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Jackpot Twin Tub Top Load 10KG Washing Machine - JP-5200

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Special Price Rs. 28,999.00 was Rs. 40,000.00

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Key Features:

- 2 Years Official Brand Warranty
- 10 Kg Washing Capacity
- 99.9 % Copper Motor
- Double Layered Tubs
- Gear Driven
- Wash Selector
- Drain Selectors
- 7 Kg Spin Dryer

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Jackpot Twin Tub Top Load 10KG Washing Machine - JP-5200

Convenient to Use

The machine is extremely simple to operate and comprehend. All of the instructions are clearly written on the panel. Simply tap it and the machine will start working. The entire process is completely easy.

Takes Up less space

The machine is designed to save space and is small in size. The machine can be placed effectively in small spaces. Because the machine is portable, moving it will be simple.

Extremely Energy-Saving

Everyone is concerned about energy these days. Prices are rising, and everyone wants to save money on energy. This machine conserves energy and reduces the consumer's utility bill.

Child Security Lock

The machine comes with a child lock. It prevents kids from tampering with the system. It also shields them from harm as well as the machine from potential damage.


The machine is designed in such a way that it can be easily relocated multiple times. It is not difficult to reset and anyone can do it. You have the ability to change the settings and plumbing on your own. The tiny wheels on the bottom facilitate mobility as well.


The machine has a simple control panel. You can also read the manual for a more in-depth understanding. The manual will help you understand what each cycle does.

Customer Service and Warranty

A company's warranty is included with the Jackpot top load washing machine. This warranty covers your substantial investment for a year or two. While you have the warranty card, minor issues can be easily resolved. Remember that a warranty card is only valid for manufacturing defects
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