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Nowadays as a person walks into an electronic shop to get any home or kitchen appliances, he gets to see hundreds of brands and thousands of options. Hence, it can be difficult for him at times to pick the best one out of those hundreds of brands. If we talk about buying a new washing machine so the first thing that comes across the mind is choosing the right brand. In Pakistan, people have so many options to choose from. Washing machines are one of the most useable home appliances and one should not take a risk to make a wrong choice while buying it.

In this article, we are going to tell our readers about the top and most-loved washing machine brands in Pakistan. And all the things they need to take into account before they plan to buy a new washing machine for their laundry area.

Keeping in mind that different buyers have different requirements, we have picked up only the most reliable brands to help them choose the right one. A person can have different options to choose from before purchasing a washing machine like a front load washing machine, top load, semi-auto washing machines fully automatic machines, single tub washing machines, and double tub washing machine. If your budget is good and you are looking for an easy and hassle-free washing option then you can opt for front load washing machines. On the other side, if you are planning to buy an affordable washing machine in Pakistan with basic washing features then you can go for top load washing machines. The options like semi-auto and fully automatic also come with different features and that too depends on your budget.

Here we have listed down the best washing machine brands you can buy in the year 2019 in Pakistan. Have a look at them to pick the one that best suits your budget and your laundry area


The brand is established since 1980  and has made an irreplaceable place in the market with high end home and kitchen appliances. As its slogan says “Dawlance is Reliable,” and Reliability is actually the thing that makes Dawlance an unbeatable brand. Dawlance is popularly known for it’s matchless and finest range of washing machines in Pakistan.  Dawlance has a complete range of washing machines with advanced features and high technology to meet all the expectations of the consumers and provide them with the best helping hand in the laundry. With decades of experience, Dawlance understands consumers and thus offer the best and affordable product line. The brand after a thorough market study and research has brought drastic changes in the manufacturing of washing machines. Dawlance front load washing machines and top load washing machines carry stunning features that efficiently cater to the needs of modern-day buyers and make laundry an easier task for them.

We also have included some of the best seller dawlance washing machines of the year and their prices. That’s how our readers can easily decide on the type of washing machine they need.

  1. Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Dawlance DWT-275TB G Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Dawlance DWF-8200 Front Load Washing Machine
  4. Dawlance DW220C2 Semi Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine
  5. Dawlance DW-5200 Semi Automatic Washing Machine


SurperAsia Superasia is amongst the most reliable companies when it comes to buying home appliances. The brand is also regarded as one of the best washing machines selling brands in Pakistan. SuperAsia provides an extensive range of various electronics particularly washing machines. This most trusted brand started its operations in the year 1911 and since then the brand has been constantly involved in advancements, innovations, and customization of their product line. Superasia washing machines are incredibly affordable and carry all the advanced features one looks for. They have recently introduced a wide range of fully automatic washing machines that feature the latest technology and stunning one wash system and other user-friendly options. On the other side, their SMART WASH washing machines come with  Shock & rust proof body, Shower wash technology, Easy wash tray, Loud beep alert when you finish one wash cycle. Some of the Other innovative features to have been introduced in SUPER ASIA Washing machines are heavy gear technology, fully copper Motor, power-efficiency, auto brakes system and quick air dryer technology

Below we have listed some of latest and best seller SuperAsia washing machines available in the market. Have a look at them to find the one that goes perfectly with your basic laundry needs

  1. Super Asia Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Super Asia SA-244 Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Super Asia SA-270 Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  4. Super Asia Super Front Load Washing Machine
  5. Super Asia SA-241 Smart Wash


There is no doubt that Panasonic is a huge player in the sector of the kitchen and home appliances. The company is based in Japan and is regarded as a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high tech electronic goods to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Established since 1918, the company strives to provide its users with the best range of electronic products for domestic and commercial uses. Panasonic aims to bring revolution in the sector of technology and development with its wide range of products ranging from industrial devices to consumer electronic goods.  Panasonic washing machines are known for their powerful performance, matchless features, and sleek looks. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Panasonic is one of the best washing machine brands in Pakistan with it’s finest range of fully automatic, semi-automatic top load and front load washing machines. Panasonic fully automatic front load washing machines come with impressive features. Some of those features include durable and shockproof plastic bodies, power wash system, the buzzer sounds at the end of laundry, fully touch user panels and hexa cube drum. While their top load washing machines are incredibly affordable and come with great capacity and smart wash system along with other stunning features. All of the Panasonic washing machines are energy-efficient and can help you save energy by 40%.

We have included the five best selling Panasonic washing machines available in the market. You can go through the list to choose the one that is ideal for your laundry area.

  1. Panasonic NA-F90- 9Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Panasonic NA-F127- 7Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Panasonic NA-F115A1- 11Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  4. Panasonic NA-F150- 15Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  5. Panasonic NA-127VB6 Fully Automatic Washing Machine


Haier is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buying home appliances. The company is based in Japan and started its operations in the year 1984. The brand is popularly known for it’s affordable and durable electronic products. With decades of experience and through the study of the market, the brand understands the needs of its consumers and always strive to provide them with the best. Haier premium range of home appliances include washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, LED TVs, air coolers and much more. Haier was also rewarded as the best washing machines manufacturing brand in the year 2004. Haier washing machines come with matchless features and striking looks that can’t be found in other brands. Haier washing machines are built using the latest methods and high tech technology. Like other huge brands, Haier comes with the finest range of semi-automatic, fully automatic, top leaders and front load washing machines in Pakistan. Haier top load fully automatic washing machines are loaded with stunning features like pillow drum, storm wash, energy efficiency, touch screen user panels, low noise wash, and NZP technology, etc. If you have a tight budget for a washing machine then you can opt for Haier washing machines as they are amazingly affordable and unbeatable in performance.

To help you pick the right washing machine for your laundry area, we have mentioned below some of the best selling Haier washing machines of the year. Read on to find them out.

  1. Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Haier Semi Automatic Do Tub Washing Machine
  4. Top Loading Washing Machine
  5. Haier twin Tub Washing Machine

Automatic washing machine price in pakistan

is widely known for it’s highly affordable and durable consumer goods in Pakistan. The brand aims to provide the customers with the best home and kitchen appliances within their approach. And this is one of the reasons why SG made its position in the market in such a short period of time.  SG fully automatic top load washing machines come with unbeatable performance and stunning features. Some of the top features Include anti-shock fully plastic rust-free body, rat-free material, auto shut and restart options, touch panel, glass tap, and speedy draining system.  is also regarded as the first consumer good brand in Pakistan to introduce lifetime motor and one-year parts warranty.

The company currently deals in Fully automatic and semi-automatic front load washing machines and uses high tech Japanese technology to offer high durability.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that SG is the best choice if you are looking forward to buying an affordable and Durable fully automatic front washing machine in Pakistan.

Following is the list of top selling SH fully and semi-automatic front load washing machines. Run over them to pick the one that goes perfectly with your budget and laundry needs.

  1. Kenwwod  Automatic washing machine Machine
  2. haier Automatic Washing Machine
  3. Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine
  4. Samsung Automatic Washing Machine
  5. Pel Autmomatic washing machine 

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  1. Haier washing machine:

In Covid-19 time, health and hygiene are the two most important discussion points that everyone talks about, where we obsess about the cleanliness of our hands and insist on washing them before eating or touching our faces; likewise, our clothes should be germs-free and have no stains in your clothes. So, you can tell everyone that you are hygienic enough to carry out your activities.  The way we are possessive about purchasing of others appliances, we carry the same possessiveness for the product which play a significant task in our life.  For the appropriate washing, you must select a brand that has enough features to deal with your preferences. The features that make the Haier washing machine the best among others include; Anti-bacterial technology, self-clean facility, and steam wash. Each aspect has a significant command that follows the cleaning process better. Such as, Anti-bacterial technology removes the bacteria from your clothes; whereas, steam wash makes the clothes odor-free and makes sure your clothes fiber stays fresh and clean. For better service, Surmawala brings an option for their customer to make the best washing machine from Surmawala with easy installment options.

Washing Machine with dryer price in Pakistan:

Are you one of the people who forget to wash their clothes on time and do it at the end of the time? Are you seeking a device that can solve your problem and keep your clothes not only clean but also dry in a short amount of time? If your answer is yes, then we are coming with the solution of your problem. With the dryer service in a washing machine, you can wash your clothes easily without worrying about the time. There are several brands that you can avail from the market. Such as Haier, PEL, Samsung, and Kenwood. Each brand has specific features that separated them from others. When the advancement occurs in a washing machine, the prices of that product also go high, sometimes it may go out of your budget, and you go for the other options that may not satisfy you. Washing machines with dryer prices in Pakistan also go up, but now with Surmawala, you can buy any product with an installment facility. Surmawala provides its customers with convenient installment options so that they do not have to abandon their desired items.

Haier 10 KG Semi-Automatic W/M HWM-100BS

Which is the best washing machine for home use?

In today’s culture, where hygiene is the utmost essential duty of the family, they cannot compromise their lives by leaving themselves and the surroundings unclean. Today, nobody can disagree that the washing machine is the second most popular electric appliance. Buying a washing machine is such a thoughtful task; you need to think a lot before going for a purchase. You have to go through time-consuming research and look after each features so can the comfort you wish to provide your family will stay forever with them.

As technology improved, advancement has been found in washing machines as well. Now, people are interested in a wide range of washing machines that have recently been launched on the market. Along with brands, consumers choose the following types of washing machines; Haier, Pel, Samsung, Kenwood, Toyo, Super Asia, and GABA. Along with brands, the kind of washing machine is popular among people include; Front-Loading Washing Machines, Washer and Dryer Combo, Integrated, Stackable, Portable or Compact, Top-Loading, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic. When you have choices, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Which is the best washing machine for home use?” Each washing kind relates to particular qualities and controls. There are several manufacturers on the market that provide these exact qualities. Front-loading is the sort of washing machine to select for your home if you have limited room and need to run some loads quickly. It washer and dryer can stack to save floor space by taking up more vertical space. Washer-dryer combinations are not just for a laundry room set; they are a single machine with a cabinet design for both the washer and dryer. While they are not popular everywhere, their compact size could be ideal for people who live in exceedingly small homes or flats. If your living area has limited space, or you live in an apartment then a Portable washing machine is the ideal choice for you. Top-Loading washing machines feature shorter cycles and are significantly less expensive to purchase and run. They use a simple control panel to select the sort of cycle you want, and this panel is simple enough for most people to operate without a problem. A Semi-automatic washing machine is made up of two tubs; one for cleaning and the other for drying. If drying is required after washing, the garments must be moved manually to the dryer container for the drying process. The most well-known among people is an Automatic machine, which requires you to place your clothing in it, set your control as desired, and then sit back and wait for the work to be completed.

Anyone searching for the above-mentioned equipment may easily make an order with Surmawala since they provide an easy installment option for on-demand commodities to their customers.


What is price of Washing Machine in Pakistan?

Our lives have become effortless as technology advances; the rising purchasing of household appliances in Pakistan lowers the time and effort spent on monotonous activities. Among all the kitchen appliances, the washing machine counted as the second most used appliance. Washing machines in Pakistan have made our lives easier by decreasing time. It takes to wash clothes and giving you clean clothing in a matter of minutes. The global demand for appliances varies from location to location, region to region, and even with cultural changes. There are several brands that are offers machines, these brands include; Haier, Pel, Samsung, Kenwood, Toyo, Super Asia, and GABA. All of these branded computers have unique qualities that make them the best for their users. They have introduced Front-Loading Washing Machines, Washer and Dryer Combos, Integrated, Stackable, Portable or Compact, Top-Loading, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic washing machines. It is up to you to choose which is best for the users, because each washing machine is known for its features, the price range of such machines differs. The logical next question is: What is price of Washing Machine in Pakistan? Washing machines have fundamental guidelines for washing clothing and cleaning unpleasant odors and stains on garments; the price range of that basic washing machine begins at Rs 9,000 and can go higher in some manufacturers. The price of an automatic washing machine starts at Rs 40,000 and increases as the user’s options are enhanced. Each company has set a distinct pricing range for its clients, such as Haier charging between 39000 and 43000 for an automatic washing machine and 16000 to 17000 for a semi-automatic washing machine. Super Asia has set its own prices, charging between Rs 17,000 and 20,000 for an automatic machine. Kenwood has established its own pricing to differentiate its brand from others, charging between Rs 17,000 and 20,000 for each equipment. It might happen when you select the greatest option but it exceeds your budget. Surmawala has introduced an opportunity for customers to purchase their desired items in simple installment. Hurry to the website and purchase your preferred items without exceeding your budget.


 how to buy cheaper washing machine for laundry 

A washing machine is one of the common household equipment. Nobody can deny that this machine is beneficial in their house; it makes washing simpler and helps you to accomplish your duties in less time. Purchasing a washing machine is a time-consuming job; you must conduct extensive study before bringing a machine into your home, since it plays an important role in the lives of all households. There are several brands that provide washing machines with numerous functions and styles, including Haier, Orient, Pel, Samsung, Toyo, Super Asia, and Kenwood. They are all recognized brands with distinct qualities that distinguish them from one another, yet with all of these features, it is out of your budget and burdensome to your pocket to purchase it. With Surmawala, buying equipment’s will not counted as the burden as  you may now buy a larger product at your location for a lower price and pay a little amount each month as a monthly payment. So, instead of rushing, go to the Surmawala website and select your desired goods at a low price.


Which washing machine is best?

In today’s world, an unsanitary human is regarded as the most hazardous species, as one individual may transmit germs to thousands of others and make them sick. Nowadays, every work is done by machines since they are more beneficial and can complete the task in a short period of time. Cleaning and washing clothing are also done by machines, it is counted as one of the machines that is widely utilized in every home. Looking for the ideal is regarded as the second most time-consuming duty, since you cannot bring anything into your home without first considering it. There are a number of well-known manufacturers in the competition, including Haier, Kenwood, Sogo, Super Asia, PEL, Toyo, and Samsung. The issue is, which washing machine is the best? All have differentiated their brands based on their particular features and quality, but if you anticipate a lot from a single appliance, you may end up paying more and becoming bankrupt. Surmawala offers its customers the option of purchasing anything with easy installments, as Surmawala sub ka hai.

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Which washing machine is good?

If you want to leave the house to buy anything, you have a lot of possibilities because many companies have joined the market and compete with one another, making it strenuous to choose which one is ideal for you. Brands like Haier, PEL, Samsung, Kenwood, Super Asia, Toyo, and Gaba are all working hard to provide improved features and alternatives to their customers; so that they become loyal customers and promote them to others. Washing machines are the second most often used machine and can be existed in every household; yet, finding the perfect one may be a time-consuming process as you want to provide your family with every convenience possible. Surmawala has made this arduous process simple for you; visit our website and select your preferred brand from us, along with a full description. Surmawala also provides simple installment options to their customers, so pricing will not impede your purchasing decision


How do I choose a washing machine?

In the Covid-19 era, everyone is worried about their health and hygiene; they do not put their loved ones or themselves in danger. They focus on keeping not only their surroundings clean, but also their own bodies clean. Similarly, we all wanted to wear clothing that were free of stains and germs, which would only be feasible if you had the appropriate washing machine at home. If you are concerned with cleanliness, you are more likely to conduct extensive research in order to choose the best one for your house. For the appropriate washing machine, you have to stick to some feature that lead you to get the washing machine that efficient and reliable. The most essential factor to consider when purchasing a washing machine is its load capacity, which is measured in kg and is dependent on the number of friends or relatives. However, the ultimate load should be sufficient that all of the clothing can be washed in a single cycle, and you won’t have to repeat the process. Brands including Haier, Kenwood, PEL, and Super Asia, all are offering their best and it may burdened on your pocket.  Via Surmawala, now purchasing of high quality product are not burdened any more as it provide every product on easy installment.

How to use automatic washing machine:

As technology evolves, you may become perplexed while using it for the first time. To make work more convenient for individuals while avoiding humiliation. The two types of fully automated washing machines are top load and front load. Top-loading dishwashers are effortless to use. Such machines have a door on the top within which you put your garments into the drum. To clean using a top-loading dishwasher, you must do a few steps. First, add detergent, then clothing, remembering to leave room for cleaning, and last, pick the washer based on your fabric and wash it. In a front-load washing machine, first put detergent to the box the load will depend on the stain and dirt present on the clothes, then add clothes you want to wash, then pick the temperature appropriate for your fabric, then choose the spin cycle, finally close the door and push the start button.

Which is the best automatic washing machine in Pakistan?

In today’s world, everyone is too busy to do their tasks; they find it tough to remain engaged with the washing, then choose the pile of clothes and put them in the dryer to dry; it takes hours and you become weary at the end, because it may cause back ache once they are completed. When looking for a washing machine, you may find that several manufacturers offer the same service under different brand names. In Pakistan, a multitude of manufacturers compete in the market, including Haier, Kenwood, Super Asia, and PEL, and are regarded as the best automatic washing machine in Pakistan. Haier 90-1789 Fully Automatic Washing Machine is top 1 brand as it provide features including Anti-bacterial technology, self-cleaning capability, and steam wash. Each element has a major command that helps the cleaning process go more smoothly. Super Asia is well-known for its portability, which gives comfort and ease to all housewives. These washing machines may be expensive, but with Surmawala, you can buy any branded or unbranded goods with a simple payment plan.


Which company is best for washing machine in Pakistan?

In Covid-19 period, personal hygiene are the most essential issues that everyone discusses, where we stress over the tidiness of our hands and insistence on washing them while eating or contacting our faces, and our garments should be germ-free and stain-free. This is only achievable if you select the correct brand that offers the optimum washing. Brands like as Haier, PEL, Kenwood, Super Asia, and Orient are well-known companies that manufacture the best washing machines in Pakistan to give comfort and convenience. Haier is widely regarded as the greatest appliance in the world, providing the highest performance at a fair price. PEL is another well-known brand that is often favored by middle-class families. The products sold under the PEL brand are of high quality and reasonably priced. Orient, on the other hand, leads the same quality but with the customer in mind. Surmawala website provides easy access to any branded goods that has a positive image in the eyes of the client, as it deals with kitchen and home appliances, gadgets, automobiles, furniture, and so on. So remain connected to Surmawala and take advantage of as many deals as you can.

Best washing machine:

Everybody in the Covid-19 period is concerned about the safety and cleanliness; they do not endanger their dear ones or service users. They are concerned with keeping not just their environment but also their own entities clean. Similarly, we all desired to wear clothes that was free from stains and bacteria, which could only be accomplished if you’ve a suitable washing system at home. There are many various types of branded washing machines available, such as front-loading washing machines, washer and dryer combos, integrated, stackable, portable or compact, top-loading, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic. Among all of them, the automatic washing machine is by far the most popular, and everybody prefers it since it is quick and easy for all of them and could reduce their burden. Currently, the most demanding washing machines are Haier HWM 150-826-series top loading, Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 85-1708, and Haier Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 90-1789. All three are top-load automated and pocket-friendly as it goes in range between 35000 to 56000 with Pillow drum Icon and eco-wash. Whereas Haier washing machines 70-bp10829 and 80-bp10829, which vary in price from 66500 to 71500, have a wash capacity of 7 kg and an anti-bacterial function. You can simply buy these highly recommended washing machines from Surmawala shop, as it offers easy instalment options, so no one has to back out of their desired goods.


How to clean washing machine?  

The duty of a washing machine is to offer a wash that cleans your clothing, removes odors, and keeps the fabric stays same for the long run. When the machine does so many tasks at once, there is a larger risk that your washing machine may become dirty; there is a chance to that your machine may become useless if you are not make it clean earlier; in this case, you may think how to clean washing machine; here are some suggestions to keep your washing machine clean. First you have to bring the equipment that help you in cleaning, for instance Vinegar, spray bottle, brush, piece of cloth, and baking soda. You can clean your washing machine at home by following a few simple steps. First, pour vinegar into the drum and turn on the machine. For the lid, use a piece of cloth to wash it off, then add vinegar to the detergent space for better cleaning, baking soda to the drum for additional cleaning, and restart the machine. Finally, leave the machine door open to dry.


How to clean top loading washing machine?

Unless the heavy duty of cleaning, if the cleaning of washing machine not done by the minimum time period there is high chance you can use it to wash dirty clothes in dirty loader. Top-load washers must be cleaned properly and disinfected twice a year. If you incorporate automated dispensers with each wash, they ought to be washed once a month to avoid blockages. If you reside in a hard body of water, you may clean the laundry every 3 months because the same deposits that build in the washing tub can also block washer connections. To complete the cleaning procedure, you must first bring the supplies required for cleaning the machine, then unload the machine and select the cycle setting, fill the machine with water, and start the machine. Add chlorine gradually to the washer tub and run it until the washing cycle is finished. Then go to the detergent area and clean it with water. Fill the tub with hot water again and add vinegar to it before starting the cycle setting to finish cleaning the top-load washing machine.

What is a portable washing machine?

Laundry is the least beloved of all domestic tasks for the majority of people. Each of the people needs to wash laundry, no matter whether they like it or not, they must do it. Laundry is time consuming task, you have to invest your energy and time to get your work faster. Portable washing machines are, in essence, small-sized clothes washers. They are intended to be conveniently moved from a storage location to a bathroom or kitchen where you can link them up to a sink for filling with water, emptying water, and beginning to wash clothing. Even though portable washers are utilized in places where a full-sized machine would be too large, they perform the same functions as a typical full-sized washing machine. There are two types of portable washing machines: human-powered and electric-powered. They can be classified based on the placement of the storage door an in hook – ups connection for sink and water. There are different types of portable washing machine including Top-load, Front-Load, Human-powered or pedal-powered, and Sonic soak. Each type has a specific features like Human-powered or pedal-powered that can be worked without an electricity; whereas, Sonic soak use ultrasound technologies and operates at a molecular level which means your washing is 99.9% cleaned.

Spin in washing machine

In Covid-19, the two most important conversation points that everyone discusses are health and cleanliness. In which we stress about the cleanliness of our hands and insist on washing them before eating or touching our faces; moreover, our clothing must be germ-free and stain-free. As a result, you may notify everyone that you are clean enough to participate in sports. A spin speed is the number of times the drum inside your washing machine spins round in a minute. This rate is measured in rotations per minute (rpm). You might manually alter the spin cycle pace based on the cloth you’re washing. Cotton 1400 rpm, Wool 1200 rpm, Denim 900 rpm, formal shirts 600 rpm, sensitive 600 rpm, and Silk 400 rpm are all necessary for outstanding fabric areas. However, most washing machines are set at the normal 1200 rpm/1400 rpm speed, which is enough for most washing loads. So, for the most part, you shouldn’t be concerned with the spin cycle speed. However, while washing sensitive items such as electronics or silk cloth, you may need to adjust the pace.

How to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine?

Cleaning is considered a serious task that nobody ever compromises on it. If you are also obsessed with cleaning but wiping your floor with a mop that is not even clean then your hygiene is at risk. Cleaning a mop head is a crucial necessity required in other to maintain the mop head unfastened from germs and microorganisms. Washing a spin mop can be carried out using hand or through a washing machine. However, it isn’t always ideal to manually ease the mop head as it can divulge one to germs and other bacteria. Maximum spin mop heads are made from a smooth microfiber cloth which is device washer-friendly as long as your spin mop head is system washable, you can easily eliminate the dirt on it. So, how to wash spin mop heads in a washing machine? You have to simply follow few steps. First, detach the mop and make sure it is a kind of machine-washable mop. Then put it into the machine and select your machine cycle and clean it gently.

Which type of washing machine is best?

Washing machine is one of the maximum useful machines that everybody has. Its miles used to clean dirty and odor complete garments. However by the point while development brings a variety of change in machines and different beneficial gadget washing gadget also turn out to be the part of development and evolved lot of adjustments. Mainly, there are 4 type of washing machine that brought by the people for their use including Front-load washing machine, Top-load washing machine, Single tub, and twin tub washing machine. Each model has renowned for the usage of user like as said Haier top Load Washing Machines have continually been the maximum promoting automated washing machines because of higher expenses as compared to the front load washing machines. Therefore, purchasers select to buy pinnacle load washers. Every other reason for clients opting for these completely automated washing machines is clearly because it is an awful lot simpler to preserve and repair while it is quite hard to restore a front-loading washing device. Whereas, Super Asia washing machine which usefully twin tub counted as the best washing machine in Pakistan. That even chances when you go with your best machine, it cost you little higher, but with Surmawala you can get your favorite on easy installment option.

How Long Does A Washing Machine Last?

The washing machine is one of many equipment that may mean the difference between life and death; if it breaks down, you could suffer tremendously as a result the amount of labor pressure being put on your shoulder. Every machine has a life expectancy; nevertheless, the length of time yours will be operational will be impacted by a number of factors, including the model’s quality. The frequency with which you use your washer. A washing machine has a life expectancy of 11 years, as per HowStuffWorks. The challenge is, how can it be made more beneficial to survive for a longer period of time? You may be willing to extend the life of your washing machine with a little more work on your part. To initiate, don’t overdo it. This not only raises your likelihood of having less-than-perfectly clean clothes; it may also put pressure on your system to work harder than necessary, stressing it’s motor and other components and causing them to wear out quicker. Also, use the right detergent. If you overdo it, you will almost certainly make your washing machine work harder than necessary merely to clean out the suds, therefore wearing down its elements.

How to Wash Shoes in Washing Machine?

If you go out someplace the first element that makes your impression is your appearance. How you look from head to toes topics most. If you put on footwear that is muddy or stinky you would possibly fulfill by means of your look. Cleaning shoes, luckily, ought not to be difficult. If your shoes appear to be system washable, you could store effort and get terrific outcomes via washing them in a washing machine. To make it washing comfy, you want to follow a few approaches to make sure your washing does now not harm your device. First, you need to ensure your shoes don’t have any debris on the floor. If it’s miles any clean it with the assist of a brush or piece of fabric. Wash it with easy water and dispose of the laces and soles of your shoes as it’s desirable to wash the laces and soles one after the other for higher cleansing. Once you are done with all these things, the next part will come where your main work, washing the shoes, is going to happen. To wash your shoes you have to place your shoes in a cushion cover or mesh bag and finally set the machine cycle for gentle cleaning.



How to Wash Tennis Shoes in the Washing Machine?

Have you ever thought to use your washing machine besides for washing clothes? What do you reflect on consideration on washing your shoes in the machine? If your footwear has emerged as extra dirty or smelly you’ll be capable of cleaning them in the machine. You can do it by following easy steps you could without problems ease your footwear to your personal in the washing device. Sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda in every shoe and leave it for a single day. Separate laces and put them in a pillowcase or wash bag to prevent them from getting tangled. Vicinity in the washing machine. Wipe off as an awful lot of mud and particles off your sneaker as feasible with a broom cleanser or an old toothbrush. Next, upload your footwear to the washer together with some towels. We advocate about 4 to six. The towels will assist to balance the load and save your footwear from loudly slamming towards the inside of the washer. The use of liquid detergent, run the washer on a cold-sensitive cycle. Depending on your washer, the wash time varies from 30 to forty minutes. Never positioned footwear within the dryer, as the heat may also warp them or harm the glue that keeps them together.


How to Wash Sneakers in the Washing Machine?           

Do you intend to toss your white footwear into the trash as soon as it becomes dirty? Do you truly believe it will never be clean again? If you genuinely believe so, don’t worry since your sneaker will clean if you wash your shoes properly. By following a few steps you can make your shoes new once again. Wash Sneaker – This feels like common sense, however, it’s crucial to keep in mind to wash the shoes first. Your favorite pair of leather-based or suede footwear need to in no way pass in the washing machine. To protect your laces from becoming twisted, remove them from the footwear and store them in a separate bag or pillowcase to go in the washing machine.  Earlier than you throw your shoes within the washer, add a 4-6 towel. This can preserve the weight balance and help prevent your shoes from banging around at the same time as the cycle runs. Use liquid detergent and cold water to scrub your shoes. You have to additionally pick a cycle with a low spin pace if viable. The use of a low spin speed will assist to make certain the washer stays balanced. To prevent fungus like athlete’s foot, attempt including a pine oil disinfectant at the start of the wash cycle.

 Washing Machine Wattage 

Every household has a lot of technological items that we use every hour while performing housework. Have you ever considered how much energy your equipment consumes when in use? In this article, we will discuss how many watts our most useful equipment, the washing machine, consumes. Washers and dryers are widely used and notorious for consuming a lot of electricity. What is unexpected is that a washing machine uses far less power than a dryer. A typical washing machine cycle lasts 30 minutes. This appliance, which is a popular Energy Star model, requires 500 wattages per hour to operate, which translates to 250 Wh, or 2.25 kWh, to operate for half an hour. A laundry machine’s power costs only $11.21 equals to Pakistani rupees 1946 per year if used daily for years. This would only cost $1.60 per year if the washing machine run once in a week. Your dryer, on the other hand, uses 3000 watts per hour and operates for 45 minutes or more, depending on the load. 2250 Wh, or 2.25 kWh, is required for one dryer cycle. If you run it every day for a year, you’ll pay $100.93 in electricity. However, if you simply run it once a week, your cost drops to $14.38.


Lowest Washing Machine Sale 

Among all the appliances that used widely in every household, washing machine remains the top most useable one appliance. It share the work load of the people and gives odor free, stain free and clean clothes. If you are looking for the washing machine which has lowest price but provides extra efficient work. There are plethora of options available in the market including Haier, Orient, Super Asia, Gaba, and Toyo. All these washing machines have specific features to deal with your requirement. Like Haier is renowned by its durability and performance. Orient offers outstanding performance and consider it a reliable brand whereas, PEL has an ability to consume less power and saves up to 60% of energy. Here are some of the model that low in cost and perform better than others.

Brands Model
Haier Haier Single Tub Washing Machine HWM-12035FF
Haier Haier W/M HWM-8035
Haier Haier Semi-Automatic W/M HWM-75AS
Kenwood Kenwood 8kg Single Tub Washing Machine KWM-899W
Super Asia Super Asia Fast Wash 10 KG Washing Machine SA 270
Super Asia Super Asia New Born Baby Wash & Laban Maker SA 110
Toyo Toyo Washing Machine Single Tub 8kg TW-676


Best Liquid Detergent for Washing Machine in Pakistan 

It is common in every household to pile up the dirty clothes and wash it altogether in weekends. While you go for the washing, the main important thing which comes into the consideration is the washing detergents that help in cleaning and make your clothes odor free. Detergent is a fluid cleaning chemical that combines chemicals with dirt to end up making them more permeable and resilient. It differs from soap in that it does not create scum in distilled water with salts. There are number of branded liquid detergents available in the market that performs out of the box and give us the best cleaning including Surf Excel, Ariel, Brite, Bonus, Express Powder, Tide, Persil, Sunlight, Rin, and Comfort. Among all these few are powder detergent while others are liquid one. Fluid or liquid cleansers, which are the most commonly used by purchasers, work particularly effectively on oil and grease stains, as well as those caused by paints and markers. Ingeniously, the liquid detergent may be used as a pre-treatment area, and you never have to worry about it not dissolving.

What is the top rated washing machine 

The washing machine is considered as a life saver since it allows you to look nice by wearing clothing that are free of stains and odors. People have to look out the various websites to finalize the best one for their home. But with Surmawala you don’t have to ship every other website just to pick the right one for your house. Surmawala bring all the brand at one stop and gives you opportunity to select your preferred one with an easy installment option. Here we are mention the available washing machine that gives extra efficient performance with highly recommended features.

Brand Models
Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 85-1708
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM-120AS
Haier Spinner HWS-6050
Samsung 16KG WA16J6750 Washer
Samsung Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 8KG WW80J5413
Kenwood 8kg Single Tub Washing Machine KWM-899W
Super Asia Super Family Wash SA 400
Super Asia 8KG Top Load Washing Machine SA-245
PEL Washing Machine Fully Auto PAWM-900
PEL PAWM-900i Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 9kg


Best detergent for front load washing machine 

Washing takes time since you have to evaluate every option and ensure that each item is placed in the machine according to the specified wash cycle and color selection. You must keep an eye out to make sure that your colored goods do not get mixed up with the white ones. After that, set the timer and move the garment to the dryer compartment for the next stage of the operation. To guarantee that our efforts are not in vain, we must be satisfied with clean and odor-free clothing. All of this is made easier by using the appropriate detergent for the job. Detergent is a liquid cleaning agent that reacts with dirt to make it more permeable and robust. It differs from soap in that it does not form scum when mixed with salts in distilled water. Surf Excel, Ariel, Brite, Bonus, Express Powder, Tide, Persil, Sunlight, Rin, and Comfort are just a few of the branded liquid detergents on the market that work well right out of the box and provide excellent cleaning. Among these are powder detergents and liquid detergents. The most often used cleansers, fluid or liquid, are very efficient on oil and grease stains, as well as those generated by paints and markers. The liquid detergent can be used as a pre-treatment area ingeniously, and you never have to worry about it not dissolving.

What happens if you overload your washing machine 

The washing machine is the most often used home appliance, which every household needs. It divides the weight of housework and provides you with clean, odor-free garments in a little while. Since we accomplished all of the cleanings in a single day to make ourselves free for the next six-day, we spent nearly hours cleaning our clothes when doing laundry and other stuff. With intend to do all the things before the time we put pressure on a machine by putting some extra weight to do the things a little early. This overloading arises; so, many issues at a time, and instead of making everything earlier, it doubles the time and makes you furious. Exceeding the stated weight limit of any equipment, let alone a washing machine, is not a good situation. There are various bad consequences to doing so, one of which is that garments will be unable to move freely and become clean since they cannot be adequately soaked in water and washing detergent. Furthermore, overloading a washing machine places additional strain on the engine and tub bearings, potentially causing damage to the machine. So be in your mind to not overload your washing and must read the guiding manual so that your machine always performs well.


What Is The Best Detergent For Washing Machine?

When it comes to washing, the main concern is the cleaning part: which detergents should they put on their clothes? Because numerous detergents are available on the market, we must determine which one to use based on the needs of our apparel. Generally, we choose primarily on our budget, but this may lead to bigger loss because each clothing requires a different detergent that is compatible with their preferred fabric. Basically we have different detergents including Bio-logical and Non-Biological detergent. Biological detergent is the best solution for stain removal as enzymes improve cleaning power. It performs an excellent job of brightening white things but has a propensity to fade colored clothing. Whereas, Non-bio is a better alternative for individuals with sensitive skin because it does not contain enzymes and is thus less prone to irritate. Non-bio is frequently free of scents and colorings for the same reason. It is less impactful in stain removal than biological detergent due to a lack of enzymes. But it typically notice that people go over on any detergent and blame to the washing machine for making their garment worst. So always choose best detergents for your washing machine and do the best cleaning.


Can I wash a blanket with a 7kg front loader?

As the winter season approaches, every household pulls out their blankets because the weather is so erratic for them. Currently, it appears like we are experiencing four seasons in a single day. Mornings might be cold, but as the day progresses, the temperature becomes hotter, and the coldness converts into sweating heat. And it changes again until the evening when it becomes a little chillier. To deal with this challenging weather people start cleaning their blankets so they can get comfortable sleep. People usually go with an easy way to wash their blanket in a washing machine and forget to think, is there washing machine suitable to hold their blanket weight? Most residential washers and dryers are insufficiently sized to manage a thick comforter or quilt. To handle the weight of the fabric, use a front or Front load washer (without a center agitator) if you wish to wash this type of bedding at home. Load your blanket into a washing machine on a mild program (use the preset that says ‘Gentle’ or ‘Delicates,’ set the temperature to 30 C, and you’re good to go). Heavier blankets should be hand-washed. You may hang the cover to dry or tumble dry it on low if you absolutely must.


How fast does a washing machine spin in MPH?

If the voting has been done to find out the frequently used device of every household, then washing must in the top of the list. Every household can understand the importance of a Washing machine in their life, as it eliminates the stains and dirt from the clothes gently by using detergent wisely. The question is, how does all this happen so efficiently? Particularly, our washing machine speed depends on the spin, which is counted in MPH. What MPH exactly is? The amount of times the drum inside your washing machine rotates around in a minute is referred to as the spin speed. This rate is expressed in rotations per minute (rpm). Later your machine, relying on the RPM, tells how many times your drum will rotate to perform task. Historically, when the washing machine usage start took active part in every house it worked on 700 RPM. It is working on a simple principle like when you put your clothes into the drum the water comes out from the whole and start cleaning it. When the time arise to rinse the clothes the drum started to run on high speed and it makes the rotation of around 80 MPH.


Best Washing Machine under 25000 in Pakistan 

When you count the products that have significance in our life, I’m pretty sure the washing machine will be your priority. It became the equipment that converts your washing effortlessly. Before washing machines, every household individual has to make an effort. They have to collect the pile of dirty clothes and clean it with their hands one by one, which is time-consuming and makes you unable to do other kinds of stuff. Despite the importance, it is a machine that costs a lot that’s not everyone can afford. To make this blog practical for the customers, we have been listing down the brands that offer machines under the 25000 range. The Brands like Haier, GABA, Kenwood, Homepage, and TOYO, all have been offering high-quality washing machines with efficient performance. Such as Haier, regarded as the most trusted brand, washing machines can be reliable in performance and affordable for everyone, it few models including HWM-80100SR, HWM-75AS, HWM-8060, HWS-6050, and many more are comes under PRS 25000. Whereas, Super Asia, which regarded as the most accessible and inexpensive machines, offers models including SA 400, SD-540, SD-518, SA-245, and SA-241. You can get more discount on these models in Blessed Friday Sale, so stay active and happy shopping!

How to Avoid Overloading Washing Machine Problems?

The washing machine is the partner as it acts as your friend by sharing your workload and making stuff easy. It is equipment that eliminates dirt and stains from your clothes and provides clean garments. It is an appliance that works in a defined setting, takes in water, and uses the detergent to rub the clothes gently. But despite the overall performance, customers mostly fell into the overloading problem. Overloading is personally described as you putting the number of clothes into the machine which is not supported by the particular washing capacity. If you overload your washer, it may get into trouble as the machine work on physics. Overloading may involve the three main important task, which is interconnected with the machine, such as heat, motion, and detergent, when you make a single mistake of overloading your machine. Your actions impact three services. You can get control of this mistake and prevent your appliance from trouble by simply following the machine manual while outing their clothes into a drum. You should also leave a 10cm space around the washing machine’s drum so that your garments have enough motion to spin around the washing machine 

How Does Washing Machine Start?

We get confused and raise a fuss whenever we get interested in anything new to us. It is not a matter of embarrassment to get involved in such a mistake, as we all learn by mistakes. This happens when you get involved in an appliance that passes through advancement. The washing machine is regarded as one of those, which begin from spinner to fully automatic washing machine. There is various type of washing machine, including single-Tub, twin-tub, Spinner, Semi-automatic, and fully automatic washing machine. Here, we will go over some of the processes that will show you how to start a washing machine. First, you need to fill your drum, if it is semi-automatic, but if it’s automatic front-load or top-load. Then put the pile of clothes into the drum and select wash cycle as per your preferred load. Close the door and press go so your machine start working. Unload your machine after the wash has finished. However, if you have a semi-automatic washing machine, choose the cycle time after filling the drum. When the cycle is finished, drain the water and remove your garments.


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