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Crown Appliances Storage Geyser 10X14 30G

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Rs. 46,630.00

* Delivery All Over Pakistan & Free Delivery In Karachi

key Features

  • 1-year official warranty
  • HEIGHT: 67”
  • Available Guage: 10X14
  • Available Colors: Red Antique, Golden Antique, Green Antique, Grey Antique
  • Imported Galvanized Sheet
  • Imported Thermostate Unitrol Z & YJ
  • Imported Glass Wool
  • Imported GI Pipe

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One of the most influencing factors while buying anything is our budget. Storage geysers are pretty budget-friendly. You can easily spot a decent water heater with good storage capacity at a reasonable price. Though the ones that run on natural gas tend to come at a higher cost, still they are pretty affordable.

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