Blessed Friday Sale 2019

Things You Need To Know About Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale 2019

Origin: A lot of people would already be familiar with the terminology “Blessed Friday” but for those who don’t know yet, let us give them a little idea of what is it about. The actual term is Black Friday which was introduced some years ago in the western world. This marketing terminology refers to a one-day sale where all the big stores of the world offer great discounts on thier products. Previously, it was limited to the western world only, but gradually people aross the world started adopting this global sale event and it now holds a very special place in  international marketing world.

Like other countires of the world, big retailers based in Pakistan also thought to take an advantage of this global sale event. Since Pakistan is a Muslim country so masses believed that calling Friday (which is considered as a sacred day in the light of Islam) as BLACK wasn’t a good idea. Thus Pakistani marketers preferred to use different names for this sale event like Big Friday sale, Best Friday sale, white Friday, etc and at Surmawala, we call it Blessed Friday— Thats how it originated and became one popular event worldwide which falls every year during the last Friday of November.

Blessed Friday Sale 2019


This Blessed Friday, Get Up To 75% Off Everything On Surmawala!

Blessed Friday is just a few weeks away and your favorite online store is offering up to 75% off everything this year. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say Surmawala Blessed Friday sale 2019 is going to break all the previous records with matchless discounts on over 15 top electronics brands including Haier, PEL, Samsung, Dawlance, Orient and others. This one-day crazy sale is the right time to replace your old home and kitchen appliances without hurting your pockets.

When Is The Blessed Friday Sale 2019 Expected To Hit?

This year, Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale is falling on 26 November and will be continued till 1stDecember. The sale will go live at 12:00 AM so make sure to pre-plan your budget and shopping lists to avoid the last-minute hassle. With certainty, all of our customers across the country are just as excited as you are… therefore it is wise to hit our store at break-neck speed just as the sale begins and shop your favorites before they run out of stock. You can also look at the categories of products available on our website right away to wishlist the items before the sale, however, you can’t request a product on discount before Friday, November 26.

We’ve covered all the basic information you needed to keep your budget game this year. If you have any further questions so let us know, we are here to assist you! Leave a message for us in the chatbox.

Blessed Friday Sale 2019

Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale 2019— Get Up To 75% Off On All Electronics


This year Surmawala is bringing you the biggest blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan. With up to 75% off on over 1000 products from more than 15 top-leading international brands, you are sure to save HUGE! As most of you already knwo that this year we partnered up with many big players of the market including TCL, Pel, Samsung, Panasonic, Dawlance, ECOStar, and others. Bringing all these brands to you under one roof was not at all easy, specially with thousands of other things to handle. Making all these happen before blessed Friday was a big challenge for us but we managed to do it with utmost dedication and hard work. And today we are here with the best Blessed Friday Sale of the year  to help you get never-seen-before discounts on the most-demanded multinational brands.

What Products Can You Buy During Blessed Friday Sale?

To your surprise, during one-week Blessed Friday sale you can get crazy discounts on all the products displayed on our website. Yes! This time, we are not offering discounts on selective items or few brands. We want you to save BIG on everything and shop to your heart’s content without worrying about the budget. So it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that our Blessed Friday Sale is an “Everything on sale” Week for Pakistani buyers.

Blessed Friday Sale 2019
Things To Keep In Mind Before Shopping

As you know, this is going to be one thrilling sale event with heavy footfall on our website. Things may quickly run out of stock so it is wise to hit our online store right as the sale goes LIVE. We don’t want you to get puzzled and confused so make sure to prepare a list of items you are interested in. In order to avoid the chaos, you can also visit our store before the sale starts to find out all the brands and the products you can shop in.

Why Choose Surmawala Blessed Friday Sale?

The above details give you all the good reasons to choose our Blessed Friday sale. If you still have any confusions so let us give you some more reasons:

  • You can place order from anywhere in Pakistan and get it delivered in less than a week
  • We offer free shipping in Karachi on all appliances and it only takes us 1-2 working days to bring your order to your doorstep.
  • We don’t have any hidden charges or extra fee
  • We have easy return and exchange policies


  • We provide the most efficient customer support services in Pakistan


  • Our customers can chat with us anytime through Facebook, Instagram or live chat option on the website
  • We Timely respond to all the queries received through social media, emails, and calls.

So Bargain-hunters, now you know where to shop online this blessed Friday. The sale is expected to hit our online store on 26 November at 12:00 AM and will be continued till 1st December 11:59 PM. Don’t miss out on this one-week sale if you wish to keep your budget game up!!!






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