4L offers a very useful feature that is six health filters which will not just relax you, but also provides a healthy surrounding as well.


Pel Prinvo 12K ACE/APEX Air Conditioner Let’s you stay connected to it through its wifi connectivity feature. Its most advanced and powerful A+++ inverter technology sets it apart from its competitor. Furthermore, Pel PFSAC 24K Supreme Inverter Floor Stand has 2.0-ton cooling capacity is another highly efficient inverter with supreme quality compressor technology. Pel has another authentic air conditioner called Pel PSAC 12 Majestic ES2/4D Air Conditioner. It is provided with full cooling watts and reverses crystalline technology that gives it more durability as compared to others.


A well-known name in manufacturing eco-friendly products. Similarly, EcoStar 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner ES-18AR01W provides all the top-notch features of an air conditioner without neglecting their core value of keeping the environment clean and healthy. It saves 60% energy hence it is not just eco-friendly but pocket-friendly as well. Its low voltage consumption of 150V makes it a top priority for consumers in Pakistan. 4D long air throw makes that possible to keep the same temperature around all the corners of room

air conditioner



wedding packages

Wedding and its preparation is one of the most significant parts of someone’s life, but at the same time shopping for a wedding can be hectic and time-consuming at times; therefore Surmawala.pk designs most practical yet affordable wedding packages for its customers across Pakistan.

How we came up with this concept? While designing new themes and concepts we consider our customers suggestions and queries similarly on various occasions our customers asked for discounted deals and packages for their own or family and friends’ wedding, with keeping their demands under consideration we designed various wedding packages, in addition to that we also gave the freedom of customization to our customers.

These packages consist of reliable products from a wide range of brands. While preparing these deals and packages we consider and keep in mind, the needs of consumers, therefore our wedding packages composed of products that are widely used, essential, and trusted all over Pakistan; including washing machine, LEDs, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, fashion & grooming utilities, and many other products that are essential for a household and can be of a great use as wedding gifts for your loved ones. Moreover, Surmawala.pk came up with another convenient option to facilitate its customers by letting them design packages of their own choice. Yes, now you can simply call or message us to let us know which are the products that you are looking for in your wedding packages and our team will customize a package exclusively for you, within your desired budget.

wedding packages


Intending to provide our customers different reasons to make their celebrations, even more, bigger and memorable, we take the responsibility of preparing valuable packages of electronic products and offering them the best of technology in lowest prices possible, so that everyone can have access to the necessities of the modern world without worrying about losing a lot their hard-earned money. With the aim of providing a wide range of products from reliable brands; we put together products that are a must to have in a household, and can bring ease to the lives of our customers. While moving into a new house or furnishing a new space certain products are required to be placed to make it like an ideal home, and we provide those products through our highly practical wedding packages.

wedding package